January 26th, 2012 | 283 Entries

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283 Entries for “collar”

  1. i use a collar for my dog the collar are used to hold the dog

    By gorge URL on 01.27.2012

  2. i have a collar on my puppy and my bigger puppy… one collar is blue the other collar is pink… i also have a collar on my kitty his is orange and has a little bell on.

    By embell URL on 01.27.2012

  3. as I walked my dog I looked at his collar and it didn’t have a tag.

    By connor URL on 01.27.2012

  4. my dog wears a collar if this is the kind of collar we are talking about …he weres it all the time.

    By tperkins URL on 01.27.2012

  5. this reminds me of my dog kylee she is very sweet and always has a pink heart collar.i love my dog.

    By Mrman2000 URL on 01.27.2012

  6. collars remind me of my pets.they also remind me of church.

    By diamondsss URL on 01.27.2012

  7. Something that you wear with a coat or a shirt that covers your neck to make it warm or just a shirt or jacket. A color can be just for a shirt or a jacket. That will make you warm.

    By vb4life URL on 01.27.2012

  8. i love my job. i work in a corporation and i’m surrounded by thousands of words that i dont’understand. many are just letter and figures. but marketing is a fun departmen.

    By deda on 01.27.2012

  9. like what dogs wear on their necks and what we wear on like collared shirts like dogs wear it to know who their owner is if they get lost. and we wear it for style or for warmness.

    By Ewa147 URL on 01.27.2012

  10. collars restrain animals, or make them walk with you. collars can be colorful or plain. all that matters is if the collar fits, use it.

    By sbindley URL on 01.27.2012

  11. I like dogs. dogs wear collars. some are made of leathr and some are made of plastic. you could put a collar on a dog, but it would look pretty silly. Collars can be any color. my dog has an orange collar. i have seen people put collars on kids. that seems pretty cruel. would you put a collar on your kid?

    By Mrs. Frideres on 01.27.2012

  12. a collar reminds me of a dog

    By Esmy URL on 01.27.2012

  13. Flip it, up! look cool, protect the ego of its bearer. Who made the rules, who dictated your purpose? Why are you manipulated only by ego maniacs? Or perhaps not.

    By Anthony Maurice on 01.27.2012

  14. a dog has a collar. sometimes they are made of leather and sometimes they are made of cloth. they can be many different colors. you could put a collar on a cat, but that would be quite silly.

    By Mrs. Frideres on 01.27.2012

  15. The word’s been collar, it seems, for two days now, and the word has been collar, I believe, before. There are so many words out there, such an infinite and incredible number of words, that I get enormously frustrated when this site reuses them. Honestly, the world of English words is at your fingertips, ESPECIALLY on the internet, and I therefore see no reason why I should be asked to write about the word “collar” multiple times.

    By Julia A. URL on 01.27.2012

  16. I learn to grab the reins instead of the collar. You are doing exactly what you mean to do. I’m going to cooperate with you, but I’m going to experiment with directing. I trust that you trust.

    By Adesola URL on 01.27.2012

  17. it adorns your neck,
    a decorative touch
    to an otherwise boring
    and while you may starch it
    and iron it
    and do anything you can to
    help it stay raised,
    it won’t raise my respect
    for you.

    By NuSol URL on 01.27.2012

  18. I was on my way back to the castle one day when I spotted a collar on the roadside. “He must have gotten loose,” I was suddenly filled with excitement for the poor treated beast was now free!

    By Muddypawprints on 01.27.2012

  19. It was like a volt of electricity
    On a collar meant to keep a pup
    From straying beyond the boundaries of white flags
    To the neck
    The throat
    Resulting in high pitched squeaks
    Of an undignified nature.

    By ellie griffith on 01.27.2012

  20. The collar on my dog was way to tight
    I was scared that she might chock to death so that

    so i loosened it up for her…….

    and she was happy.

    By Lucas URL on 01.27.2012

  21. The class differential that divides relationships that could be
    The perfect couple separated by the color of their father’s shirt
    He saw the potential, a pearl in a clam under the sea
    His parents forbade it saying, “we don’t associate with dirt.”

    The calamity endured was hardly deserved
    and the pain no longer buri-able

    sure as the setting sun
    fears came to life
    they never had a chance

    By Christian URL on 01.27.2012

  22. The collar makes or breaks the shirt. If you wash it too many times, it starts flaring out and you look like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. You can avoid this by getting the ones with the tiny buttons there, but that can look kinda cheesy, and less baller. The ideal mix is a brand new shirt, but you’re only a few washes away from the aforementioned anti-gravity collar. Ladies, it ain’t always easy being a dude…..just most of the time.

    By B URL on 01.27.2012

  23. His collar was blue, the same color as his eyes. She had red lips, redder than any he had ever seen. They matched together, the colors contrasting in a lovely explosion. When they kissed, they had the same reaction. Fire and ice, the both of them.

    By Chloe on 01.27.2012

  24. doggie collar bark bark. take the dog to the park don’t forget the collar

    By Esmy URL on 01.27.2012

  25. the thing on a dog and what you put a tie on it seems like fun to have a collar i’ve always wanted one round my neck so I can b considered n emo pet like pikachu? I love em it’s so funny like when u walk past someone with a collar on it’s like RIP IT OFF THERE NECKS! mwahhha

    By Nikita on 01.27.2012

  26. There was a blue collar working man who worked in the mines all day. He was covered from head to toe every day with soot. Just soot, soot and more soot. He had a wife and kids, sure, but he wouldn’t be fooling anyone by pretending he was content with life. Far from it. He dreamed of someday being a rock star.

    By Kristin on 01.27.2012

  27. the collar is a sex tool you use whjen your trying to have some kinky sex, its a very instructive, kinky tool. this is a strap that goes around your neck for maxixum pleasure :D

    By River Walcott on 01.27.2012

  28. a collar is a thing dog owners use so their dogs don’t run away. hurray for the collar.

    By Cody URL on 01.27.2012

  29. My dog wears a collar. So if she runs away we can find her. Duuuuuhhhhhh!!!!!

    By zebra woman URL on 01.27.2012

  30. There are two different kind of collars one is a collar a dog wears and another collar is a collar on a shirt.

    By kamator12 URL on 01.27.2012

  31. my dog has a gay collar because my mom makes him were it i fell bad for him his name is raptor

    By cayle URL on 01.27.2012

  32. a collar is a rope neatly woven and it is put on animals (pets).

    By twiz URL on 01.27.2012

  33. my dog gas a collar it has skulls on it because he is a boy. collar’s are cool for dogs, it’s keeps them safe!!!!! they are AWESOME!!!!!!

    By maddy on 01.27.2012

  34. collar can mean alot of things there can be a collar bone the collar of your shirt and the collar of a group of people.

    By jdog on 01.27.2012

  35. my dog sam and rollie wares a collar. my dogs sam collar is red. and my dog rollies collar is green.

    By Mireya on 01.27.2012

  36. :) :) :) if you are not happy and you know it be happy :) :) :) :)

    By fancy girl URL on 01.27.2012

  37. my dog lost his collar. im afrid i cant take my dog out of the house becase if he runs away the pound will take him.

    By cecelia on 01.27.2012

  38. one day my dog had a collar.But then she lost it but the we foundit in a abandent house.

    By alex on 01.27.2012

  39. A collar is a portable hanging station. You put it on somebody that going to sentenced to death and tighten. It is covered up as a necklace thingy so that cops don’t get you. it is circular.

    By Tree URL on 01.27.2012

  40. My dog has a collar. It’s an electric collar. My shirt hasa collar. It’s one color, or multi colored. Dog’s collars are different form human collars. My dog also has a red collar, a collar with dog bones, and an electric collar.

    By Levi on 01.27.2012