February 14th, 2011 | 765 Entries

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765 Entries for “chocolate”

  1. Rich, melty and creamy, the chocolate swirls down the toilet bowl as she gags and heaves. Porcelain walls echo– splashing and coughing. Goodbye chocolate… all of the joy with none of the calories.

    By something URL on 02.14.2011

  2. I love the taste of it. I tis heaven it makes me remember so many good times. Chocolate goes with everything its taste is the best in the world and everyone enjoys having it in every possible way. I adore how versatile it is.

    By Ana Gastelum on 02.14.2011

  3. makes me happy release indorphins I wish my boyfriend got me some but oh well it’ll be on sale tomorrow and I can get myself some instead. nothing wrong with that. maybe I’ll get nice lindor with a gooey good center and eat it infront of his face and make him jealous and maybe I’ll share if I’m feeling particularily nice!

    By rachel on 02.14.2011

  4. I love chocolate. Today is Valentine’s Day; the crappiest day of the year if you are single like me. Its hard enough being single every other 364 days of the year (365 if is leap year), but today is especially difficult.

    By Alexis on 02.14.2011

  5. Chocolate rained from the sky for 12 days straight. At first, all the children (and some of the adults) would run around outside with their mouths wide open and arms outstretched. By the third day, however, the chocolate on the ground was so thick and dirty, no one dared step outside for fear that their precious shoes would dirty.

    By Olesya on 02.14.2011

  6. I already wrote about this once. Useless. But not actually. I’ll just write something else.

    Chocolate is one of those things that you can’t understand people not liking. Like the Beatles or the Simpsons. And then if someone asks you why you like it, well, you can’t really explain it, because you’ve never imagined what it’s like NOT liking it.

    By Lydia URL on 02.14.2011

  7. Through desert she moved, like a swift ghost drifting in the fields of desire, seeking to fulfill her lust for the taste.

    By Oz Nolem URL on 02.14.2011

  8. to die for, inevitably. The pick me up of generations, so real. simple, like you, your smile, or laugh, its a little bit of a reminder that gets me to reflect upon all the times we will have.

    By Cavan on 02.14.2011

  9. I just ate some.
    I can still taste it.
    Just like I could still feel you afterward…

    Just like how I still think about you. You’re gone, but some ghost of you still remains. Or maybe it’s my idea of you… My misconception.

    You’re my misconception.

    By s. on 02.14.2011

  10. My number one mortal enemy. I say that I don’t need you, but then you find your way into my life again and again. Will I be like my grandmother checking her blood sugar every day? Perhaps not. She has always hated chocolate.

    By Tina on 02.14.2011

  11. Oh Valentine’s day. Full of love, flowers, laughter, and of course, chocolate. Today is a day of love.. but if all else fails in the “love” world.. there’s always.. chick flicks & obviously, chocolates to give you all the love neccessary. <3

    By Jessica on 02.14.2011

  12. chewy

    By trixie URL on 02.14.2011

  13. Yummy! I love choclate. It is absolutely delicious! Unfortunately, it is ad for you and makes you at :( i really wish that it didn’t. Then, I wouldn’t have to work out and do Zumba and stuff like that… but I really do like umba, it just hurtmy knees. i really enjoy the dancing aspect of it and getting to hang out with my friends. Wow. I ramble… a lot. Who would’ve thought that I could et all of this off of the word chocolate. It’s kinda crazy actually. It’s also making me kinda hungry. Maube I’ll make me something to eat in a moinute… I’m too lazy to get anything now, though. I also need to shower at some point tonight.

    By Jesi on 02.14.2011

  14. chocolate. it is the worlds comfort food. women crave it, children fight over it. it is halloween, kisses, candies and treats.

    By Meredith on 02.14.2011

  15. Everyone gets chocolate for Valentine’s day and I get nothing. I feel so sad. Not because I want just anyone to ask me out but because I know you are choosing him over me and everyone seems to be throwing it in my face today. You fight back. I love that about you. I sometimes feel that you are everything I want.

    By Jessica Houser URL on 02.14.2011

  16. delicious gift for Valentine’s Day. Women love it. It makes you happy, especially when baked in to cake form. It comes in many types, dark, milk, white, and mixed with other flavors. It is a great snack and dessert. It should always be in every house.

    By rachel on 02.14.2011

  17. Life is, indeed, like a box of chocolates. But what they don’t tell you at the onset is that only, like, a quarter of the box is the good stuff, the Godiva and the cherry filled stuff. Most of it ends up being the bitter baking stuff… but it’s still chocolate…

    By Belvyzep URL on 02.14.2011

  18. Chocolate is simply amazing. Doves are the best. I could probably gain about
    3566788 billion pounds from eating them, it’s not hard to do. I LOVE IT! Chocolate icecream, yummy (:

    By Hannah on 02.14.2011

  19. i just ate some chocolate. It was delicious. i love dark chocolate. I knew before I started on this word that it would somehow be related to Valentine’s day. I keep spelling things wierd but going back and fixing them. I don’t know what’s wrong with me today.

    By Zoe URL on 02.14.2011

  20. I like it bitter because it reminds me of you.

    By MONO URL on 02.14.2011

  21. “Hmm, I wonder if the fact that it’s Valentine’s Day has any bearing on the word they chose today?” Alexis said as she searched through the X0X-12-LV database. “In fact, the words massacre, heart, cupid, chocolate, and love are all highlighted here,” she murmured as the soft light of the monitor reflected the words in red. “But, only one of these really typifies the sweetness and joy of the holiday. Only one provides that everlasting fulfillment and happiness.” “So, which one is it?” Michael asked curiously. “Why massacre, of course.” Alexis smiled as she neatly slit his throat with her machete. “What else could it be?”

    By Izolda on 02.14.2011

  22. yummy food. i like white chocolate. you get chocolate on valentines day. i dont like chocolate very much.

    By fizzy on 02.14.2011

  23. Yummy, yummy. I am five years old. My mother gives me a chocolate bar as a reward for good behavior. The chocolate is melty in my hands. The chocolate is sweet. I want more chocolate. How do I get more chocolate? Mom, can I please have more chocolate?

    By Kortnie on 02.14.2011

  24. Chocolate is for lovers. Today is Valentine’s day-first one without a Valentine in 4 years. I feel like everyone around me knows a secret that I don’t know. I can still eat chocolate even without a Valentine. All the single ladies…. !

    By Katie G URL on 02.14.2011

  25. deep dark, inexperienced void. Filled with the delectable goodness that savors and titalates the senses. Swirling over and around our mouth, finding one brief moment of pleasure before the storm.

    By Katharine on 02.14.2011

  26. “Happy Valentine’s Day,” he said. He took one from the box and lifted it to her lips.
    She smiled at him, the kind of smile that made him want to kiss her. He hoped she didn’t swallow the ring, like last time.

    By thepurpleletter URL on 02.14.2011

  27. for real? ha ha ha. lies, to be honest. it’s the sweetness you pour over the bitter. the honey to the poison. little red cut outs. tin foil wrapping and the uncertainty of the waxy mold.

    By Nick URL on 02.14.2011

  28. Sleeping in on Saturday. Come back home for the week. Possibly pick up some chocolates for my girlfriend. Could be a better way to do things, go about my life. But it is good, and it is delicious.

    By DJ Pollard on 02.14.2011

  29. Today was valentines day and so I received a lot… A LOT.. of chocolate and clealry ate it all as well. I think the best thing about chocolate is that after you have that feeling in your stomach, sort of like it has an extra coating or something. You can lie down and feel that your insides are protected.

    By Jordan Deutsch on 02.14.2011

  30. its wonderfully delicious. I could probably survive soley on JUST chocolate. Its great with baking. In cupcakes, cookies, bars etc. I love it by it self. In my coffee, On my dessert. Any day and anywhere. chocolate makes me feel happy… too bad it makes me break out as well :) Its also great to share

    By Paisley on 02.14.2011

  31. whenever I eat chocolate I always get this warm feeling in my stomach. It is as if there is a coating of milky sweat sugar lining my insides, but it does not make me feel sick. No, quite the opposite, it makes me feel safe and warm and protected. I just want to lie down and think about how the sweetness inside will lead to sweetness all over.

    By Jordan D. URL on 02.14.2011

  32. The chocolate trees loomed overhead. The monkeys were enjoying their delicious abode until the gorillas learned of the forest made entirely of chocolate. Then they understood how they were to control the monkeys, control the forest. Taking up clubs and shields

    By Nate URL on 02.14.2011

  33. I love chocolate. It is hard to think of world without chocolate. Not a day goes by when I don’t think about taking a bit out of nice, milky chocolate bar. How did chocolate come to be? I thank the Spanish, or the Mayans, or whoever they were — the ones who invented this delicious and delectable treat.

    By Anna on 02.14.2011

  34. Chocolate
    Like those warm towels just out of the dryer
    Or like laying with friends in the sun in City Park on sunny Sundays
    Or like making new friends
    Unexpected new friends
    With goofy smiles
    And winking eyes

    By Riley Davis on 02.14.2011

  35. Happiness and joy, makes the whole world go round. Glorious weight gain and days at the gym. We all love chocolate. <3

    By stacy appiah on 02.14.2011

  36. Nothing is as so bitter-sweet as a cup of dark clouds –

    Watching these robes of chocolate melt and sink –

    These thoughts occur when I stir and clink –

    Streaming thoughts are on a lip, a sip, a drink.

    A Folgers moment with slice of Hershey’s? Not in my lifetime I should think!

    Mastering the art of story? I hear angels unfurl much like morning glories!

    Like the winds of change blasting through time – one little thought

    Rhyme by Rhyme Silly Rhyme

    Until I hit the bottom of the cup and retrieve new ideas with which to fill it up.

    By HelenGrant URL on 02.14.2011

  37. el sabor de tus labios se asemeja al de un chocolate exquisito y único… el sentir de tus manos solo me pueden dar a conocer el sentimiento q llevas muy dentro, dejando que todo fluya en un sentir eterno, entre nuestras miradas y besos… q solo en mi mente suceden…

    By SolexJackViciouS on 02.14.2011

  38. Completely unexpected was the box of chocolates you gave me last night. What was it that made you think of me? You thinking of me made me think of you differently.

    By ennabeatriz URL on 02.14.2011

  39. Chocolate is probably the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten, well not really but it is pretty good :) However, I dislike eating too much of it because i get scared that i might die. It’s because chocolate has a little bit of poison in it that makes it toxic to animals.

    By Belle on 02.14.2011

  40. consumer capitalist day of love
    love defined by the objects we buy
    not the objects we create and share

    brown like my cuban skin
    and melting under the heat of class warfare
    this is not bdsm
    this is not consensual
    chocolate abuse
    if not melting
    then breaking into pieces
    under the pressure
    never clean divisions
    never even squares
    crumbles fall to their deaths
    these cubicles
    legendary life-support
    inevitably leading to organic demise

    By ira gray URL on 02.14.2011