February 28th, 2014 | 95 Entries

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95 Entries for “cold”

  1. It is actually very cold today. No need for poetics. It has been raining, pouring all day. The wind howling. I will take cold rainy days almost any day, until I am ready for the sun to shine again. What a lovely, cold, cold, day.

    By Elsie URL on 02.28.2014

  2. The bitter wind picks up and my clothes are utterly useless against the cold snowflakes of winter.

    By Buket on 02.28.2014

  3. The bitter winter cold rushed in through the open window. As I struggled to shut out the harsh weather, the first snowflakes of the winter began to fall.

    By Alaska URL on 02.28.2014

  4. The bitter winter cold rushed in through the open window. As I struggled to shut out the harsh weather, the first snowflakes of the winter began to fall. My son came out just as i got the window shut. He wished to go outside but I was reluctant.

    By Alaska URL on 02.28.2014

  5. It was that deep and biting cold. It seeped into the bones and made your lungs protest as they burned. You lay there looking up at the stars for eternity and the cold reigns completely.

    By Rae on 02.28.2014

  6. It was unreasonably cold this winter. We have been fighting for years and each winter gets colder than the last. Probably from all of our sins, we will not be able to repent.

    By Perses_Themis on 02.28.2014

  7. The blizzard whisked around me in cold, frozen sheets like an onslaught of frozen needles, dulling my senses and shrouding the world in ubiquitous white mist. Shivering, I bundled myself tightly within the covers and took a sip of steaming hot cocoa.

    By Nicholas on 02.28.2014

  8. “One day you’re saying you love me, the next day you’re so cold.” I don’t know how there can be such a contrast between the warmth of your sweet words and the coldness of your shoulder.

    By Hannah Law URL on 02.28.2014

  9. It was a dark night and sunako watched the snow fall to the ground. as she kept her gaze on the sparkling snow she gaspsed as she saw a shadow flicker under a tree in teh distance. normaly wshe wouldn’t care but this time she saw the shadow form into a sull. sheimmedialy put on her shoes and ran out of the house to investigatewh .

    By Kgirl on 02.28.2014

  10. Tony shivered violently, huddling into the big coat even farther.

    “Cold?” Chase asked from a few feet away. He looked unaffected, the ass.

    “Freezing,” Tony ground out in irritation.

    “Here.” Chase crossed over to him, smirking, before cupping Tony’s face and kissing him on the mouth. “How’s that?”

    Tony grinned. “Much better.”

    By Aradia URL on 02.28.2014

  11. just a glimpse not taken lightly
    lets not faint or tighten
    rasping meadows foolishly stipend
    on brisk leaves fluidly frighten

    let’s not take too much caution
    of our whispers left forgotten
    and laughter subsiding often
    amidst the flowers and the coffins

    Such a cold cold night
    but lively fireflies seek to soften
    the dark sombre dreary sultan
    that spring doth come too often
    while the meadow lays deeply rotten
    and we are left unable to stipend
    our cries for hope; foolish mountains
    tried to cross but was forgotten

    on the left hand side of the sea side flight
    the rocking boat leaves always at midnight.

    By Jason Ohono on 02.28.2014

  12. Rainy, windy and just the best. Wish I lived in the Pacific Northwest instead of sunny southern cal but oh well. One of life’s many injustices as they say. Got a nice little gully washer going on right now in LA. 4-6 inches over two days but it won’t last We,ll be back to the eighties and sunshine by early next week. Can’t complain overall.

    By Joe URL on 02.28.2014

  13. When it’s cold outside, and the trees have frosted
    fingertips, wonder
    about the cool crackling of an angry winter.
    Claws grasping at the edges of souls,
    reaching for a warm place in the ground.

    By Shineapple URL on 02.28.2014

  14. I don’t like the cold. I would much rather the weather be warm and sunny. When it’s cold I can’t run outside and am stuck on the treadmill. I like cold pop and Sonic diet cherry limeades. Cold water is good in the morning and after a long run. It’s been so cold that part of Niagra Falls have frozen. It’s a beautiful scenery, but not one I really want to see. I would rather see the beach and sun. I don’t like wearing all those clothes!

    By melinda rangel on 02.28.2014

  15. There was a cold wind, biting into his back as he stood on the cliff edge, looking down at the waves crashing below. Anybody who took that one last step, would fall to their death, it was beyond question. With the currents as strong as they were, a body that went over there would probably never be found. He laid his shoes and coat on the grass, took a deep breath, and closed his eyes. This was it. This was the end of his hellhole of a life. Within twenty four hours he would be on the other side of the world with a new name, while everyone who knew him would think he was resting with the fishes.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 02.28.2014

  16. Inside and out longing to hold in the warmth of my heart buy frosted over by endless cold nights lost words upon a child

    By holly URL on 02.28.2014

  17. That’s it? That’s all the time we have to do it? And in the cold?
    Cold, yup. It’s cold.
    I’m fine with it. Just saying could use more time.
    You cut the sophets out real quick and I’ll run the duct in the attic.
    OK. Leaving me out here.
    It’s your job, not mine. I just talked to the lady. I had to talk to the goiter. You want to go inside and talk to that bulge next time?

    By DMM URL on 02.28.2014

  18. I don’t understand. Where am I? Its freezing. I’m not wearing clothes. Where am I? Is there anyone else? I pried my eyes open and was greeted by a white, cracked ceiling. This isn’t right, i don’t know this room. Groggily I sat up. A machine next to me was beeping. It was now that I noticed a boy sitting across the room in a chair facing me. He was asleep. Did i know him? His face did not look familiar. I did not know his dark brown hair, or his oddly crooked nose. He must have broken it at one point.

    By Dani J URL on 02.28.2014

  19. the cold started biting at me again, i could not stop my teeth from chattering. I covered my mouth so the boy would not hear me but it was too late, he had already woken up.
    “Rose” he whispered.”…you’re awake.” He looked shocked but his mouth then broke into a grin. His voice seemed familiar, but i couldn’t pull it from my memory. Like his nose,his smile was crooked. I could tell his teeth were bleached.
    “Wait here Rosie, I’ll get the doctor!” He got up to go find the doctor, leaving me by myself.

    By Dani J URL on 02.28.2014

  20. It was cold at the office today. Same as yesterday. Same as the day before. I would like to turn the AC down but the others are okay with it. I don’t own a sweater. Guess I’m screwed.

    By Ariaroo Efe URL on 02.28.2014

  21. I feel so cold. Its making my bones ache. The lack of warmth is ruining our time together. Wrap you arms around me. I want to feel the heat from your body.

    By Marina URL on 02.28.2014

  22. I have spent my entire life being cold everywhere I go. I can’t concentrate on anything else. The discomfort is overwhelming. I don’t notice the cold when I’m with you. I am too busy focusing in all the other feelings that I have for you.

    By Marina URL on 02.28.2014

  23. how is easy it is. just stand out, in the cold, drop the coat, feel it. stop feeling it because, you know, it’s cold. it’s freezing. hope you freeze to freeze it in time. to stop everything from going. just stay…

    By Jo URL on 02.28.2014

  24. I step into the morning sun. I am greeted by the frigid air like a smack in the face. I turn up my color and raise my shoulders. When it’s this cold Vermont winters seem cruel.

    By Amanda on 02.28.2014

  25. there is pretty cold outside in dc.i had an midterm exam today.i was

    By okan on 02.28.2014

  26. I was so cold. The snow invaded my shirt, melting into icy water that dripped slowly down my collar-bones. Snowflakes swirled around my head and the wind bit into my skin as i struggled to walk.

    By Hazel Thea URL on 02.28.2014

  27. it is best not to write examination answers in handwriting that cannot be read.(U,I)

    By Mayuri Ramdhun URL on 02.28.2014

  28. It was the cold that had followed her from continent to continent like an overzealous lover, angered at being rejected time and time again. It would wait outside of her door, moaning through the cracks in the plaster walls. And as soon as she left the warmth of her residence, it would stroke frozen fingers of wind across her face in a gesture akin to affection.

    By WearyWater URL on 03.01.2014

  29. I sit. On. The. Cold. Hard. Ground. it’s so empty around me, where could you be? Where are we? where am I? My feet will never be warm enough for you.

    By Heidi P. URL on 03.01.2014

  30. The cold wind was blowing over the mountains, the crashed spaceship in it looked even more ominous. No one knew how it fell down or why is it here. Anyhow people who lived there didnt even knew it was a spaceship, only some sort of strange God whom brought the cold with him. And thus began the worship of a Sealed Cold God.

    By Ivan URL on 03.01.2014

  31. I really hate being cold but this winter has been so wet it would be lovely to wake up to a nice, sunny, crisp and cold day. Other than that then roll on summer……….

    By Alexandra URL on 03.01.2014

  32. I never will again be cold, I’ve have touched a fire that quenches every thirst. Moving through my vains are the embers of this ever lasting flame. For the fire in those eyes was deeper, ferocious, more angry than the largest of suns.

    By Jose on 03.01.2014

  33. So Cold Now Im Awake…In the shivers I freeze in the winter I slow I breathe ice crystals look around and the glimmer ice shivers sparkling through the air like consteallation so quiet so clear so real raw soft

    By Shalalah on 03.01.2014

  34. Thursday morning was freezing cold , like 30 degrees, my hands felt like a block of freaking ice and my ears was frozen, even with wearing a jacket with a hood.

    By Vixen Black URL on 03.01.2014

  35. I’m not a cold person at all. I have the warmest heart in the world. I am very fickle and fire like. My mood is as fickle as fire. It can get burning hot from one moment to cold as ice in another. Yes, you can say that I’m kind of hard to deal with.

    By thedarkestsheep on 03.01.2014

  36. My feet were so cold yesterday working in the garage boxing up and throwing stuff away. Had my rain boots on and although they keep my feet dry, they don’t keep them warm!

    By just a girl URL on 03.01.2014

  37. The cold air chilled him to the bones. May was never the same after the last war and the nuclear bomb

    By Jerri URL on 03.01.2014

  38. This winter. Snow, snow, snow. And bitter cold. Second coldest winter on record. Icy air. Coat wrapped tight. Scarf covering the mouth. Gloved hands deep in my pockets.

    By Tori on 03.01.2014

  39. yup. that is the word – has been the word for the past 4 months now. one month to go. one miserable icy, rainy, windy, unpredictable month. the longest 31 days on the calendar. filled with anticipation, mostly realizing disappointment.

    By Lee URL on 03.01.2014

  40. I thought I knew what cold felt like. And then we moved to Lithuania. The first winter there, they had record breaking strings of cold days. Like North Dakota cold days. Reading about cold like that in no way prepares you for what it actually feels like. It’s even hard to remember what it really felt like. Not making you shiver cold. But, if you stay outside for too long you know that you could die cold.

    By RebeccaZuvedru URL on 03.01.2014