March 1st, 2014 | 61 Entries

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61 Entries for “puppy”

  1. yes puppies.
    no people.
    let’s kill them all,
    she said.
    i said,
    better not.
    there will always be disagreements in this friendship.
    an old dog looks at Odysseus with no remorse.

    By Kairn URL on 03.01.2014

  2. “For real? I’m thinking of life and limits, imagination, possibilities, and you want to talk about puppies?”
    “Did you see how he fell down and played it cool? It was adorable.”
    “Yeah, I saw it, my eyes recognized the light and flipped it around, passing it through this lump of brain to recognize it as adorable. But what of it?”
    “We probably need to watch it again. Who knows if he’ll play it cool.”

    By Beth A URL on 03.01.2014

  3. Puppy love is love at its most dangerous, because puppies don’t know how sharp their teeth and claws are. they can’t help but scrabble at everything that moves and speaks lovingly. Tearing, scraping mud. Time has not yet worn them smooth and gentle and tired–they are fierce with the love of life and the need to push through to something gayer, brighter, richer. Leaving behind the tatters of the first bunnies that caught their eyes.

    By Yona URL on 03.01.2014

  4. He ran so fast, it was almost like he was one with the wind. Man’s best friend, that’s what they called him… Right? His fur was brown like baker’s chocolate and his tongue constantly was hanging out of his mouth, like his jaw was too lazy to hold it where it belonged. He was free, he was animalistic, and he was my best friend.

    By a.e. on 03.01.2014

  5. the puppy had a nose that bled for days, every time this puppy awoke from sleep its nose began to bleed it bled so much it drowned Japan and all the japanese people. the end.

    By eli Zajac on 03.02.2014

  6. I watched the puppy biting at his leash. The kid didn’t know how to control it, but it looked ok at first. If only I had given in to my instinct to help him out, things could have been different.

    By RebeccaZuvedru URL on 03.02.2014

  7. The puppy looked up at her with blank black eyes. She sighed. “Well, I guess it’s time to find you something to eat.”

    By WearyWater URL on 03.02.2014

  8. I like puppies, soft and furry. Give me a hug, and I will give it right back to you. I love you, getting emotional in my mind. Let’s play, it’s a beautiful day.

    By veggiebunny URL on 03.02.2014

  9. I like little puppies, soft and so furry. Give me a big hug, and I will give it right back to you. I love you, getting emotional in my mind. Let’s play, it’s a beautiful day. Grass and sunshine, water and moonlight. Eternal love.

    By veggiebunny URL on 03.02.2014

  10. There was a box. It was shaking. I opened the box. Inside was a puppy. I always wanted a puppy. Somehow I think that this puppy isn’t like the others. It has a dark secret which I will find out when it’s too late

    By Danny on 03.02.2014

  11. I don’t particularly hate puppies but i dont like then either. they are cute and cuddly on some people but i dint really like things that have four legs and beating hearts. i cant stand to hear my own heart beat.

    By sakhile on 03.02.2014

  12. The present, well wrapped with a purple bow, wriggled and squirmed under the Christmas tree. Eva’s excitement could no longer be contained; with the speed of lightning she ran to the curious bubbling box and relentlessly slashed at the wrapping paper. The puppy, feeling the excitement and joy jumped out of it’s 1 minute home and charged at Eva, the joy at that moment could leave the depressed joyful for years. The laughter heard across miles through the city, echoing through the air.

    By Jose on 03.02.2014

  13. Something small, funny, cute we can play with and forget problems. The best friend we have whenever we have free time.

    By Fajriyani URL on 03.02.2014

  14. it was cute realy cute. nothng in her life has evere been so dear to her as this small fuzzy thing which was so white and fluffy that she could not tear her eyes fom it, do sh

    By Tamara on 03.02.2014

  15. ithere was this puppy i found in front of my house once, looking at me with his his sad eyes, he was hurt and so was i , should i take him with me ? maybe, just like me, he needs this once chance that everybody refuses to give him.

    By zineb on 03.02.2014

  16. I have a puppy at home. His name is Teddy. He’s a morbidly obese toy poodle. In fact, he is so fat that people ask if he’s pregnant. It got to a point that my mom stopped correcting people that he’s a boy. His chocolate fur is always knotted since mom and I really stopped to care about it. He’s my best brother in the world.

    By thedarkestsheep on 03.02.2014

  17. awwwww. awwww. get some newspaper. he’s slobbering already. the cat hates him. close the door to the stairs. awwww. he shit again. it’s too cold out.

    By Lee URL on 03.02.2014

  18. My son has two dogs and one puppy. They are all really cute and I sometimes wonder if I should get myself another dog…

    By Alexandra URL on 03.02.2014

  19. I love you as one loves a puppy.
    All adoring.
    I see no flaws in you.
    I just want to cuddle and hold you.
    I want to aww over all your antics.
    Isn’t it so cute how he will follow anyone home?
    Isn’t it adorable how he will give everyone kisses?
    Isn’t it precious when when I have to put him to
    bed cause he fell asleep on the bathroom floor again?

    By CaitieBug on 03.02.2014

  20. Cute, friendly, happy, caring, expensive, responsibility, discipline , walking, feeding, Fabulous, lap dog, therapy, joy, nice, playful, awesome

    By Maria on 03.02.2014

  21. We see puppies not for puppies but for the symbol of our own strange perverted wild instincts. The word tastes like strawberry ice cream (not real strawberries perhaps)–silly, pink, a little bit soft.

    By Tyler Ann Klein URL on 03.02.2014