December 1st, 2012 | 227 Entries

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227 Entries for “cook”

  1. I hate cooking. MY boyfriend would love it if I would just cook but I hate it! I like to eat. I like when foods are cooked FOR me but not BY me. Unless it’s baking, which is a subset of cooking, but not actual cooking. Standing in front of the stove is awful and I hope that I never have to cook again! I will let him cook for the rest of our lives, if he will just do it.

    by Sarah Hill on 12.02.2012
  2. A person of unusual culinary talents who spoils evenings when he’s not on. Never a dull person in any crowd, since everyone loves eating. Marry a cook and your happiness is assured–as is your waisteline!

    by Dan on 12.02.2012
  3. cooking something up to save the world. Will words do? What combination of them will change our minds and eliminate our differences? Will we tolerate peace if it comes to it?

    by Ragnhildur on 12.02.2012
  4. The cook just looked at her for a moment with a look of pure disgust. It wasn’t really a big, she thought, but the cook looked at her as if she had just witnessed her killing someone for sport. It couldn’t be that weird to be a vegetarian.

  5. I love cooking for my friends, they like what I cok and everybody is happy. I see myself in the future as the best mom at cooking ad I hope I will learn even more receipets.
    That is everything. My father cooks too.

    by laura on 12.02.2012
  6. Cook in itself is a beautiful word the way the ends are so hard but the middle is so soft and rolls through as you speak it. The word actually has a lot in common with humans in that way. We have this hard beginning and hard ending in our lives but the middle just rolls through, almost unnoticed.

    by Matt on 12.02.2012
  7. clean, iron, chores, food , wash, laundry, pasta, pizza, chicken, rice, meat, fish, vacuum, dusting, dishes, cuisine

  8. AAhhh, this one has too many things come to mind to record in this amount of time.
    Now that my shoulder is messed up I only will do this for fun. F*ck kitchen life-thankless thankless work. If is it delicious – chances are I made it.

  9. I flipped the omelette, the sizzle filling the room. I couldn’t wait until she woke up. Fresh bacon, delicate ham over a bed of sauteed’ spinach, with a side of homemade hollindaise sauce. It was a little slice of heaven I had been up for the last hour creating.

    “Did you really think this would make up for what you did?” I heard her call from the doorway.

    I had hoped so.

    by Mike Thompson on 12.02.2012
  10. Turning out a dish that makes your own mouth water is the best kind of food you can churn out. The best cooks are those who are aware of tastes, textures and the finer nuances of cooking.

    Cooking a meal by using fire is one way of doing it. But then one can also grill, bake or just put a whole lot of stuff and just toss them with a little bit of garnish.

    Keep it simple. Keep it nutritious. Have a great meal!

    by sera on 12.02.2012
  11. Cooking is a passion. I wish I could just give it all up and embrace a life revolving around food. But since I can’t, I will stick to just eating.

    by Bella on 12.02.2012
  12. It fills your nose with a pleasant, moist warmth. A little salivation.

    by Katie on 12.02.2012
  13. I love to cook.i cook amazing is like an absorbs you,it grips your mind and stays there till you actually cook what u desire to cook.its a passion that keeps you busy always and happy and satisfied.

    by Manvi Jain on 12.02.2012
  14. The brass pot glistened with the steam that billowed from the pan next to it. Beads of water tricked down the pot’s surface just as sweat down the cooks. Human hands had to be cooked so precisely!

  15. uuh, man… beware of Taurus people, you dieters!! mix up a flighty gemini with a gourmand taurus and there’s disaster.

  16. i need to do this no i want to do this but i can’t because i don’t know how.

    i want to learn how to cook, but i’m too lazy. i think i was supposed to learn how to do this years ago but then again, i am too lazy. i pretend i know how to do this, though, to keep appearances.

    by Dina Angeli Mojica on 12.02.2012
  17. Standing at the stove, grease flashing from the hot pan, bacon sizzling, potatoes frying, eggs scrambling, toast toasting … cholesterol clogging, calories mounting. To cook is to kill.

    by Bill Myers on 12.02.2012
  18. sun cooking down on the top of my head. heat oppressive, breathing difficult, sweat running in streams down my body, finding its own path, a salty, grimy bath.

    by Jennifer Lemming on 12.02.2012
  19. i knew a cook once at my old job, came over from china on a boat and has never been happier. showed me a picture of his bike over seas but here in canada he has a beautiful daughter smart to she was always studying really good at numbers i knew a second cook who used to be a dishwasher

    by kyla on 12.02.2012
  20. i like to cook because i think i bring out how i feel at that moment. when i cook and the food tastes bad that may mean that my mood is bad. when i cook it brings out my inner feelings

    by sung on 12.02.2012
  21. no time for cooking. turn on the oven and put some fries in it. high-cuisine.

  22. The food was delicious and we could not ask for more. We wanted to thank the cook for preparing the food for us at such a short notice, but we were told that we could not she her in person as it was against the hotel policy.

  23. i love when im high and someone cooks something super delisious and brings it out cuz im all hell yea and i eat it in like 2 seconds. fast food is good but not as good as food cooked at home:)

    by Reid on 12.02.2012
  24. I already wrote about this but i got the same word again so i’m just typing to finish 60 seconds. A bit of a waste of life but hey, who doesn’t?

  25. Cooking seems interesting although i have never really tried my hand in it. It always seemed like something the soul would like and it can certainly be meditative. I would love to cook with a lot of colors.

    by Vrinda on 12.02.2012
  26. i like to cook. flavours are like a puzzle, but not a logic puzzle, an art puzzle. you must know the nuances of every flavour and have the imagination to feel the ghosts of what a combination would taste like on your tongue. i’m still at the stage of sticking with recipes.

  27. I don’t really know how to cook. I wish that I could say that I am trying to since it seems like cooking is a real turn on for the ladies. But alas, I am not. My crazy fantasy of me cooking for a woman I am interested in seems, well, exciting, but I know it would actually end up with me in the hospital because of some grease fire or whatnot after trying to do some stupid flip with food in a pan.

    Ah, the life of a pessimist/realist :P

  28. simmers
    garlic and pain
    onions and sweetness
    everything raw
    before you arrive

    by on 12.02.2012
  29. to cook is to create something new, something aspiring. you can change the world, change a persons view. you have the option of enhancing someones life with just one bite.

    by Lauren on 12.02.2012
  30. I cooked. It’s what she loved. That was what she loved about me, so I cooked. I cooked all night, with the radio on and jamming to my favorite tunes that I could remember listening to as a teenager. Old memories came in: Going to high school, my first girlfriend, my first kiss, my first dance, my first award. But when the meal was done, and I walked through the door, her seat was empty and the coat rack sat coatless.

  31. i’d cook for you every morning, between all sorts of laughable matters: bills to pay, things to take care of. i’d get my skin burnt like my mom does, joking about the present, worrying about the future, but still having to take care that things don’t get burnt.

    by JoJo on 12.02.2012
  32. If one were to cook a dozen meals for you,
    would it be enough?
    No, it wouldn’t.

  33. That simmering sound of delicious food cooking on the stove. The popping of oil in the pan as a cold delicacy splashes into the pan. Oh how I love to cook, the sounds and joys of it. To be able to devour such a magnificent creation does not cease to amaze me everytime.

  34. Cook was the word we used to announce that we were about to make love. Throw something spicy in the bed, make it sizzle, before it rains it’s got drizzle, the roses are parched and they need a good shower, the kind with rainbows that last half an hour. Make the river run wide and you’ll soon view the world in the lenses that are created by dew

  35. the smell reaches his nose is too much to be ignored. his body makes it’s way to the kitchen to see her cooks. he smiles. there is no other chef that could beat your mom’s homemade cooking.

    by qie on 12.01.2012
  36. I used to vcook whe iu liv4ed in broojelyn for 4 years. my granfdma beatrice taught nme how to cok stuff artickokes and brustuetta madnana.

    by K-Spa on 12.01.2012
  37. The person decided to cook. It was a simple thing to do, something he had perfected over many years of living on his own. The guests waited in anticipation as smells from the kitchen filled the living room. The food was definitely going to be unique and tasty, everyone thought.

    by Edt on 12.01.2012
  38. Jesse, we need to cook.

  39. She couldn’t cook, at least, not like she wanted to. Helena remembered the savory pudding, the perfectly cooked turkey, and those sweet, sweet Yams that Sarah always made so perfectly.
    It was Thanksgiving, and Myka was on assignment, and she was here alone. She was here, and she didn’t know how to cook. She didn’t know how to be happy.

  40. The cook reached into the back of the refrigerator, and took out the special sauce. That customer who complained about the potatoes would NOT complain again!

    by tonykeyesjapan on 12.01.2012