February 14th, 2011 | 765 Entries

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765 Entries for “chocolate”

  1. Life is like a box of chocolates, the square ones are the best.

    By Matthew URL on 02.14.2011

  2. The taste of chocolate is actually in my mouth right now. It’s probably the greatest thing in the world. Seeing that it’s Valentine’s Day, it’s pretty much the best substitute for love that I can find. And there’s a whole box of it staring me in the face and I want it but I know it will make me fat.

    By Kelsey on 02.14.2011

  3. My wife is addicted. I’ve watched her eat 3 lbs in one sitting. It’s standard on any grocery list. It’s an easy save for a mistake.

    By Tamburlaine URL on 02.14.2011

  4. Seize. Search. Melt. Lap it up. Resistance is futile. The one love, the true religion. It hearkens back to the motherland. Worth more than its weight in gold; chalky, chunky, soupy, goopy, creamy, crunchy, hollow, dense. Cocoa-colored memories on your hand.

    By Tina Stergenhoff URL on 02.14.2011

  5. I don’t want to write about chocolate again. Do you only get one word a day? What if I want to right more. I think I should give up chocolate, like this girl Meghan in my class. She is ripped and really healthy and she makes me super jealous. Seeing as I don’t exercise or do much of anything involving physical activity, I think quitting chocolate is the least I could do for my stomach.

    By Kelsey on 02.14.2011

  6. I knew today’s word would be something cliche like chocolate. Today as I was driving home I saw all these people walking by themselves and it made me sad to think of all the homeless people alone tonight. Which reminds me, one day I want to travel and take photos of people to give to them.

    Chocolate. Of course I like chocolate.

    By kim a thomas URL on 02.14.2011

  7. Better than chocolate melting in your mouth during sex. You must have been enjoying your freedom since that

    By thefoolyouloved URL on 02.14.2011

  8. when i think chocolate, i think valentine’s day, probably because its valentines day and i have no chocolate, but my roommate does. though to be honest, if it was having her boyfriend and chocolate or having no boyfriend and no chocolate, im content with kissing the chocolate goodbye. happy valentine’s day to me!

    By Caitlin on 02.14.2011

  9. There was once a chocolate milk shake. It fought crime the way no one else did. On day, the chocolate milk shake melted and there was no crime to fight, see the chocolate milk shake represents the oppressive apparatus of society, while the criminal represented the oppressed. the sun was the factor, the constant, the truth, that took down the bourgeoisie.

    By Cain on 02.14.2011

  10. I opened my book bag and i spot the familiar silver wrapping. A little chocolate kiss was waiting there for me, and I knew it was from you. I took it out of my bag and wondered how you had hidden it there for me. I reached back in my bad, and I found a little note. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Babe.”

    By besia Friedel URL on 02.14.2011

  11. The taste of chocolate can probably never be beat. Eating chocolate always makes me feel better. Just the other day I was feeling awful and the only possible thing that could make me feel better again would be to eat chocolate. I’m not a serious chocolate addict but I do understand the healing powers of the coco plant’s bounty.

    By Renee Baenen URL on 02.14.2011

  12. Chocolate can make you feel good on crappy days.

    When you get given chocolates you feel awesome and when you give chocolate you feel even better.

    The best chocolate is flavoured but the worst is mint.

    Yeah. Chocolate…

    By Josh URL on 02.14.2011

  13. Chocolate is an interesting choice at any time for anything. It’s a delicacy for so many and something so simple in today’s world. You can walk up to just about any counter and expect to find yourself almost too many variations of this lovely product. Yet, there’s something almost magical about it. Whether its the portrayal from the media, or just yearly cherished traditions on such occasions on such recent holidays such as Valentine’s Day.

    By Milan Koneff on 02.14.2011

  14. My dear love,

    You are a joy in my life, a constant source of comfort, pleasure, and excitement. I like you best dark, at least 65% cacao, rich and deep and smoky. I love you mixed with hot cream, creating a heavenly ganache, and although I like you best when you are alone and unadulterated by other foodstuffs, you taste wonderful with infusions like lavender, jasmine, orange, grapefruit, and chili, and you pair exceedingly well with the crunch of an almond or salty pretzel. I will love you always, seeking chocolatiers who know how to best work with you, letting your rich dark smoky flavor embody itself in new combinations, but always taking center stage. Thank you for being.

    – Your faithful, passionate, soulful enthusiast

    By Mona URL on 02.14.2011

  15. The chocolate sky rained sweetly and somberly.

    By Marianne URL on 02.14.2011

  16. One of the yummiest foods in the world. Something that both satisfies as well as calms, relaxes as well as pleases, and tempts as well as treats. It can also be a girl’s best friend in times of need, or a sign that someone loves you.. which isn’t such a bad thing either.

    By Jordan Ott on 02.14.2011

  17. Is awesome. Makes me hungry. someimes i think it’s terrible. Why do people love dark chocolate? it’s nasty crap. It’s like dirt and sugar but mostly dirt. Also, coffee, i hate coffee. Glorified dirt water. Someone’s gotta tell it how it is and just say it
    coffee sucks. Chocolate makes my mouth hurt a little too. Sugar hurts my tongue if i eat too much of it.

    By K on 02.14.2011

  18. delicious and creamy
    antithesis to coffee
    birthday parties
    valentines day
    you are a goodness
    that makes my taste buds sing
    thanks, chocolate

    By alex on 02.14.2011

  19. Taste that is dark but sweet. Gives you a sense of naughtiness or love. Chocolate fills the heart or the stomach. It makes you stay up late and then fall into a coma of bad dreams. Decorated or packaged, its clothing takes many forms.

    By Tonto on 02.14.2011

  20. yummmm yummu mumumumum uhmmmm girls like chocolate. chocolate is brown and after you eat it it is still brown which is neat. chocolate is a mamal. Its super intelligent and usually is found in good candies. wait shit chocolate isnt a mamal its likes like……. food. there we go, yum,,,,mmmmmmmmm

    By unglenunglemeee on 02.14.2011

  21. Today is about chocolate. Valentine’s Day. Boys give chocolate to girls they love, and girls who have no one to love them buy themselves chocolate. It symbolizes love from both sides. Those with–those without. 2/14/2011

    By Alyson Weier on 02.14.2011

  22. Ther once was a chocloate bunny wo lived in a magical forest. One day, the bunny was hopping along until a bear picked him up. The bear was hungry an only saw food so before he could protest, the chocolate bunny lost his ear. Oh Mr. Bear! ‘t eat me! he thought, but could vocalize the because the

    By Cass on 02.14.2011

  23. I am Sarai. I will bring you happiness. I will be your body, soul, and your salvation. I will be the endorphins in your bloodstream.

    By Sarai URL on 02.14.2011

  24. chocolate is the divine food which many women crave when they are menstruating. interestingly enough, it is also a food commonly associated with sex and the idea of a craving itself. it is, beside sex, as the ultimate womanly craving. and this is not simply due to the sugar content in it, because the best chocolate has the least sugar.

    By caroline on 02.14.2011

  25. chocolate: temporarily bliss… but then turns to death. Makes me wince in pain. Shuts my eyes and unleashes my screams. Pain lies within the coco-y goodness. Yet I love it so.

    By MMG on 02.14.2011

  26. Chocolate. I ate a lot of chocolate today. Chocolate is supposed to cure the lonely heart, but i think I’m immune. After all the chocolate I’ve eaten… no way is there any affect. In fact… I think there is a bit of an opposite affect. It’s making me sadder with each bite.

    By Amanda URL on 02.14.2011

  27. It was a cold Valentine’s day evening, and although I wasn’t as alone as I looked, the dim silence of my footsteps still caused my head to ache. All I wanted was for someone here to accept me, for the 21st year in a row. That can’t be too much to ask.
    How much love had I given so far? To how many individuals had I offered my heart? Yet as the second week of February lilted in on pink-edged wings, once again it could only shake its head at me, as if in apology.
    I suppose that in todays world, when having to choose between superficiality or sincerity, too many people pick the chocolates.

    By Jewel Lightraye URL on 02.14.2011

  28. Dark chocolate. A bitter sweetness. Just like today. This stupid Valentine’s day. Just a day to be with her. But even then, a bitter tension, and a disappointing after taste.

    By thenakedblurr URL on 02.14.2011

  29. When consumed in large quantities, chocolate will make you fat. Some people say it gives you pimples, but I don’t know if I believe that.

    By Becky URL on 02.14.2011

  30. Good chocolate is my favorite. Cheap chocolate is my second favorite. The truth is, I love chocolate. No matter how bad the day has been, that sweet substance always give me the breath I’ve been holding. A good day just becomes better. Today, I’ve had chocolate chip cookies, a chocolate cupcake, some peanut butter cups and kisses, and even some Lindt chocolates. I seriously don’t think I could dislike the man in front of my face any more that I already do.

    By Heather URL on 02.14.2011

  31. All Kevin could think about in the water, drowning in the main set assigned by his Nazi-esque coach, was the chocolate he could get after practice. Oh, the chocolate. Swimming doesn’t matter so much today, Kevin thought.

    By Michael URL on 02.14.2011

  32. a seductive sweet that can melt any lovers heart.

    By Ylana on 02.14.2011

  33. I like chocolate. In fact, I had some earlier. I did try those new Snicker with peanut butter. Not as boner-inducing as one would think. I wonder why women love that stuff so much.

    By Adam on 02.14.2011

  34. I had chocolate yesterday at fishermen’s wharf. it was a chocolate covered pretzel with sprinkles and was SO GOOD. plus an abba zabba. i finally realized how much i love chocolate. it’s so much better here than at home. maybe because SF is so much better than home. maybe cause i’m happier here. more chocolate.. i need it.

    By Lulu on 02.14.2011

  35. yummy creamy dark milk light white orange golden wrapper toffee bits rub it all over your boyfriend’s penis and then he’ll do the same for you sweet sugary melted frozen hot gooey in in ice cream with milk in wafers chips chunks shavings caramel what is the caramilk secret?

    By cm on 02.14.2011

  36. Melted chocolate makes a bad V day gift. I put the Hershey bar in my back pocket but forgot it was there, went to give it to her but she kissed me first. One thing led to another, needless to say, it got hot, hot enough to melt a Hershey bar she found out as I gave her gift to her.

    By Ryan Keough URL on 02.14.2011

  37. This is ridiculous. I love chocolate. Normally I could right for days about chocolate. I am the god damned queen of chocolate.

    …but right now all I can think about is my neighbors that are having really noisy sex right underneath my bedroom…

    By Bree on 02.14.2011

  38. I love chocolate. But it doesn’t really solve anything. It’s like a bandaid. But it’s more than that. It gives hope. It’s a moment of happiness in all the crap. Maybe it’s a sign then. A sign that there will always be happiness. You just need to find the happiness within the crap. It’s always there. Not always as obvious as a dark, chocolate stain. But it’s there.

    By Lydia Friesen on 02.14.2011

  39. Sometimes i sneak it late at night when no one knows. I feel guilty. It makes me guilty. Yet, SO addictive. Impossible to avoid. Deliciously persuasive. Should be locked away.

    By N/A on 02.14.2011

  40. There was this girl I once knew. She loved chocolate, every month around the time of that thing that happens once a month she would become a chocolate fiend. There was no containing her ravenous hunger for the sweet delight. So, being her boyfirned i didn what any caring body would do and turned myself into chocolate.

    By db URL on 02.14.2011