June 29th, 2012 | 338 Entries

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338 Entries for “saturday”

  1. Today is Saturday. Actually, yesterday was Saturday. But since it’s past midnight and I haven’t yet gone to sleep I consider today yesterday. It’s kind of silly, huh? Also, Saturday should be capitalised.

    By rushtail on 06.30.2012

  2. Boring as hell. Home as usual. No idea what to do. Wanted to get started on work, but got stuck. Sigh. Wonder how I am gonna survive through this. Made plans to change. But like always, plans fail to materialize. Hope to make something out of my life. Seriously.

    By Nothing URL on 06.30.2012

  3. Saturday is a day of rest.
    I try to get in touch with my spiritual side.
    I sit outside and watch the sun play on the leaves.
    I read a novel when I should be writing my own novel.
    I listen to music.
    I prepare for the week ahead.
    My calendar is full, my cup runneth over.

    By Robin on 06.30.2012

  4. saturday night, i fell in love with you. we were at a party. you said hi, but i was too shy to even utter a word back. when you asked if you could buy me a drink, i told you i didnt drink and that i’d take water. those were our first words to each other.

    By trishauna on 06.30.2012

  5. Sunny skies and clear sidewalks, I wake up with a slow walk around the neighborhood. Little boy on his bike tries to mimic the tricks his dads shows him. “Try it like this son, stand on your pedals. Can you do that?”

    By Sarah Broch on 06.30.2012

  6. Oh how I love Saturdays. In my country there is a public holiday on Saturdays. Saturday reminds me of my childhood… kites, sun, grass, bicycle, television, cartoon…..zooo0o0o0ot go speed racer gooooooo!!!!

    By Bish on 06.30.2012

  7. The day when everyone let’s loose. Elton John says that saturday night is alright for fighting. He’s right. Caturday is a slight variation on the day, for those that enjoy the company of cats.

    By Josh on 06.30.2012

  8. saturdays. saturday is a day of rest. it is solely for rejuvination, but not when you are a swimmer. at shorewood, saturdays mean prep, and work, and pulling to get your all. saturdays are a big deal. today is a saturday. i am seeing fireworks, frieworks are fun! i love them. when i was little i used to see the fireworks in a big golf course with my family.

    By isabel coff on 06.30.2012

  9. Saturday is what-a-day day. Am I making any sense here? I mean, Saturdays can either be really fun, or really, you know, mundane. I am going with the latter today. Life passed by as usual, and no difference was recorded. Dang.

    By Nothing URL on 06.30.2012

  10. Saturday morning. Wake up- just barely -with a cup of coffee filled with far too much creamer. I wipe the sleep from my eyes and try to think of things to do for the day, but my mind goes blank. I stare out the window, squinting my eyes and blowing a soft stream of air into my coffee, and accept that this day that would normally be so long-awaited and joyful will just be another lonely day with nothing much to do.

    By Serena on 06.30.2012

  11. This is the same word as yesturday. I’m dissapointed. It’s a shame. Oh, well. This Saturday, I plan on re-teaching myself to type. Wish me luck.

    By Lola on 06.30.2012

  12. Saturdays are the days I love the best. There are no rules, no expectations, no lessons to plan, no kids to teach. I can relax, watch TV, clean the house, go running, play with my cat, cook an amazing dinner, or hang out with friends. I especially love to go to the park and sit and write or read a good book.

    By Karen Harker on 06.30.2012

  13. It was a saturday. He was alone and there was nothing more important in his life than this.

    He smiled, he knew that in a few hours his life would change forever.

    He walked to the door and doubt a little about opening it, it was something more important beneath.

    By Fernando Licón URL on 06.30.2012

  14. Saturday had always been her favorite day. It was the one time she could shut herself off from the world and all of its people. She could sit on her green velour chair with her feet up on the little pumpkin colored ottoman with the fringe and drink her orange rooibos tea and let all of the grief of the week melt out of her.

    By Mae on 06.30.2012

  15. It was saturday, nothing important happens on saturday mornings. But this one was a little different.

    He glanced at the door, it was not only a door, it was THE door. So many days waiting for this moment, and it was there, it was the most important time in his life. And he knew it.

    By Fernando on 06.30.2012

  16. on saturday, there’s nothing i like more than to do absolutely nothing, either alone, or with people i like. today is a saturday, and all i wanna do right now is curl up in a ball with some cherry coke and listen to radiohead. maybe watch some say yes to the dress or paranormal state, or play final fantasy. just something where i don’t have to concentrate on the real world.

    By alyssa URL on 06.30.2012

  17. ok

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 06.30.2012

  18. The most saught after day of the week. People require saturdays in order to not get depressed about their monotonous lives. Recreational activities are important to maintain mental health!

    By KayLa on 06.30.2012