January 26th, 2012 | 283 Entries

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283 Entries for “collar”

  1. The lipstick mark on his collar gave him away.

    By AllTimeScout URL on 01.27.2012

  2. white-collar. blue-collar. i haven’t realized how collars can be used as metaphors for class. Class. what an idea. but is there any meaning in it? that’s what i want to know.

    By kaorita on 01.27.2012

  3. bones across your body reaching up – lift – jump, soar the way the ms sophia always does. girls, this is why her collar bones are so pronounced unlike yours- spring up! toes dig.

    By Sarah Daley on 01.27.2012

  4. “Fix that, won’t you.”

    He reached over and flattened the stiff white collar of the younger.

    “I won’t be here always to fix that for you,” He said sadly.

    “I know.” The younger sighed.

    I know you’ll leave me.

    By 데니스 (´▽`)/ URL on 01.27.2012

  5. “Fix that, won’t you.”

    He reached over and flattened the stiff white collar of the younger.

    “I won’t be here always to fix that for you,” He said sadly.

    “I know.” The younger sighed.

    I know you’ll leave me anyway.
    Leave me with my untidy collar and my broken heart.
    I know you’ll leave me.

    By 데니스 (´▽`)/ URL on 01.27.2012

  6. i like shirts with collars. Especially those turtlenecks. Keeps my neck warm in cold nights or even chilly evenings. I hope they dont stop making them. :) Even with a collar it is sometimes hard to stay warm.

    By Dhara on 01.27.2012

  7. He laid his collar flat after inserting the stays, looked hard in the mirror and sighed. The funeral was in one hour and there was whiskey to be drunk, David waiting downstairs with filled glasses.

    By Christine Komons on 01.27.2012

  8. I’m staring at my closet. Trying to find something to wear. So many to choose from. I can see my friends pressuring me into looking dashing and handsome. I think they want the best for me but i know they just want me to not look like an embarrassment for their sake. I choose the one with the collar.

    By Paolo Miguel URL on 01.27.2012

  9. The collar around his neck slipped off, and he stopped dead in his tracks. He’d never been without it. He felt lost adrift in the world around him without the safety net and security of the link I provided.

    By Sheila URL on 01.27.2012

  10. What an odd word. I’ve just read through everyone else’s response and thought that certainly that would not be today’s word for me.
    I personally do not like collars.. Too annoying to be honest.
    Popper collars hahahahhahhahahhahahahhaha

    By Melissa URL on 01.27.2012

  11. The collar around his neck jingled and jangled as he trotted up to meet us. His scruffy white fur was sticking up in different places all over his body. One of his ears was flipped over, the other had a big dark brown patch on it. Like all dogs, he started smelling us for traces of another.

    By Emma Park URL on 01.27.2012

  12. i want to wear a collar with your name
    so if i ever get lost
    you’ll find me again
    and i’ll try not to ever stray again
    but sometimes my heads mixed up
    and i can’t say “when”
    so if you ever see me
    walk off in a distant
    grab me by my hand
    and bring me home again
    i swear i’ll never let you down
    no matter how hard i try to
    i’ll never leave town
    so don’t fear for just one second
    because i’m yours to the end
    and of this
    i’m certain
    so please hurry up
    and get me on a leash
    because all i want is to be yours
    and all i want is to please you

    © L²

    By lauren on 01.27.2012

  13. Roman collar – see how the Catholic church has me captive? Even though I have little connection to that institution now it was my only way as a child. I grew up in a Catholic family where the religion was lived and breathed. I think the core beliefs as put forth by Jesus are valid and valuable but the institution has been corrupted.

    By J O'Neill on 01.27.2012

  14. i have a dog collar which i once stole from a vicar with no testicles, it is currently for sale on e-bay.

    By Lillie J. Griggs on 01.27.2012

  15. There is a collar on this shirt I have to iron for my husband to go to work. I feel the pressure, as he is running late and I notice a stain on the front.

    By awriter on 01.27.2012

  16. Thinking of dog collars… my dogs don’t wear them because they scratch their necks and give them rashes.

    By Emilia URL on 01.27.2012

  17. I put a collar on my dog so he wont bite people in the face.

    By rogelio URL on 01.27.2012

  18. So dogs wear collars they come in all kinds of colors and different styles, like they have hearts on it or they have multi colors. Plus it could just be one solid color.

    By Earthly URL on 01.27.2012

  19. today my shirt has a collar. my friend broke his collar bone

    By Trystan URL on 01.27.2012

  20. A collar is something that goes around a dogs an cats neck….

    By kaylee URL on 01.27.2012

  21. when i think of the word collar i think of someone who picks up trash.

    By wes URL on 01.27.2012

  22. The collar to my shirt is long. Some people don’t like collared shirts.

    By umberto URL on 01.27.2012

  23. i think of a collar shirt . i wear them on sports days and when im going out to dinner.

    By Darius URL on 01.27.2012

  24. When I walk down the street with a collar, I pop it. Like a Boss.

    By Steven URL on 01.27.2012

  25. when i think of the word collar i think of a person fixing his collard shirt to look good.

    By frankie URL on 01.27.2012

  26. i have a collar on my dog so if he runs away it is ok.gggggooogggllloooo. teteteteteteththhehehehehe.

    By chris URL on 01.27.2012

  27. when ever I think of the word collar I think of the kind with spikes that is black. Dogs wear collars. Collars can come in many shapes and sizes,many colors and designs. Dog collars come very much in handy when going on a walk.

    By Laurie URL on 01.27.2012

  28. Isn’t collar, what dogs wear? i am pretty sure.I have no dogs so i wouldn’t know.

    By AhmadRishad URL on 01.27.2012

  29. A dog. It was just a dog. But yet there was something so special about it. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. It had a light blue collar with a heartshaped locket.

    By Ellen on 01.27.2012

  30. A collar. Choke, breath? Can I now?

    C is for Choke
    O is for Ornate dresses
    L is for Lacy ones
    L is for Leather ones
    A is for Additional Material
    R is for Really Really HURTS

    By Anna URL on 01.27.2012

  31. The Dingbat had her collar on, as usual. The bell ringing as she struck out for the hunt, a greater challenge, and more satisfying, she smugly noted a squirrel chattering nearby, unguarded. This was not going to be his lucky day.

    By ritajuanita URL on 01.27.2012

  32. I grabbed you by your collar
    and forced your lips to mine.

    It had no sexual tension in it.
    It was purely romantic.

    You pulled on the strings of my heart.
    And I want you to hold them forever.

    By Karsen Meredith URL on 01.27.2012

  33. In the beginning, I was indifferent to the fact that he wore a collar. But as I grew closer to him, I begin to like it. I was starting to really like the attributes that I had found strange.

    By kibi URL on 01.27.2012

  34. He felt his collar yank back as he ran through the door, he hoped he was home free, but that damn collar! He pulled against it and could hear the threads violently separating from the material. Could he just rip free of this “collar” and finish the job?

    By manwhoknew on 01.27.2012

  35. Stiff and lipstick-stained.

    By mar pimentel URL on 01.27.2012

  36. To collar someone is to waylay them; to prevent them from doing something or going somewhere. This can be extremely frustrating, but not as frustrating as not being able to thing of something creative to say on oneword.

    By zebra URL on 01.27.2012

  37. somthing you yse to pant a hous

    By jacob URL on 01.27.2012

  38. jake likes to wear collars to school every day.

    By jdogg URL on 01.27.2012

  39. a collor keeps my deog by my side while were going thru the park. its important beacause id never see my dog ever again. thats why its so expensive .

    By minecraftplayer101 URL on 01.27.2012

  40. collars on shirts. collars are for dogs. whats the simularities? i dont know but guys are usaully the ones wearing collars. so are guys like dogs?

    By llamachick URL on 01.27.2012