July 1st, 2012 | 354 Entries

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354 Entries for “motion”

  1. Motion is what happens on a roller coaster! I cant imagine what motion feels like to someone who is blind! I love going over hills and feeling the motion in my tummy. I giggle at the feeling of motion and the sensation.

    By Gretchen on 07.02.2012

  2. A forward movement. Everlasting until a force acts upon it. I was in motion, spiraling to my rather meaningless, material goal. You were the force that stopped my motion, and I thank you for that.

    By Nushie on 07.02.2012

  3. We’re biking, everything’s a blur, or rather, blurring. The wind isn’t wind anymore, but speed. My heartbeats are loud inside my head. The trees move together, but the blue remains blue. That’s what I’ve always loved about the sky. I feel a strange emotion, knowing you’re somewhere close to me, and laugh.

    By Annie P URL on 07.02.2012

  4. you walk…. you keep on walking thinking about your dream with a powerful desire to fulfill them… You think you’l fall maybe but you’re still optimistic…

    By Bia on 07.02.2012

  5. nothing moves, there is no motion. stuck in one place and so very undecided about what motion or what direction to go next. everyone around is in motion, flying by me with so much awareness about where there going, but me..stuck.

    By Caley on 07.02.2012

  6. a big commotin ocured when wheels were setin motion by george in the morning. That’s it.

    By Henrik on 07.02.2012

  7. Motion is deadly. Motion can kill. The motion of a car as it slams into a tree is one of those tragic motions. But without motion, well, we might as well be dead. Uhm, yeah.

    By Writers block on 07.02.2012

  8. The ball rolled down the hill. ‘Stop!’ cried the young boy, tumbling after it as it went, faster and faster down the slope. The ball, however, didn’t listen and stubbornly swept across the street where a car was fast approaching…

    By Amy CJ on 07.02.2012

  9. Breathing in and out, the motion of our lungs going unnoticed. Hey i have a notion! Allow the motion to lead. We take motion forgranted. But no more, move breathe, love, MOTION = LIFE

    By Elizabeth Kay on 07.02.2012

  10. Go forward, forward always keep going. Don’t stop. It doesn’t matter if you’re tired, they must certainly aren’t. We have to keep going, looking for water, food and shelter. And protection from the monsters that chase us.

    By Rachel on 07.02.2012

  11. moving fast is motion. the olympics have motion. michael phelps needs motion. we all need motion. animals have motion. cars give us motion. so do planes.

    By sarah on 07.02.2012

  12. Motion

    By Elizabeth Kay on 07.02.2012

  13. They wrestled the gun from the assassin’s hand too late.

    He had already fallen to the ground.

    Fallen as quickly as she had fallen in love with him.

    His blood as red as her lipstick.

    By M. Darkweaver URL on 07.02.2012

  14. Sometimes the jolting motion of the train soothed her to sleep, at other times it nauseated her, especially when it was hot and overcrowded. Or perhaps it just depended on destination.

    By egold on 07.02.2012

  15. Oh, this one again. Well I’m still reminded primarily of dancing…and trains. Locomotive should still be used instead of the word trains, it’s clearly a better word! And that’s not really a focused point on the word motion but what can you do!

    By Tara on 07.02.2012

  16. The motion of the ocean. The waves gently kissing the shoreline, always returning to. Forever staying faithful. Never rendering or doubting the stability of the other, infinite fidelity. Beauty beyond unfathomable comprehension.

    By Jordin on 07.02.2012

  17. Where I go
    To and fro
    Where the wind blows
    No on will know

    By Sylvie on 07.02.2012

  18. motion.
    Such a simple word. Though also complex.
    It is the base in which we form our life around.
    Putting thoughts in motion.
    Putting actions in motion.
    And putting ourselves in motion.

    By Serena on 07.02.2012

  19. The train is in motion. I throw a brick and it skitters off the tracks. Everyone screams as they flip. One little child climbs out and into my arms. I can’t let anyone know it was me. Its so crowded. They will never find me.

    By Sara on 07.02.2012

  20. I am flying. It is the purest motion. My wings billow out behind meas I fly higher and higher. But the wax is melting I have gone too close to the sun. My father was right. I am falling and falling faster and faster into the sea.

    By Sara on 07.02.2012

  21. Wheels in motion, thoughts in motion, thoughts going round and around in her head. What to do, and where to go, and how to do either or none. What are the consequnces to making no motions at all? And if Jasiren does,

    By taye on 07.02.2012

  22. motion motion motion motion motion motion motion motion motion motion motion motion motion motion motion motion motion motion motion motion motion motion motion motion motion motion motion motion motion motion motion motion motion

    By ashley on 07.02.2012

  23. There I was, moving, running, lightning fast, faster than I’d ever gone before, with only one word one my mind: motion. It felt good. Not just good as in refreshing, or even good as in renewing, but good as in enlightening. I was released, given a new door, a way out, a new beginning to the amazing future ahead.

    By Jordan Quintana on 07.02.2012

  24. Motion. Anything can have motion. It involves movement, putting forth the effort in order to make new ideas come to life.

    By Lisa on 07.02.2012

  25. My pocket watch ticks
    In the darkness, I hear it
    Time is passing by.

    By Jason URL on 07.02.2012

  26. Wheels were turning, things were finally in motion. Their plans were starting to finally work out for them, and their project was nearing completion. It was art unlike anyone had ever seen before and they were so ready to unveil it to the world.

    By Shugga on 07.02.2012

  27. Its dizzying and overwhelming, I want out i don’t want it any more…i’ve had enough and to little for a lifetime as short as mine…but what can you do. I move without myself for my sanity, my safety what else can I do.

    By liv on 07.02.2012

  28. I move to stay warm, to find myself alive once more. I am frankly shocked every time I find I still can move…the life in me drives me, proves itself to be stronger than the chill.

    By liv on 07.02.2012

  29. She grew wings and began her flight to no where…the wind carrying her and lifting her higher she could see anything

    By Nicole on 07.02.2012

  30. Motion, an action involving movement or a plan in getting furthered swaying arms is motion or me being a success is in motion.

    By Travis on 07.02.2012

  31. If serenity is a state of mind found though meditation and introspection, then I choose motion, activity and the more frenetic the better. Rather than devolving into a single thought creature I choose action and all the fate and fears that interacting with reali life bring.

    By Meredyth URL on 07.02.2012

  32. when im in motion i feel free. I love to move, walking, swimming. Motion distracts me from everyday things. It helps me forget my problems. I love to constantly be in motion because that way i can focus on my movement and not what makes me sad. Constant motion is my nirvana.

    By AmandaL on 07.02.2012

  33. motion makes the world go round. it’s not about love and arms and legs and thoughts its about motion emotion, constant flow of life is what does the heart, the soul, the mind, some good. don’t stop. stop if you must.

    By Ruthie on 07.02.2012

  34. the ball is in motions, rolling down the cliffs by the sea. the angry waves splash at the bottom, threatening to swallow up the small red ball. it bounces and takes one final leap before it hits the churning waters.

    By Cate Write on 07.02.2012