February 28th, 2014 | 95 Entries

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95 Entries for “cold”

  1. We huddled together in the enclave of the mossy stone, chilled to the bone and unaware of when our salvation would find us. I held her close to me, pushing away my fears into the night. They fleeted, but were still very much alive. But I needed to be strong now. For her, for me; for the both of us. Her icy hands gripped at the loose cloth of the back of my shirt. Here, now, we were both more afraid then we’d ever been before. But I intended to hold her close until her fears sank into mine, and melted like the ice over the lake behind what had once been her home.

    By Jude on 02.28.2014

  2. She was freezing, but she wasn’t shivering. Her fingertips were blue from the cold. She burrowed deep into her too-small jacket, desperate to find some ounce of protection from the below-zero temperatures. There was none.

    By Song on 02.28.2014

  3. is the color of my blue love’s in the morning when we rise..when we rise…that’s the time, that’s the time we are cold est…being, essence, ice blue, and all that the blues entail

    By Ken on 02.28.2014

  4. it’s cold outside but it was sunny. first i’ll talk about the sunny part – i love the sun, i dont mind winter if it’s sunny, but the thing is; it’s not winter. it should be spring now and moderately warm and nice. it’s definately WARMER, but it’s nothing like summer or spring anywhere else. the cold though – hate it. it makes me feel lonely, unmotivated, and i am procrastinating more than ever with these assignments. ew assignments.

    By Farah Elle on 02.28.2014

  5. no thank you.

    By Farah Elle on 02.28.2014

  6. The cold winter air was piercing the tiny figure of the girl. She was not cold any more. Actually, she could not feel anything any more. Her numb little fingers were

    By olga on 02.28.2014

  7. winter time is cold because of the snow and the jet stream bringing down arctic air. However, cold is good in summer in the form of an ice cold drink or ice cream or popsicle. People like to complain about the cold and many people wear layers of clothing to protect against the cold.

    By Vicki Stoddard on 02.28.2014

  8. Your hands will reach for mine, but lovers have taught me not to reach back. You know my past but not me. Don’t try to reach for something that is…just…to…far. You say the words that are not in my vocabulary, well at least not anymore, so you pull back, just when I need you most.

    By Lily on 02.28.2014

  9. I will always remember the days where we could run free with bare feet. Now I have to put up with stuffy coats and stinging faces f

    By Lily on 02.28.2014

  10. IT is very cold outside.
    It might even snow.
    If it does the wind with blow
    all my dreams away
    dreams of warmth and cheer
    dream of having you here.

    By Celeste on 02.28.2014

  11. I would rather go without it, thank you very much. I much prefer having bare feet and beaches.

    By Lana on 02.28.2014

  12. The wind is freezing.
    Oh how I miss the sun.
    I miss natures greens and blues
    but if it were summer again
    id miss the snow and chills too

    By Celeste on 02.28.2014

  13. Inside its warm. So nice and warm! If only i could stay, locked away. Id forever be glad, but alas there are things to do, So I must freeze. Oh how I hate the cold!

    By celestial on 02.28.2014

  14. It’s cold here, but the world is crazy, and I intend to see all of it. I would rather own little and see the world than own the world and see very little of it. With a bed of stars and a pillow of oceans, all I could ever need is music. Life is a blank page and I intend to write a story worth reading, so maybe people will look back on my days and say, ” IT CAN BE DONE”. Don’t tell me no because I have already said yes. “Lana!” he yells “what is the answer?” and I return to cold reality.

    By Lana on 02.28.2014

  15. I was cold. My fingers were chilled to the bone. I put my hands to my cheeks, trying to gauge exactly how cold they were. My body jerked and I pulled my hands away. This wasn’t good. I needed to get inside. Except there wasn’t anywhere to go inside. I was stuck out, in the blizzard, no warmth to be found.

    By Katelyn Shear on 02.28.2014

  16. Though the cold had never bothered her, it was becoming abundantly clear her companion wasn’t quite as fortunate. Shivering so violently it almost hurt to look at her, Anna huddled as close to the fire as the flames would allow, both of their cloaks wrapped tight around her small frame.
    Her brows furrowed with concern. After all, it wouldn’t due for the other girl to succumb to illness when they were still so far from their intended destination; as it was, they were already behind schedule and they couldn’t afford any more delays.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 02.28.2014

  17. You remind me, of course, of the glaciers. Flaking off, shaking off. Did you ever see Glacier Park, like we promised we would, eventually? Well, everything’s melting, love, but I’m sorry you weren’t here to see it. Everything’s gone. Do you remember 1996? Everything has gone away. Everything has melted since the last time we saw it.
    One day, maybe I’ll see you again. I still have the bouquet you had placed in the vase before you left.

    By the sleepy star on 02.28.2014

  18. Cold hearted.
    It was the way our relationship started.. and ended. I don’t think he ever really realized what he did to me- how he froze over my emotions. I don’t think he will ever know, really. See, when it began I thought he was just shy. I didn’t know that someone could be that… cold. There’s really nothing else I could say. He took away my ability to be emotional. I’m frozen just like him now.

    By Carla on 02.28.2014

  19. “Jesus Christ, does it have to be this cold in here?” grumbled Doctor Hernandez as he pulled up a chair beside his colleague’s desk.

    “Yes,” replied Doctor Delano, twirling a pen between her fingers. “I’m actually half-polar bear. I prefer cold temperatures because it reminds me of my home in the arctic.”

    “Oh, fuck you.”

    “Sorry, half-polar bears are asexual,” Doctor Delano sneered. “Now, tell me again what we need to go over?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.28.2014

  20. Truth.

    Her fingers touched the back of his hand, jammed down in his pcoket around the tissue he had yet to throw away and some loose change. Her fingers were cold and dry.

    He jumped.

    But she smiled and dug her hand in deeper until her fingers laced through his. In spite of the used tissue. The pocket was warm.

    By Yona on 02.28.2014

  21. He blew his nose, a sonorous blast. He pulled up his collar and tucked his scarf tighter around his neck.

    By smr on 02.28.2014

  22. today is extremely cold, its minus 34, im so glad my car started. I have been feeling a weird amount of coldness in my right foot, im worried about what this could mean for my health, I need to get back on each to live soon. Cold shoulder. I am battling not to give the cold sholder to one of my clients

    By LD on 02.28.2014

  23. It is another very frigid day. we are into three months of indoor recesses and I am going crazy. I long for the days to get warmer so I can go for a winter walk and enjoy fresh air and sunshine.

    By ALRJ on 02.28.2014

  24. “You’re a monster, Wyatt,” Elyse sobbed, her body shaking before rearing back and striking him across the face.

    He didn’t flinch.

    “You’re nothing but a cruel and cold human being. I hate you, do you understand?! I. Hate. You.”

    Wyatt smirked as a devilish gleam entered his eyes, knowing that in a matter of a few hours she would be crawling on hands and knees, begging for forgiveness, pleading for him to take her back. That she didn’t hate him; rather, she loved him more than anyone and she hadn’t been thinking clearly. He lost track of all the times she’d said such things.

    He touched his index finger to her cheek, tracing an invisible line on the soft skin. He could feel her trembling. “Whatever you say, Elyse. Whatever you say.”

    By AJ Kenobi URL on 02.28.2014

  25. It was cold. The ashes from your kiss lingered like a frivolous trail in the snow, and now every time i feel a cold breeze with the taste of cigarettes and alcohol I can´t help but to think of you. Asshole.

    By Mariana on 02.28.2014

  26. She stepped outside into the cold winter air. Outdoors was a crisp white wonderland of beauty just waiting for her.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 02.28.2014

  27. Your words smelled of smoke –
    grey, cold and harsh smoke;
    your mouth takes my breath away
    and I gasp, I weep, I catch little glimpses of
    fragile love and strong friendship.

    I wish I could kiss your forehead lightly
    and lean myself – and my restless imagination –
    against your wide chest; you could twirling my
    reddish hair around your point-finger
    and whispering me in a ear a lonely melody:
    I think I would be happy and serene.

    By gargouillis on 02.28.2014

  28. O Chubby, thou cold mistress. Thou, who watcheth so upon thy roost of bitter bite, thou who so sheddeth nary a pound ‘pon thy frigid form. O Chubby, thou cruel yet fertile mistress.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 02.28.2014

  29. it’s cold right now
    outside the window
    I am warm inside
    This website is so cool
    I dont know how the hell I got here but seems interesting!
    60 seconds are almost over..
    this is warming up

    By sherine on 02.28.2014

  30. The freezing air blew so strong i could almost feel my thought blowing out of my mind. I felt a tap on the shoulder and as i slowly turned i could feel the cold world slowly melt into a warm oasis. They embraced me.My whole life unfroze and has never been the same since then.

    By Reality Speaks on 02.28.2014

  31. It feel as if were cold hands crept up my body. I felt like i had been frozen for so long that warmth was just a distant memory.Every one around me seemed to be moving in slow motion. And the only thing moving in real time was the beat of my heart. It was almost as if it could sense the a change.

    By Reality Speaks on 02.28.2014

  32. It’s very cold outside today. Why can’t it be Summer already?! I hate the cold so much!

    By Rebecca on 02.28.2014

  33. The day dragged on like a heavy trash bag. All through school my thought wandered into the past.I could only remember his face hear his voice feel his presence but he has long been gone.Then i thought of a old friend Michel,he was kind and gentle and under appreciated i can barely stand the thought of what i did to him. He deserved better.

    By Reality Speaks on 02.28.2014

  34. The rest of the body is sacrificed to protect the heart, using the flesh we obsess as a shell to encase what truly matters: The one thing we kill.

    By Grace on 02.28.2014

  35. Flight

    O the Strongman and the Freak
    love the Flyer
    and they watch her in the night
    kiss the wire

    something alien
    in your hands

    Catch her if she falls
    Catch her if she falls

    By david URL on 02.28.2014

  36. One thing I don’t really miss is the cold of winter. Here it never snows, never gets icy or drops below about 60 degrees form that matter. It’s nice to be able to swim outdoors in December, January and February, which, by the way is what I’m now doing. For March, I signed up today, February 28th, for swim sessions four days a week from Tuesday through Friday, during the month of March. I’ve just finished two day a week swimm sessions during February. The news of ice and heavy snow storms in the Eastern USA durin this winter reminded me of one of the biggest reasons why I’m here in Colombia.

    By Larry M. Lynch URL on 02.28.2014

  37. People turned me completely fucking cold. I have no need to like them or be liked by them, no need to love or be loved by them, no need to even be around them. Their presence literally makes me sick to my stomach. Or maybe it’s called anxiety…

    By kate-anaïs on 02.28.2014

  38. Just when the house got warmer, his skin got colder. Cold. Ice solid.
    While I was melting, he was freezing. I don’t know why.
    We were in different cities but at the same time we were there. Staring at each other.
    I hadn’t touched him and yet, I knew how he felt, he would creak if he moved.
    He was so still, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to break the ice cold silence in front of us.
    Still. Lets stay like that.
    Until I melt completely and cease to be visible.
    Until you move and break every inch of your gloriously glossy body.
    Until we collide, we won’t exist correctly.

    By Stephanie Cruz on 02.28.2014

  39. The snow is falling down and the sun has set. The day has come to an end. The night has now commenced. Let the fun begin. Dance under a starless sky while catching snow flakes on your tongue under dim streetlights.

    By Chantale on 02.28.2014

  40. It’s so cold, she thought as she blew into her icy hands. The wind went through her jacket and skin. She felt the cold in her bones. Nothing could warm her.

    By Chantale on 02.28.2014