January 27th, 2012 | 197 Entries

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197 Entries for “cabin”

  1. In the forest
    In the trees
    There it lies,
    A cabin
    For you and me
    Look there!
    Its our sanctuary!
    Our haven!
    Lets go! Lets run! lets hid in there! Lets spend endless nights, oh dear can’t you see?
    Its in the forest
    Pass the trees!
    Its there Can’t you see?
    A safe haven
    Just for you and me.

    By Andrea Diaz URL on 01.28.2012

  2. The rain showed no signs of letting up. Grey skies stretched unbroken in every direction and nothing had been dry in weeks. The kids were getting cabin fever and so was I.

    By EmilyJ URL on 01.28.2012

  3. The cabin stands by the lakeside. A lone candle burns inside. A newspaper lies scattered across the floor, carelessly shucked after an evening of reading.

    He lies on the bed, an empty bottle of gin by his side. The plaque above his head reads ” For Services Beyond The call of Duty: Afghanistan, 2009″

    By A URL on 01.28.2012

  4. the cabin is full of people bustling around with music and jolly dancing. most of the crew are drunk. the cabin is also so small that everyone is crammed up and the stench there was unbearable.

    By grace URL on 01.28.2012

  5. I would love to live in a cabin in the woods. In nature, almost alone. Just by a lake, and none of the nonsense of this world. Peace. With birds to awaken me with the rise of the sun.

    By Kathy Yeagle on 01.28.2012

  6. The cabin was big enough for all of us, but I was not satisfied with its location. I would have preferred to be laying near the beach, listening to the waves as there came crashing in, however I had to settle for a space next door to a construction site.

    By victor walkes URL on 01.28.2012

  7. log cabins are super cool and the smell good my gosh one time Ive been to 3 horrible time
    stupid places to go out in the summer lots of mosquitoes and weird people and animals i think ill stay in the city cabins have no bathrooms!!!!!

    By zaib on 01.28.2012

  8. airplane. people inside cabins dying of air loss..
    Airplane crashin, a CA in a BIN :D.
    ja, ich ka been there!

    By eeeeeevaaaa on 01.28.2012

  9. one word idk what got me here it was just that face book page so yeah thats actually what got me here and i thought it would be a pretty cool site so lets see what we will get man its freaky !! why just why xD

    By lina on 01.28.2012

  10. The plane cabin was making me feel claustrophobic. I was having difficulty breathing and had no space around me. Everyone was sitting too close for comfort. It was like sitting on a cheap commuter bus, but it was filled with very rich people all who thought they were in their own private jet.

    By Meredyth URL on 01.28.2012

  11. Wandering, we stepped into an opening in the woods. It was my sister, our friend, and I. We made a funny crew, with our airily uncombed hair just dry from the pond, loose threadbare t-shirts, and dusty calloused feet. We found this place in the woods by taking an old, overgrown cow path. A short cut through the pasture. It opened up suddenly, after a tight shuffle through prickery wild raspberry bushes and maple leaves. We stepped out onto the thick mossy carpet of the woods. A pond floated quietly nearby, overhung with a thickly wrinkled tree that dropped gentle flower petals and other ethereal matter into the air that never seemed to settle, hanging like a liquid suspension. And we believed that time didn’t budge there. That we had come to some place where light dappled through the canopy of our minds. We called it the cabin, and no one else knew about it but us.

    By mere URL on 01.28.2012

  12. In the mountains with the one I want to love the most. Surrounded by the forces of nature and I am in bliss. The water is calm and the the chair is comfortable. He has my hand and my heart and we are blooming like the new tulips now showing off.

    By Pamela on 01.28.2012

  13. There was a mysterious cabin in the woods. Hungry tigers roamed around it. Inside, we huddled and ate our stale cheerios, wondering how long they would last. “I can’t stand this wallpaper” i said. “It looks like 1967 vomited!”

    By Heather on 01.28.2012

  14. cabin in the woods, isolated, for the nature bound, bound to nature i am, indeed closer than to those i love, peace, tranquility, alone with my own thoughts

    By Kristopher URL on 01.28.2012

  15. We visit our Tahoe cabin twice a month during the warm months but I hate to go there when it snows. It is almost painful to me to be cold. But the cabin is perfect for summer, right on the lake with towering pines and astonishing views.

    By Cheri URL on 01.28.2012

  16. Raks shall we have our photos in our cabin. Shall we do some thing special for our kids.

    By laxmi on 01.28.2012

  17. oneword

    By Jon URL on 01.28.2012

  18. Well…cabin….I hate camping so this dosn’t have special meaning to me. Oh well, maybe next time.

    By Jo on 01.28.2012

  19. The cabin sat at the foot of a snow covered mountain. Tendrils of wispy smoke rose slowly from it’s stone chimney. I knew that I had finally found my way home….

    By Bobbie Jo URL on 01.28.2012

  20. I long to be in a cabin/cottage on a quiet beach or along a mountain stream somewhere with someone special.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 01.28.2012

  21. CABIN $WAGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh I love Hume Lake, so many wonderful inside jokes made in that weekend. :)

    By Emilia URL on 01.28.2012

  22. The cabin stood before them as they got out of the car, like a grown-up gingerbread house. It was welcoming and sweet, despite the fact that they knew that’s not how it would be inside.

    By zebra URL on 01.28.2012

  23. Cabin reminds me of a little hut cottage type of building in the deep mountains of the Himalayas. It’s where babies were once born because there were no hospitals nearby. I have a painting of a scenery from Switzerland and there are about 4 cabins in the picture, whenever I draw a scenic location I make sure to draw a cabin as well. They are cosy and pretty.

    By Sussane Roshan on 01.28.2012

  24. The cabin, in the woods. Where it had all happened. Finally, I was back. Maybe now I could get some closure. The spaces between the logs were covered with cobwebs, I noticed, as I stepped inside. Lindsey hadn’t been in to clean. She wasn’t doing her job. That was going to have to change; along with the plastic sheets on the furniture.

    By Emma Park URL on 01.28.2012

  25. The cabin was dark and damp and dusty. Celia absolutely hated the dismal conditions the moment she stepped inside. She decided to embark on a Cleaning Mission. Stephanie, the cabin company owner, would definitely have to repay her or refavour her somehow.

    Celia Gloffmyer had been working for Stephanie’s Kooky Cabins for over a year now.

    By Liv on 01.28.2012

  26. Benedict Cumberbatch is apparently in this show called Cabin Pressure about pilots. Even though he’s gorgeous and impossibly talented, I for some reason have no desire to watch this show. If Tumblr can be trusted, though, a lot of sexual tension exists between one of the characters and a certain cheese tray.

    By Julia A. URL on 01.28.2012

  27. I often stayed in the cabin when my family would have a breakdown. Well, my mother and I would. And it would be silent, for neither of us had the courage to bring up the trauma. But I often looked to her and felt the guilt of her pain well up in my chest, and I would then think back to my dad, and wonder if he felt as bad as I was feeling.

    By Liz on 01.28.2012

  28. Jolene had told him that you found out a lot about what they really thought of you depending on what side of the boat they put you on – port side or star. The problem was, as he struggled along the cramped, damp-smelling corridor, he couldn’t work out which end he was at. A brief glimpse of the moon shimmering cooly as he peered through a domed peep-hole. He was reminded of the previous summer when all his friends had dived into the shallow sea waters, the saltwater rushing up over their bare skin. He’d bombed in and darted around joining in their laughter for as long as he could, until his phobia wrenched him back to dry land, his blood pounding so loudly in his ears he thought he’d absorbed litres of the water.
    Now he was surrounded by it, black and restless against the edge of the ship, bringing it into a list every now and again with a creepy creaking sound. He shivered and shoved open the nearest cabin door.

    By Sam URL on 01.28.2012

  29. We went of spring break to a cabin. It was in the middle of nowhere, but we had a blast. No cable, and the water smelled like fish, but we cooked each night together, played games, and stayed up all night just talking. I miss that trip and those friends.

    By Kayla on 01.28.2012

  30. He walked aimlesly through the forest. Of course he had been there before, but everything seemed quite different this time. For one, he was all alone and it was getting dark. Then, he was never good at finding his bearings. He could remember the cabin stood just by the lake, but this time he had a really hard time finding it. Hoping the others would come for him, […]

    By a on 01.28.2012

  31. Hidden, I want to hide. I want to stay in a cabin for the winter, warm my toes by the fire and not say one word. I am desperately seeking silence in my life and can’t stand the people who give it to me. But, you, and I, talking is a distraction. We keep each other from realizing that so much in our lives are wrong, so much in our lives are good and we are not grateful enough. So much in our lives is terrible and we do not do anything to change it. If I could, I would shout from the rooftops, a deafening scream, so that we could experience inner peace, just once.

    By b on 01.28.2012

  32. The place where one can escape to. It’s only a cabin if there is nothing else in proximity except luscious trees and a crystal clear lake. Cabin’s are only authentic if made from wood and crafted by a bunch of good friends. Activities include spending the night by the campfire.

    By Ryan on 01.28.2012

  33. a witch lived in a cabin, tucked away, secluded
    her only companions the creatures of the wood
    her guardians the ever-present trees
    she confided in the birds
    was consoled by the flowers growing in her garden.

    By Domiknitrix URL on 01.28.2012

  34. The rustic old cabin held many possiblities for her. As if the golden yellow and orange leaves that surrounded her, surrounded her with grace and peace and on top of that safety. Her cabin was the same – it called her name, a retreat to call her own.

    By Adeline on 01.28.2012

  35. A cabin at the sea….how nice would that be? My cabin would have big windows that looked out over endless seas and sky/. The cabin wouldn’t be huge but it would be comfortable. It would have a cozy bed with quilts and fresh sheets. The kitchen would be stocked with healthy foods and some not so healthy foods too. There would be a couch and coffee table right in front of that window. I would take all my meals there.

    By J O'Neill on 01.28.2012

  36. I lived in a cabin once for about a year. It was an interesting experience. Very secluded, very peaceful, and very relaxing are three words that I would describe my experience by. Although I was missing my former city-life, I look back on my time living in the cabin and think about how it changed me as a person.

    By Jessica Davis on 01.28.2012

  37. in a cabin by the woods
    they sat and had their life
    they chuckled and gave knowing smiles
    of all their days new strife
    and i would enter knowingly
    with grin upon my face
    to watch them laugh and pull me in,
    a friend wrought lone disgrace

    By [entury Goth|c Med!um URL on 01.28.2012