January 25th, 2012 | 236 Entries

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236 Entries for “beehive”

  1. why do we have to do this? this is a fun activity. i like beehives, they have honey in them.

    By cody1218 URL on 01.26.2012

  2. It was a mistake. All Dean wanted to do was agitate them a little bit, give Sammy a little scare. But the next thing he knew he was dashing for the car with Sam’s chubby hand in his, the buzz of dozen of angry bees loud in his ears. Tears rolled down over Sam’s red cheeks as Dean counted the stings on his arms; one, two, four, seven. He bit his lip and whispered a sorry, shoulders suddenly like lead.

    By Veerin URL on 01.26.2012

  3. It’s almost as if I had shattered the fragility of the peace within his heart. With that one word “Maybe.” I could’ve said better I supposed, perhaps a reply that set his heart at peace. Perhaps. But the human heart’s a practically beehive, running on emotion and energy and sensation that fill the combs. His were empty already, not by me, but by the days he lived.

    By S. on 01.26.2012

  4. there was a beehive dangling from the branch next to my large, bay window in my bedroom. bees scattered from it now and then. i loved drawing it- little doodles that clustered my sketchbook. i loved it. when my father got rid of it one day because my brother got a bee sting, i was so sad. i loved that beehive. at least i had my drawings, they were the closest thing to it.

    By angela URL on 01.26.2012

  5. Matt stared intensively at Bethany. His stare stung Bethany, like a swarm of bees staggering out of a large, golden beehive. “I’m sorry Matt! I really am!” Bethany wailed out, trying to get some medicine for her bee sting.

    By tenshi <3 URL on 01.26.2012

  6. Winney the pooh loves honey. He would take the risk of sticking his head in a beehive for some lovely delicious honey.

    By Pedro on 01.26.2012

  7. The beer went up the tree and grabbed the beehive with his huge claw.

    By makenzie miller on 01.26.2012

  8. there’s something so poetic about a beehive.
    a tiny little fortress
    with golden treasures belonging to a queen
    heavily guarded.

    nature writes fairytales every day.

    By sarah marie URL on 01.26.2012

  9. beehive have bees in them. bees who play each and everyone’s part. it is a great representation of what the human world should be. if we work together and do our part, we all come out strong and produce an outcome as sweet as the honey bees make.

    By stephtcreyes URL on 01.26.2012

  10. Behave yourselves no matter what your inspiration may be. Bees and trackerjacks are not pleasant things to encounter. Icecream and honey and nice and sweet. I love cheesecake. what the hell am i saying?

    By Kiara on 01.26.2012

  11. beehive bees buzzing through field nurturing and nourishing. Fueling the thrust of blossoms and beauty. coordinating in tedrahedral community, serving the life of each

    By Adesola URL on 01.26.2012

  12. It’s a bad idea to poke beehives. My soccer coach says that when a lot of people go to the ball is also called a beehive.

    By just582 URL on 01.26.2012

  13. buzz around
    with the group-think
    mentality that
    breeds mediocrity.
    buzz around
    and follow one
    after the other like the
    good little workers
    you are.
    and not once,
    not once believe the
    queen has all the answers.

    By NuSol URL on 01.26.2012

  14. I hate bees, therefore I hate beehives. I really don’t like them. They attacked my food at the park before. My brother likes to catch bees and keep them in a bug hut, or at least he used too.

    By lizzyb97 URL on 01.26.2012

  15. a bear knocking its paws at a beehive. doesn’t know the bees will sting it. it’s too stupid to figure that one out. if it were a honey badger it would be fine. honey badger don’t give a shit. but this is a bear. a hungry one, too. hunger always makes you stupid no matter what species you are.

    By Emma on 01.26.2012

  16. The low, rhythmic hum reverberating within the beehive was captivating. Dangerous. She knew she was allergic. That bees meant death, but she couldn’t stop herself. She was drawn to the sound. Drawn to the finality of death. It would only hurt for a moment, then the torture of life would be over. The pain was worth it. One last stab, then an eternity of […]

    By Dianne URL on 01.26.2012

  17. Winnie the pooh got stuck in the beehive. He loves honey and ran out of it in his home pantry. He couldn’t get out of the hive and the bees continued to sting him as he hung there swinging and trying to get his hand free.

    By j.renee on 01.26.2012

  18. Standing on the hill, I saw the tree that promised treasure if I was willing to brave the danger.
    But I had come prepared. no stingers would stop my quest to raid the hive for honey.

    By Snowfox Embertongue URL on 01.26.2012

  19. There is a large buzzing beehive in the big tree behind the house. I can see the hive swaying in the wind from my big bay window where I sit, knees tucked up into my chest, my cheek resting on top as I stare into the distance. The window is open just a crack and the cool breeze coming into the warm room sends a chill down my spine. My favorite patterned curtains flutter up into a straight line, as if they are pointing towards the door. They beckon me to walk out the door, bounce down the crooked stairs, jumping over the bottom one as always, and run out the backdoor to be embraced by the open air.

    By Elisa on 01.26.2012

  20. Ah! This is my first one word entry. Bee-hive almost sounds like “behave” to me. But while a beehIVE is free and liberated and buzzes about, behave is shot under the system of legality.

    By stargirl on 01.26.2012

  21. I’ve never met a lady with hair like a beehive. I think it would be fun. Reminds me of the pompadour in GG. Anyway, I think I’ll avoid beehives, but I do love the honey. Lately I’ve gotten on a honey kick. It is sooooo good in hot water from Panera. Mrs. Johann convinced me that it will keep me from getting ill. It is just a good sugar fix for me for now. I like honey.

    By Megan Fuller on 01.26.2012

  22. It buzzed incessantly, driving him absolutely insane. He never liked bees. Always thought they were obnoxious. It didn’t help that he was highly allergic to their stings. Being this close to a beehive made him uneasy, and made him want to scream at the same time.

    By Brittany on 01.26.2012

  23. These things always seem the same. The way the bees enter and exit the beehive remind me of the way a human’s work condition is. Predictable, not-interesting, routine, etc. The usual buzz.

    By Kalen Goodluck URL on 01.26.2012

  24. The beehive is in the forest, supplying the river of milk and honey with it’s honey, the cow with the milk just down the road. Forget the complexities of past and future, and remember the simple of today, if only because it’s easier that way. LIve in the present.

    By Devan URL on 01.26.2012

  25. Beehives have working bees inside of them. They work to produce honey for the queen bee, then humans take all the honey for themselves. The end.

    By MFeldman URL on 01.26.2012

  26. I got stung by a bee when I was on the monkey bars in first grade but that was the only time. I am actually a bee whisperer so when they are around the lunch table I bring them away on my hands. I like honey in my tea.

    By Dickson URL on 01.26.2012

  27. Bumble bees, hornets, wasps, yellow jackets, honey bees, honey, bears, Winnie the pooh

    By AJ URL on 01.26.2012

  28. When I was younger my sister and me had this huge beehive in our backyard. So one day we decided to or I decided to throw rocks at it. Not my best moment. The bees then left the beehive and chased my sister and me around my house. We got stung 32 times total. It wasn’t fun.

    By Matt Kuczmarski URL on 01.26.2012

  29. Well the first time I got stung by a bee I was at my cousins house. I really don’t remember my age …. Probably eight? S anyways I was playing outside and all of the sudden I felt something on my knee and started to scream… Ow! My knee had blown up like a golf ball and I started to cry. I then got drugged on benedrl and it was all better!

    By SRBC URL on 01.26.2012

  30. Beehive is a type of hairstyle that is commonly worn by cruel teachers from children’s books. The hairstyle is worn in a very strict and stern manner, and the person wearing this hairstyle is most likely also wearing glasses and a frown. If you ever receive a teacher who shows up to class on the first day (or any day) with a beehive hairstyle, I suggest talking to Mr.Dugger or Ms. Carballo immediately.

    By Jackie URL on 01.26.2012

  31. We stalked through the playground with wood-chip filled fists. Then we spotted one, lonely looking bee fly past us, unsuspecting. Our target was close.

    By ceeeees URL on 01.26.2012

  32. Whenever I see a beehive, I get scared. I don’t like bees. Bees are mean. They sting people and then just fly away as if they don’t even care. Who does that? They should at least apologize for what they’ve done!!

    By ape224 URL on 01.26.2012

  33. Mischievous children climbing trees and recklessly swinging from branches. So close to the beehive, the babysitter eyes the children. Running towards them as they near the hive. Yelling as they knock it down with their giggles. They didn’t realize what just happened. But she sure did.

    By naghs URL on 01.26.2012

  34. Big tall hairdo of the sixties

    By Jeanie URL on 01.26.2012

  35. the beehive was so high up in the tree i thought i’d just leave it alone. i’d let the little buzzing creatures make their honey, live their lives, they did not need me to go on in rain on their home with my garden hose and ruin their future. poor little honey bees.

    By Abra URL on 01.26.2012

  36. With that pile of savage hair
    she could be keeping a beehive under there
    and then the bees would plant honey in her thoughts
    and flowers in her mind
    so she could hold her head like a queen
    tilted off to the side
    looking at something far off
    with that long neck
    and bare shoulders

    By mere URL on 01.26.2012