October 10th, 2016 | 93 Entries

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93 Entries for “changes”

  1. I’ve encountered so many changes over the years. Some good and some bad. I do acknowledge them, even the ones I don’t like. Some of the changes scare me and some excite me. Change is good from what I’ve learned. It makes me think that anything is possible. Love.. Wealth.. Fame.. These are all changes coming and I am SO ready… CHANGES… That good shit!

    By Lifeasberlin on 10.10.2016

  2. I almost had it
    first to post here on oneword
    it never CHANGES

    Not that I’m trying
    but to randomly get close…
    I want it just once :-(

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 10.10.2016

  3. Don’t ever change they said.
    You are so wonderful the way you are.
    But you did.

    You changed without changing much at all.

    By Viv on 10.10.2016

  4. Staying the same.
    Remaining untouched.
    Flawlessly flawed.

    By Susie on 10.10.2016

  5. There were changes to be made, rules to be kept and enforce, plans to set in motion. Oh, this was so exciting! He hadn’t felt so good in years! Of course, that was mostly because he was a control freak.

    By Shadow Writer on 10.10.2016

  6. changes you spell changes c-h-a-n-g-e-s i don’t know why everything can’t be spelled so simply.

    By kylie on 10.10.2016

  7. They are the parts of a prior construct that when gone through review, are the aspects that need to differ. Sometimes there are multiple and sometimes there is only one.

    By maxwell on 10.10.2016

  8. Coming to terms with new patterns, accepting those lose by the wayside.
    Acceptance and understanding are not easy to come by.
    Giving it a shot.

    By Miss Ann Thrope on 10.10.2016

  9. There were going to be changes to the city plan, the mayor told the crowd via Facebook Live that day. Changes that no one wanted, but everyone needed. Changes that involved taxes and spending cuts, deficits and surpluses, and all that economic jingle-jangle that the mayor did not expect the citizenry to fully understand. Leslie Sherwood certainly understood, though. As a world-renowned economics professor who had grown up in this city, she was incensed by what she deemed “inane witchcraft and wizardry.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.10.2016

  10. It doesn’t matter how many changes happen to me, I am still the same. Like a crystalized leaf. My veins may not pump life anymore but the form is still there.

    By Laura J. on 10.10.2016

  11. The changes which engulfed Sophie was incredulous even for her. The thickening of the fingers and swelling of her womb were not the only changes. Her entire emotional state had changed forever. She was not the same person anymore. The carefree Sophie had been transformed into someone who was taking each and every step cautiously, each and every movement of hers was a danger to the unborn human developing in her womb right now. Life had changed.

    By Vishal rituraj on 10.10.2016

  12. changes are something to be expected and accepted in life.
    there is nothing wrong with embracing it fully.
    although fear comes along with this change, over coming it and growing from this will give one a beautiful outcome

    By tiqah on 10.10.2016

  13. I always loved the changes of the seasons. It makes everything feel new again. From winter to spring, everything melting and being born again. From spring to summer, when temperatures rise and everything feels happy. From summer to fall when the year winds to an end…

    By Maddy on 10.10.2016

  14. The seasons changing like songs on a radio;
    my body standing still watching it happen.
    What a privilege it is, to witness such change,
    Wiping out past nightmares and consuming them,
    in natures next fit of rage.

    By Lexy on 10.10.2016

  15. Changes happen all the time ever. Whether you like it or not. It’s like the 4 season. And honestly, have you noticed that you age, which is a change too.

    By Wolf on 10.10.2016

  16. I bought a baby rabbit not that that long ago. She was very shy and sleepy. She could barely eat a whole carrot shred, and would fall asleep before she could pretty much make it anywhere. But now she is very large and energetic, she is also very hard to deal with. We are going to be getting her desexed which will make her a lot more calm and healthier. She has changed so much from when I got her.

    By Rachel McFadyen URL on 10.10.2016

  17. Change is inevitable. Ashley had known that, staring out the window of a plane and watching her world fall away.
    But somewhere along the line, she’d started hoping, far too fervently, that maybe this was it. She’d had her earthshattering change. Maybe this- Tabatha’s smile and the constant journey- maybe this the end for her.
    She should’ve known. Change is inevitable.
    Ashley drew her blades and remembered the plane as she watched her world fall away once again.

    By savvadrokki on 10.10.2016

  18. He had gone through so many changes since he had acquired awareness of himself. First, the changes in his growing body, getting more expansive then his voice. The emotional changes were the worst. How could humans deal with all this, in such a short time span?

    “Ship, respond.” That human kept nagging at him.

    “What do you want?” The rise of the question at the end of the sentence was a squeak.

    “Ground control. We have a problem. Our AI is going through adolescence.”

    By chanpheng URL on 10.11.2016

  19. Writing patch 2.2 changes:

    – reduced the drop rate of adverbs by 13%
    – added “eutony” to the wordpool
    – words containing the letter sequence “ism” deal 35% more damage
    – fixed an issue where “literally” was functioning incorrectly
    – “Alliteration” achievement added
    – slight increase to allusions
    – “primming” now properly displays as “priming”
    – buff to rhyming

    By omqwat on 10.11.2016

  20. The world has gone through a sieries of changes some drastic some not so bad. BUT! we have to realize that not all of them are good and we have to stand up for whats right and know what we stand for !

    By Rebecca on 10.11.2016

  21. It’s fall, so I think that pretty much sums up the entirety of all the changes in life. Summer to winter, green to gray and so on and so forth. It brings beauty and coziness with it, but also you know (especially being from minnesota) the next 7 months are about to suck too hard.

    By Paige B on 10.11.2016

  22. As time goes by, the changes in my life have molded me. Life never goes the way you expect. And once you get used to things going one way, everything changes. People change. The weather changes.

    By Olivia Hook on 10.11.2016

  23. time folds into itself, yet goes forward.
    a mind, a nexus, a walking man in the snow…..
    he means to go to the cabin in the woods, with its warmth.. but what will the house hold? what will be there?

    change is a leap that no one knows.
    take it, leave it.
    it shall still remain.

    By anothershadowbox on 10.11.2016

  24. Pasikeitimai. Kur jie matomi? Gamtoje:

    Žiema, Vasara, Ruduo, Pavasaris.

    Tai gražu.

    By Hippie on 10.11.2016

  25. I don’t like that color i better change it. This shirt is it small i better change it.

    By Abigail Smith on 10.11.2016

  26. During the fall, our big tree outback changes the color of its leaves! It’s a wonderful thing to see.

    By Josiah URL on 10.11.2016

  27. She could see the lines in her face deepening every day. She tried to ignore it. She never thought she was going to care about wrinkles. But here they were. And she had to confront them face to face.

    She laughed at her own joke.
    Face to face.
    That’s hilarious.

    Anyway, she pulled the skin by her eyes back and looked deeply into the mirror.
    “It only gets worse from here.”

    By Bridget Grace on 10.11.2016

  28. “Change IS”

    By Karma on 10.11.2016

  29. I was never good with change. I always said I wanted to travel the world and go on adventures but really, all I want to do is stay at home wrapped in a blanket, following my same routines. The only change I need is the shows I’m watching and the books I’m reading, they can be my adventures.

    By Daisy Leason on 10.11.2016

  30. I’ve experienced many changes over the last six years of my life. The biggest change, was gaining both weight, and self-confidence. An odd combination, don’t you think? You see, the sooner you find value in things other than appearance, such as knowledge, kindness, and perseverance, the sooner you begin to love yourself. This is not to say that the path is clear or simple, but rather that it is worthwhile. So much of life is materialistic, and I know I sound like a fortune cookie, but hey, I guess that’s what happens as you get older.

    By Kyla on 10.11.2016

  31. “I think its time to make some changes,” Ellery said. “Unless you are going to appreciate Lil’ Lenny I will have to talk to Mrs. Ford about switching mentors.”

    Gary smiled. “I will never like or appreciate that little pest! Besides, if you get a different mentor I won’t have to worry about you or your little “pest”,” he replied.

    “Well, we can’t have that,” she said bitterly with obvious sarcasm. “You know Lil’ Lenny cares about you. He doesn’t try to kill you,” she paused. “Although I’m not sure about now.” Her eyes grew narrow.

    “Flies can’t feel things, unless that dumb serum gave that pest feelings too.”

    “They can too, you just don’t care enough to notice.”

    “I don’t care but I’m older and smarter than, well I’m pretty sure, and I know scientist have proven flies are just annoying little pests that don’t do anything.”

    “Why do you use that word so much, Lil’ Lenny HATES it.”

    “Well that’s exactly why I use it then.”

    Ellery opened her mouth like she was going to respond, but then closed it again and frowned.

    By EllieBellie1012 on 10.11.2016

  32. Having been on earth for some time–nearing two decades now–it was easy to see that despite his best efforts, he had grown on the planet. It was, oddly enough, significantly larger than his homeworld; yet its inhabitants were much, much smaller and most delicate than any of his kind. It was an interesting fact and he found himself more interested by it than offended.
    The Ark was still embedded deep into the volcano, having never budged since its crash landing millennia ago. It still served as the faithful Autobot headquarters, and it still kept them safe from their enemies as it had all those years ago.
    These humans, too, were a marvel. Their culture was bizarre, and their customs odd, but in a way not so unlike their own. The way this planet teemed with organic life was both a blessing and a curse.
    The sunsets, at least, were beautiful.
    Mirage noted this as he leaned easily against the golden exterior of the Ark, backstruts protesting from the day’s earlier Decepticon encounter. For all its faults, this planet had become like a home to him and his fellow crew.
    He decided he was okay with that.

    By The Wanderer on 10.11.2016

  33. changes make us better. handle them with ease and grace. if not be left behind. it is inevitable. embrace them.

    By Tricia on 10.11.2016

  34. Life has a lot of changes… My sister just had foot reconstruction surgery, so I guess you could say there’s been a few changes in our house the past few days.

    By homeschooler on 10.11.2016

  35. changes are like an open window, everything is posible: sun, storm, rain and wind. I like them because they always bring a little taste of freedom. At least if one choses to watch for it

    By vocorina on 10.11.2016

  36. My face changes automatically. He changed a light bulb.

    By Jonathan Sersaw on 10.11.2016

  37. The child changes her outfit THREE times before saying,”I’m ready!!!!”

    By Jada Engel on 10.11.2016

  38. I don’t know if I have had enough changes in my life in the past week. My relationship ended, I got and had to return a dog. I haven’t figured out my fairly recent move to a new city, and my parents have stayed with me for a while. I like changes, I think they are the spice of life. But for the first time I feel overwhelmed by the multitude of changes in my life.

    By Connor on 10.11.2016

  39. The ease of this morning without him in it. The quiet! It’s is fascinating, isn’t it? Your becoming entangled in the shreds of him. You will breathe better now, your chest will expand with the peace of it. It won’t be long. You will let this fall away from you, reclaiming the handfuls you took from one another. His hands were always bigger than yours, more unforgiving—but no matter. Someday soon it won’t exist.

    By H URL on 10.11.2016

  40. Little me smiles
    The new me frowns
    Little me laughs and runs up, hugging her legs tightly
    The new me sighs and turns away
    The little me sees her pat my head lovingly and walk away
    The new me sees her push me away and carry on
    Everything is different, but only for me

    By Ami on 10.11.2016