June 30th, 2012 | 269 Entries

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269 Entries for “chills”

  1. Mmegha love life joy happy laughter colour paper wind quill feather light ray sun bright purple pink blue yellow marriage soul spirit

    By Megha on 07.01.2012

  2. Running out at 4 in the morning to take the puppy to pee in the grass so she doesn’t diddle on the rug.

    It’s all chills when you feel that draft across your ass and think wryly that putting pants on probably would have helped to prevent that.

    Other thoughts had at this unholy hour?

    Chillaxing by the pool later will hopefully make up for this small inconvenience. I need a good lounge in the sun. It’s been a long week.

    By HelenGrant URL on 07.01.2012

  3. How is Ooty trip dear? You did not explain to me till now. Do you ever have that chill experience dear? I miss you today. You are always in my eyes.

    By laxmi on 07.01.2012

  4. you give me the creeps

    By unknown on 07.01.2012

  5. Cold dark rainy. On a sidewalk under stoop. A black cat sits in a beam of streetlight shining down through the sheets of water spattering all across the ground.

    By Amy on 07.01.2012

  6. I always get chills when I hear some good music, the sound just dances through my mind. Leaving an imprint on my soul. I love to listen to music, I like to make music. I just wish, my music could be good enough to make the chills I get when I listen to others’ music.

    By Marie on 07.01.2012

  7. The breeze chills me down, like a silence whisper that goes through my whole body, sometimes freezing, but always chilling.

    By Denny Rachmat Syahputra on 07.01.2012

  8. The water dumped on Sherlock’s head certainly woke him up. He gasped as he looked down on himself and groaned. “Oh, not again,” he thought. Ever since that incident, Sherlock turns into his female form every time he was splashed with cold water and turns back when he bathes in warm water.
    John smirks mischievously at “her” and greets her with a sly “good morning” as his hand travels up Sherlock’s thigh. Sherlock shudders, aroused. She realized that females were more sensitive in sex and she always had the chills every time John signaled that he wanted a make-out session with Sherlock as a female.
    “Oh, this will be a confusing, yet fun life,” she thought as she let her mouth be taken by the army doctor. (when I say she, I meant Sherlock in his female form, k?)
    *inspired by my on-going fic*

    By smoothmovebro on 07.01.2012

  9. deep dark december chills
    part woman part thrills
    ive been away too long too far
    regret the censored kills
    let me lean up on this bar

    By James on 07.01.2012

  10. I had chills, on that summer’s eve. The wind, playing in the eaves, took a last glance at my face and fled, leaving me alone in the still stiil air. But still the chills took hold, and wracked my body with shivers and contortions.

    By Kieran on 07.01.2012

  11. Chills ran down my spine when I saw the extent of the wound in his leg. It was gaping and oozing all over his bed linens…never mind the floor. HOW did this happen ? My son grinned and said….skateing ma!

    By karol miles on 07.01.2012

  12. There’s something up there. I don’t know what or who. But sometimes she talks to me. It drives me crazy because it’s like talking to an imaginary friend that’s real.

    By Circinus URL on 07.01.2012

  13. It gave me chills, but I went forward to begin again, and tried to ignore the impending doom that was to be my fate. Later I was to realize I was right, I was doomed, so began anew.

    By Susan URL on 07.01.2012

  14. I get them when I am excited. It is a shiver that literally runs down my spine. Sometimes they start out of nowhere. Other times they surface as her hand just slides down my thy. I shiver, and she knows. She is getting exactly what she wants from me this morning.

    By River Ranter URL on 07.01.2012

  15. They weren’t quite the chills he remembered having as a child. These were different. Stronger, harder, and yet somehow, not nearly as painful. He came to want them, need them, so every chance he got, he would seek her out, look at her and talk to her, so he could feel those pleasant chills again.

    By Matt Guion URL on 07.01.2012

  16. It’s haunting me really. Those bloodshot eyes of yours after coming in from the rain. It’s something I’ve never seen in my life ever. It definitely gave me the chills as I stood on the cold earth searching for the warm rays of the sun. Where are you? Where have you gone? I stand alone looking for none.

    By Misha Salud URL on 07.01.2012

  17. The way you look at me sends beautiful chills down my crooked spine.

    By marry on 07.01.2012

  18. A walk in the summer rain with soaked clothes and dripping hair. Dancing to good music with the one you love.

    By Sanaz on 07.01.2012

  19. This word means a lot. It means a lot to my family. It means a lot to my friends. It was a cold springs eve with aspirations to be another lonely night. I had the chills. She was my lover.

    By Todd on 07.01.2012

  20. The sickness is setting in, I don’t think I have much time, the chills have grown worse, I don’t think there is any chance for me now, it has become my time to leave this place, this haven, it has come time for me to end.

    By Jaret Arnold URL on 07.01.2012

  21. Chills. Everytime I see you with another person, I get chills. LOL Really I don’t know what I’m saying

    Chills are the name of the coffee in my local convenience store. Heehee.

    Chills man.

    By mashoo on 07.01.2012

  22. Whenever i hear the word chills i always think about the RAINY SEASON. Especially during the night, whenever it is raining and the air brings us cold wind, and i feel the chill but i like it better than experiencing hotness, i’d rather feel the chills than be all sweaty.,

    By Vim on 07.01.2012

  23. He was all alone in his room, thinking about that time when he was running in the street at night and saw that shadow, heard that noise of helplessness

    By Nour on 07.01.2012

  24. The feeling of chills drip down my spine as I glance over the audience. It’s almost as though the world has stopped to hear what you have to say.. Or sing.

    By Laurel on 07.01.2012

  25. chills are caused by cold weather. Alternatively they can also be caused by illness like a fever for example. They reduce the patient to a quivering mess and it is very difficult to go by during this time. It can also happen during common cold.

    By Sharan on 07.01.2012

  26. I get chills when I am sick. But they are not always a bad thing. Creepy, happy, something, someone you love. You can get chills from something that touches your soul.

    By Rebecca on 07.01.2012

  27. I believe in miracles. I believe that I am doing the best I can and even though others can’t see it and thought that I was all chills, they are wrong. Really wrong. ’cause I am doing the best I can and will keep doing the best I can until I reach my goals. Till then, I still won’t stop until I am dead. Thanks for listening. :)

    By Nothing URL on 07.01.2012

  28. Chills… I feel this when I’m having a fever. Yes, a fever and I hate it. I don’t like shivering that much and looking like corpse-pail.

    By Stiff on 07.01.2012

  29. The chills run down the back of my spine. They said, back before science had disproven all the mysteries in the world and discovered new ones, that this was the sign of someone walking over your grave.

    By Tess on 07.01.2012

  30. All day in bed. Sweater on a rainy day. I laid there half awake, with the music of silence ringing, i was at peace. I

    By ban-a-bomb on 07.01.2012

  31. I wish I was with him. He always gave me the chills. I don’t really know why but whenever i see him, I always feel crept out. Maybe because the thought of having someone like seemed to good to be true. It was impossible, This can’t be true. I’m scared that one day he’ll be gone. but I want him near me. I want him to be always near me

    By ban-a-bomb on 07.01.2012

  32. chill chillchill chill chill chill chill chill chill chill chill chill chill chill chill chill chill chill chill chill chill v out
    i like turtlles

    By anan on 07.01.2012

  33. I get the chills
    when nails meet
    an inconvenient chalkboard.
    each second those claws
    scratch the surface
    i can feel the hairs–
    one by one–
    stand up on the back of my neck.
    its as if a freezer is opened,
    and im hearing the sirens
    scream from the cliff side.
    and then one by one
    the chills
    give each hair
    a frail stand

    By t44 on 07.01.2012

  34. I dream of chills. Of goose bumps cured by down comforters. It’s 100 degrees outside and chills are a distant dream.

    By essays35 on 07.01.2012

  35. He gives me chills, his name is Oliver, every time i see him he makes my heart beat faster and slower every time. I don’t know what to do, he is a stranger to me but i feels as if i know him. Surely anyone who makes you feel this way by only walking past you is important.

    By mee123 on 07.01.2012

  36. chills ran down her spine, did she really hear that? there it is again, breathing. raspy breathing coming from the shadows of her thought to be empty house. was someone there? she backs away from where the sound is coming from, looking for an escape.

    By Cate Write on 07.01.2012

  37. I got the chills whenever I looked into his blood red eyes. He looked so supernatural, so unreal, so…good. I couldn’t describe the tingles I got when he ran his fingers over my back, like an ice cube down my shirt on a hot day. Or the way his eyes wouldn’t leave mine.

    By kelly on 07.01.2012

  38. “I want one I want one!” she screamed, flailing her chubby arms. The simple tune of the ice cream truck was a siren’s song. The burly, mustachioed man handed her a cream sickle shaped like a clown, with one candy eye missing.
    “Thanks dad!”

    By muscles4bones on 07.01.2012

  39. You give me the chills every time you come around. I think that it is more than that of a tundra, however I see the landscape in your silhouette. An infinite point from which I can comprehend the glaciers, the tips that pierce into the stillest air of the snowy wasteland. I do not know where the road carved by ice goes, however the thought of you gives me warmth.

    By Kara on 07.01.2012

  40. you give me chills multipy like the wind goes on forever and ever like we’re together and never ever so gather man and all you know what i will you know what i do wherever you roam you know what to do. im not the one to be im not the one to see.

    By Santi URL on 07.01.2012