February 15th, 2011 | 250 Entries

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250 Entries for “flare”

  1. She had a definite flare about her. It wasn’t just the way she dressed either. It was EVERYTHING about her. How could one person be so, so fantastic? no that’s not quite the word. Incredibly, wonderfully, beautifully, friendly, outgoing…

    By Jamie on 02.16.2011

  2. I like flare jeans. they balance out my hips. i have big hips so they work for me. i dont like to wear converse with them though. they just look weird to me. people say they dont but i think they do. flare jeans make me look skinnier i think.

    By Lauren on 02.16.2011

  3. The fireworks brightened the sky with flashes of green and orange, a midnight sunset on a green meadow. The colours flared in his eyes, as I turned to kiss his cheek. This was how it was meant to always be. Just us, together.

    By GG on 02.16.2011


    By DEAN on 02.16.2011

  5. My silent heart seemed to skip a beat, my skin began to crawl. I felt my eyes change to the ice blue of the thirst. I could feel the increase in saliva around my fangs, my nostrils flared at his wreched wet dog scent. I didn’t even need to turn around, I knew he was behind me. Didn’t they teach werewolves not to sneek up on vampires?

    By Cat URL on 02.16.2011

  6. a flare shines brightly before our eyes, guiding our way through hardships. It will give us hope in darkness and despair, and give is the courage to fight with our fears. It gives us life in death and will always guide us to the right path.

    By Andrea on 02.16.2011

  7. there was a gun in the middle of the road i didn;t know what to do. I mean i am in the middle of LA. descrbe to me what this gun looked like, i don’t know just a regular gun. It was though you could fit a tube inside. You mean a FLARE. Perhaps. Anyways it was in the road and I was perplexed.

    By joe on 02.16.2011

  8. Oh! Is it a flare in the sky or a bad case of skin sore?
    It could be a u.f.o. I’ve seen one before
    Its probably hot
    maybe something you forgot
    a pain in the brain
    making you insane

    By Clair URL on 02.16.2011

  9. The flare gun flashed orange and then a tiny red rocket-ball, like a small devilish tinkerbell shot up into the air. Up, up, up. And…Boom! The sparks shattered above us.
    I turned to my friend and glared. My eyes were narrowed as I snarled, “Yeah, that was truly brilliant.”

    By Renni on 02.16.2011

  10. As in your eyes i see that flare that kindles my heart.
    That flame that draws the me to you.

    By Alex Roda on 02.16.2011