February 28th, 2014 | 95 Entries

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95 Entries for “cold”

  1. cold metal inside the container slick against my sweaty reptilian skin. my scales curled out and back in as i writhed against it.

    By Zahra Aamer on 03.01.2014

  2. The wind bites into my face. It’s teeth are ever sharper. The light is fading and it will only grow worse. What can I do? I am lost, I have no way to warm myself. How did I get here to begin with?

    By Chase on 03.01.2014

  3. Cold
    I would love for students to write about the different meanings of the word. I am not thinking about the weather, but the emotional responses people give others

    By John Giebler on 03.01.2014

  4. I HATE KIRKSVILLE. There is too much snow and more on the way. It is a god forsaken land where all happiness goes to die. Will it ever get warm? Probably not. It’s too bad Truman is located in such a terrible climate, and I think everyone would support the creation of a large bible around the entire campus. Or steam tunnels to take us from class to class. I cannot wait to return to southeast Missouri, where the weather is slightly more friendly.

    By Nicole Boyer on 03.01.2014

  5. Goosebumps cover my skin as I walk outside in my seven layers of clothes. There are no leaves on the trees, no sounds from the roads, and definitely no other people out and about. I’m alone, solitary, distant. I wrap myself in my scarf and continue my journey…Is it an abyss? Is it the future? Is it the past? I don’t know, but I can’t feel it anymore.

    By Becky on 03.01.2014

  6. Cold feels like ice cubes are surrounding your body. It makes my teeth chatter and I get chill bumps. I don’t like being cold!

    By Lee on 03.01.2014

  7. Seriously? This word is on my mind constantly because it is so cold here. I walk outside and I think I’ve forgot to put my pants on. It just goes right through you. And the length of it … the cold snap just keeps going. I didn’t know I could feel so cold.

    By Jim on 03.01.2014

  8. Cold is this world, cold is the summer when signle, cold is the morning when waking up and seeing nobody near you, cold is her heart, leaving me alone. Cold, POLAR BEARS.

    By MinouMinou on 03.01.2014

  9. it was old and that’s all i can remember, even when it was summer. it was cold. i was cold the floor was cold, everything was cold. and i remember thinking can people get frost bite on their fingernails. i remember wondering if that was a thing because even my fingernails were cold.

    By nicole on 03.01.2014

  10. I lie naked on the cold floor. Sweat covers my skin sticking me to the wood. I close my eyes and inhale the musty air.

    By sacaguweea on 03.01.2014

  11. the tone of your voice leaves me
    like autumn fallen softly on the side of the road
    crumble and crunch beneath my breath
    the sour notes of love gone cold

    By a. m. on 03.01.2014

  12. I would want the winter cold to numb all my sense to make me forget times gone by. The mistakes the regret the missed opportunity.

    By Devo on 03.01.2014

  13. I was cold. In fact I was absolutely freezing in the old cabin. I knew I should have taken care to fix the stove last summer. Now I was going to have to fugue out what to do. There was no way I could make through the winter under these conditions.

    By Eric bradshaw on 03.01.2014

  14. ‘Cold turkey’, that one time in Thailand where I was so ready but, couldn’t keep it steady and then i hit the bed heavy…

    By Kelevra on 03.01.2014

  15. She woke shivering. Was the window open before? Kara pulled the covers tighter around her body. She shouldn’t be cold. Burrowing into the hotel bed, she turned her face into the pillow and squeezed her eyes closed. What was going on?

    By MAB on 03.01.2014