October 10th, 2016 | 93 Entries

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93 Entries for “changes”

  1. Matt didn’t like this at all, not one bit. It felt like yesterday his little sister was in diapers, but now she was in third grade. He couldn’t believe it. It felt like he closed his eyes for one second and BOOM. Allie, on the other hand, was excited and happy. She was so curious and loved school, something Matthew couldn’t say for himself, he had hated school. He was happy that his sister like school, her favorite subject being English. Matthew’s favorite subject had been history.

    By Deandra URL on 10.11.2016

  2. I like how there are changes in the seasons. It is nice to not have all the same weather year round. Sometimes the changes are hard because you don’t know what to wear or expect. It is great when you are tired of one it seems like the next one is starting. I often wonder what it must be like to live somewhere that the seasons don’t change. I love seeing the fall colors, and the spring buds. I can do without the changes in the amount of daylight that we get.

    By Julie Brown on 10.11.2016

  3. she was changing. there was no doubt. silvery grey slithers of hairs glinted from her dark ponytail, exposed and confident like she was wearing a sign reading ‘look at me! I’m growing old!’ Her face had fallen in places, and the skin under her red ringed eyes had sagged, replacing her pale, smooth skin complexion with a scattering of deep ridges stretching across her cheek bone and forming tiny crows feet just under her brow bone. she frowned, but only to indent her lines further. Continuing to rip at her veined and crumpled cheeks, she stared through narrow eyes at the frail old woman that stood before her youthful soul.

    By Effie Azura URL on 10.11.2016

  4. I shift my perspective a million times a year. That might be a low ball figure. It’s not just what’s around me, it’s what’s in my head: a repeating line of thought that ages like a rope twisting with the pull of tides. Thoughts are loosely moored despite the shifting sands, at least until my coil, this lifeline, should snap: Who will I be when I die? Will I have been successful in what mattered to me most? Will I have loved and lived deeply enough to justify my “blink of an eye” existence? Did I spend that time wisely? Consider the average human life is short when compared to any of the great epochs. It’s something of a history. To-date? It’s been exciting and it’s been ordinary even though it’s been at times extraordinary. Not the average path at all as I took Frost’s advice and ran with it “…because it was grassy and wanted wear.”

    By Chameleon URL on 10.11.2016

  5. i have so many of them right now. i feel it can impact our lives in a positive or negative way. we can’t escape them. we can’t expect others to have them. they just happens for a reason or none actually. they are important. they tell a lot about us.

    By Ibtihel on 10.11.2016

  6. I have never been a big fan of change. In this world no matter what we do, everything will change. There is nothing we can do to stop it and it just seems to to happen way to fast. I like the things to stay the way they are but that is not possible.

    By Rose on 10.11.2016

  7. Why are we so scared of changes
    we must learn to embrace these changes
    if we didn’t change we would grow
    and growth is so necessary to our lives
    we must grow change evolve
    learn from the past

    By Britt URL on 10.11.2016

  8. life is made of changes : you get to grow up and experience so many things. I think humans are always changing, evolving. Change is good. But sometimes changes can be difficult for some people who like routine.

    By Alexandre Durand on 10.11.2016

  9. Changes are really common in our world. WIth the globalization the world is now constantly changing. These changes deal with a lot of differents things such as politics, economy, society, etc.

    By a on 10.11.2016

  10. Things change, sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad change. You’ve probably heard the saying “Change is healthy.”

    By TessaAnn on 10.11.2016

  11. Changes are all around us and they occur every second of the day. Changes can bring harsh topics ashore and have wonderful memories arise but, the fact is that changes are needed to keep the world going. Weather it involves, personal opinions, where you liv, work, what you see daily, or your relationships with people.

    By Aurora URL on 10.11.2016

  12. She sighed and pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose. Everything would be different now; the old brick house that was filled with laughing children on yesterday would now be abandoned, left to crumble in solitude. Worst of all was the thought that none of them would ever see Miss Miranda again.

    By spiffypenguin URL on 10.11.2016

  13. Across the span of time
    Shifting back and forth
    Change is inevitable.

    (not a proper haiku… more like a short poem)

    By Joy on 10.11.2016

  14. Changes are always the hardest. Breaking up with someone, losing a loved one, accidentally making a deal with the god of the underworld and now you’re his personal culinary chef

    By Monique v.d. Berg URL on 10.11.2016

  15. Changes are constant
    Changes are seasons changing colors
    Changes are you and I changing our shirts and pants each day
    Changes are always going to happen
    To you
    To I
    To everybody we know
    Changes are constant.

    By Carly URL on 10.11.2016

  16. positive

    By teri on 10.11.2016

  17. i hate changes in life especially moving it is the worst because sometime we have to get rid of stuff

    By Amber URL on 10.11.2016

  18. i am always leaping
    from one change to the next,
    certain that this one
    will bring me what i seek.

    By Katie URL on 10.11.2016

  19. Have you got any spare change, the man sitting on the edge of the sidewalk asked.

    Jonathan did, but he hated the homeless, so he nodded a curt No and walked on.

    Years later, when he was that man sitting on the curb, he shouted curses at people who passed him by without giving.

    By Joanna Bressler on 10.11.2016

  20. I’ve made many changes in my life. From the way length of my hair and even the color of my hair. Am I still the same person? Sure, why wouldn’t I be. I mean its not like changing my style has effected the person I am. My mother might not like my new hair or new life choices but I do!

    By Makenzie Cooper URL on 10.11.2016

  21. Changes?

    The one transformation in our life that can make or break us as human beings.

    By Andrew on 10.11.2016

  22. Life is all about changes. We are always on the move, learning and living.

    By Marcos Gazzana URL on 10.11.2016

  23. Janie Starks grew from a little sprout who saw herself as no different from the others into a beautiful young teenager, a blossoming pear tree who dreamed of loving and being loved in return, to a mature oak tree, a woman who let her grip on her dreams go lax, but did not let them slip through her fingers.

    By ShrRag on 10.11.2016

  24. I did this yesterday… the world never changes. This word never changes. I was counting on this to help save me from my writers block, but I’m a coward and an idiot and I hate myself because I’m having a hard time pulling myself out of this one and relying on outside sources that can never save me.

    By Laura J. on 10.11.2016

  25. We all make changes in our live but we cannot all do them at once they happen over a period of time as we grow and change after every day life. It is scary and amazing how much changes over a lifetime of living and doing. We humans are amazing.

    By Rhyan Shultis on 10.11.2016

  26. Easy to say, very hard to implement. Changes are usually both underrated and overrated. People always seem to notice change. At the same time, they’re ignorant about a lot of things.

    By Locklear on 10.11.2016

  27. I just fucking said, “change spange wang pain.” And I swear, that’s all I’ve got for this one, at the moment. Why are you forcing this onto me? What ever happened to jail? I just got angry about jail, and now shit’s different. I don ‘t like it. I don’t like change. It ain’t right. It’s ain’t christian.

    By Yamuna on 10.11.2016

  28. a new beginning with a lots of changes , investing in my life worth it!

    By gracia on 10.11.2016

  29. therefore that they took changes as the word, its funny its the same word the next day, so no change here ;) let´s wait for tomorrow, or it’s always changes

    By Wolf URL on 10.11.2016

  30. Changes what an a amazing thing they turn your whole life upside down make you discover new things but they can also meen terrible disaster or depression.

    By Rebecca on 10.12.2016

  31. Her smokey breath hailed the yellowing autumn leaves as they glided to the stony sidewalk, only to be crushed under her Timberlands. The air hung hollow yet musty over Jane’s red, frayed hoodie which competed the leaves for its vibrancy. Her thick false lashes angled downwards as she smacked her naked lips around the pick in between her teeth. Her father hadn’t said a word to her when she left the house that morning. Neither did she to him; she knew he was a busy old man.

    By Helianthus URL on 10.12.2016

  32. I think this was the same word as yesterday. The changes in the seasons in Ohio are beautiful. Currently it is autumn and the trees are fading from green to yellow, red and orange. The sun illuminates the leaves giving them a beautiful burning glow.

    By Olivia Hook on 10.12.2016

  33. she moved to the house with the shutters, and all fell down around her.
    it was gradual, at first. she hated the walls, the flowers, everything.
    even the people felt like empty souls, or dry rivers.

    then october came.
    and as we all know,
    october is another facsimile for hell.

    By batteryman URL on 10.12.2016

  34. Changes in the world constant and riveting there’s no time to think over before its gone

    By Julia Shine on 10.12.2016

  35. We’re only getting older baby. dsjfhsdjkfhsjd lately. djsfhsds just how fast the night, changes. We will never be the same, me and you. Can be good or bad. Sometimes nah sometimes YAHS. Lol so informal. Just to formulate thought.

    By Kael URL on 10.12.2016

  36. Is it the afternoon rain–
    or has it always been like this?
    I just had coffee–
    maybe it was the coffee.
    Probably the coffee.
    How can everything familiar
    suddenly look strange?

    By edrianredentor URL on 10.12.2016

  37. the changes in the body are violent, grotesque, but nothing is truly wrong. this is normal, breathe, normal, nothing hurts–it’s just brokenness speaking out on itself, nothing new, nothing changes. I look at myself and am terrified of the thing that I am–unchanging, the same broken person in a body too large

    By Silotte Hen on 10.12.2016

  38. Changes are hard. Like moving. Going to a new school. Making new friends. Moving on. It’s all hard. But that’s just life.

    By EllieBellie1012 on 10.12.2016

  39. Didn’t i write about this yesterday ? i’m so confused what happened ????

    By Amber URL on 10.12.2016

  40. He will change is clothes. A difference in behavior. He had a change of heart.

    By Jonathan Sersaw on 10.12.2016