June 30th, 2012 | 269 Entries

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269 Entries for “chills”

  1. His breath down the nape of my back gave me chills. I knew this was the end for me. His cold, sweaty palm around my throat made my skin crawl. The beer on his breath was intoxicating. This was it.

    By Eva on 06.30.2012

  2. The night air gave chills, the snow falling around her shoulders. She didn’t know where to go, or what to do – only the numbing chill of everything around her. She was alone, and she knew it was all her fault; maybe that was the most chilling part of all.

    By Chelsea G on 06.30.2012

  3. the almost touch you never put on my shoulder still gives me chills,
    and did I tell you, how ill I am, so sick, so wretched
    I could retch from the weights inside me
    why didn’t anyone tell me
    why didn’t anyone stop me
    i’m in love
    i’m still in love
    and it’s so cold.

    By Annie P URL on 06.30.2012

  4. it was so cold outside. i couldnt tell the difference between the smoke from my cigaret and my own breath. the only light in this winter night was the moon glistening on the snow. the cold consumed everything like a sad lonely monster. i couldnt stop the chills…

    By Christina Linderborn URL on 06.30.2012

  5. feeling cold, “Baby its cold outside..” Dean Martin, Needing warmth, Winter, Christmas , Ice, Snow, low temperature, frost, draft,

    By K on 06.30.2012

  6. like cold, or friends just chilling. got the chills.

    By Gaby on 06.30.2012

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    By hunmg on 06.30.2012

  8. I got the chills when i arrive in the laboratory of 231a. The sudden darkness and quiet still challenged my inner sanity and thus I was unprepared for what is to come next. As I enter the room saw a white sillouhette. That is when I knew my life was over….

    By tochiharu on 06.30.2012

  9. He gets chills every time he hears a knock at the door. The expectation, the half-anticipated shudder he will feel when she is standing in the doorway is too much to bear. He has gotten to where he looks away. He knows she won’t be there. He doesn’t want her there. She’s been dead for three years. Still, he shivers. Every few nights he wakes up in a cold sweat, blinking at the dark, empty doorway where she stood the night of August the 15th at 11pm. She said she was leaving; it was over; she didn’t love him anymore. She was moving to Indiana with the doctor she met at the tennis courts. She never came back, but the doctor never ran away with her either. She made it to the sixth step from the bottom of the stairs before she slumped over the railing. That was three years ago, but he still gets the chills every time a shadow passes under the door. She never loved him, but she never really left.

    By Lisa on 06.30.2012

  10. Idunno. Most people don’t like getting chills up and down their spine. I do. Every one is different from the rest. They are always different. Chills. It is a funny word too…..

    By Lindsey on 07.01.2012

  11. don´t know the words so i don´t think nothing special about only one asociation whit the chile then i think in some food whit to have a

    By Damn on 07.01.2012

  12. i hate the chills. i love being hot. creepy things give me the chills. or when theres a hot guy i get the chills. it also reminds me of chilli and smoothies because they are chilled.

    By Lauren on 07.01.2012

  13. outward distance and solitude. snow as cold as the bottom of the ocean and dark as the other side of the moon. haunts and ribbons fill the attic of the abondonded midwestern home

    By Moises on 07.01.2012

  14. I got chills as I lowered myself into the cold bathwater. I often take cold baths, it soothes my aching muscles, it clears my crowded mind. I submerge my head, and I begin counting to infinity.

    By Daniel on 07.01.2012

  15. chills because of Brittana. Always send chills down my spine because I want to know how it feels like to love someone like that. also, coldness. metal.

    By S on 07.01.2012

  16. There they were again. Those chills when he walks into the room. Does it show on my face? Shit. Stop looking at me. I’m blushing. I can feel the guilty lava flooding to my face. Shit shit shit. Oh, please, go away. I don’t want to like you like this. Why can’t you understand?

    By Valerie URL on 07.01.2012

  17. an outward steer, embrace your real self, hide and be destroyed. there is no escape and elder will tell you that the road ahead is not as bad as you think and the end is much worth the travel

    By Moises URL on 07.01.2012

  18. spills and hills rhyming but chills would be the boyfriend whose initials makeup a cooler name..this would be him plural..and chills is the ice cream head ache only it would be CHILLLS

    By jo-eldoes URL on 07.01.2012

  19. I get the chills when I am feeling awkward or when I am sick with the flu.
    It even when I feel like something eerie is about to happes.
    I would rather not get the chills.

    By JJ on 07.01.2012

  20. sickness the words cant even come to me right now. sweat, feverish, she made me feel this way torn.

    By Aeroden on 07.01.2012

  21. He kisses me and i get goosebumps.
    He touches my skin and chills run down my spine.
    He looks at me and I am weak.
    He is everything i could ever ask for and so much more.

    By Alli Lynn URL on 07.01.2012

  22. She was freezing. Absolutely freezing. And the wierdest thing was that it wasn’t cool — nothing was gold except for his glare. It was pure ice, the tundra bottled and then used as a contact lense. Awful. horrible. It made he want to cry.
    “Stop,” she muttered.
    “I’m not doing anything,” he shot back. She glared at him.

    By Sara on 07.01.2012

  23. Her frozen corrupted body fell into the ocean’s tears – the pieces of the ship collapsing all over her. And did she think that in her very end, she would only cry – whine about how cold she was? Forget the lost members & screw the treasures – She didn’t want to feel this cold. Nor alone – so frozen, shaking, & the want for warmth soon died with her.

    By Jacqueline URL on 07.01.2012

  24. I have the chills. I don’t like them, I am sad and cold and lonely. I hate the chills. I don’t want them, I want to be happy and warm and loved.

    By Nynna on 07.01.2012

  25. cold, fear, goosebumps up my arms, smiling, happiness, love, laughing, tears, joy, life, loving, lived, warmth, risking it all, living life without fear.

    By Emma on 07.01.2012

  26. The chills went down my spine, as the lifeless body of my daughter opened eyes and stood straight in the coffin. I blinked few times, as If it was supposed to help, but nothing changed. Rotting body of my Laura was standing straight in the coffin in the place I burrowed her 13 years ago.

    By Omnix URL on 07.01.2012

  27. I’m having the chills right now actually! :)

    My air conditioner made the room waaaaaay too cold, but at least it got all of the humidity out of the room.

    By Derek on 07.01.2012

  28. The wind sent chills down my back, I shivered in response. I held on to myself tighter, as if maybe I could pretend it was you holding me. That you were here beside me, with me and not there. You’re so close, I could reach out and touch you, yet you’re so very far away. I put the flowers on your grave and then walked away, pretending that you were the one holding me.

    By Brittface URL on 07.01.2012

  29. creepy, excitement apprehension scared afraid cold daunting anxious

    By auds on 07.01.2012

  30. Ich verkroch mich unter der Bettdecke. Das Zimmer war deutlich abgekühlt. Ich wurde und wurde nicht warm. Gräßlich. Wie lange wollten die noch warten, bis sie die Heizung reparierten?

    By Nachada on 07.01.2012

  31. When you’re scared in a cold room, and all you hear is the noises outside, wolves howling, owls hooting. You feel a touch on your shoulder, and all you can do is hope it’s your imagination, but its a ghost. A pale white face with a wide, full open mouth, and bleeding eyes. You can try to scream, but it won’t come out. You can try to escape, but it’s impossible. You’ve already been caught…

    By Jeimi URL on 07.01.2012

  32. i get these when you look at me, when you’re near. all is gone, my anticipation and fear; because now you are here. i wait and wait for the chills to fade and you to come closer, but yet they remain once you’ve receded. i plead, please come back.

    By jaide on 07.01.2012

  33. The evergreen emerging essence. The swift change in temperature when I see him. The chills that encompass my everything. That laugh… That smile. Those green eyes.

    By Angela on 07.01.2012

  34. Sometimes I feel chills in my body even in our warm living room. And I know the best remedy is to run a hot soothing bath. That takes the chills away.

    By Kim on 07.01.2012

  35. Chills. They ran down my spine. I knew I wasn’t alone with Jack, but I could sure as hell pretend like there wasn’t a feeling in the pit of my stomach that said get the hell out of this place. But I ignored them.

    By Sierra Fisher on 07.01.2012

  36. you know what gives me the chills? knowing that you’re back from afghanistan, and i still wanna talk to you even after you cheated on me. I was faithful through out the 8 months that you were gone. And dont think its because i miss you, i just want to tell you how much i hate you for it.

    By ella on 07.01.2012

  37. As I feel his lips touching the back of my neck lightly, chills run down the length of my spine.

    By egold URL on 07.01.2012

  38. i hate chills, but sometimes i like them it kind of reminds me the movie of grease and always when a heard that word i think in jhon travolta and olivia newton jhon

    By dany on 07.01.2012

  39. Close your eyes, and just think. Imagine if you were a room, and it was covered in ice. The roof was dripping with cold water, and icicles hanging so low. You are completely naked and almost frozen. You’re so cold, you dont even feel anything.

    By Jeimi URL on 07.01.2012

  40. Chills, really cold. I hate getting the chills, it happens when I’m nervous or sad or cold, Chills, thats a way of describing cold, Cold is the way I describe a lot of peoples hearts,

    By Ashley Cieplensky on 07.01.2012