October 12th, 2016 | 59 Entries

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59 Entries for “haunt”

  1. To mentally torture someone. The haunted house terrifying.

    By Jonathan Sersaw on 10.13.2016

  2. The house had been abandoned for years, and even as the neighborhood became more and more gentrified, the house remained untouched. The rumor was that it was tied up legal contracts and ownership battles, but Cecilia was convinced that there was a bigger reason it remained untouched.

    By Bridget Grace on 10.13.2016

  3. I was so so ready to haunt my victims they where gonna scream so so loud they would pee their pants

    By Hannah Ann Blackman URL on 10.13.2016

  4. I was so so ready to haunt my victims they where gonna scream so so loud they would pee their pants !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Hannah Ann Blackman URL on 10.13.2016

  5. The ghost roamed the now unfamiliar halls of the office building. “This used to be a house…”she states, looking at the young person beside her, “my house.”she adds.

    By Deandra on 10.13.2016

  6. You look back over your shoulder
    And you see it
    There so close that it’s breath fans across your back
    You shiver and try to walk faster
    But you are met with cross roads
    You stand petrified
    If you take the wrong one
    You’ll be brought back to were you were
    With it staring you down, blocking your path
    Promising doom

    If one does not let go of the past
    Does not take away its power and bid it goodbye
    It will grab hold of your feet with its transparent hands
    And freeze you in place with its dead-eyed and empty stare

    By Ami on 10.13.2016

  7. He’s the kind of ghost that lingers. The smell of him present in the quiet, unassuming slant of early morning light. You remember the discomfort of his fingertips, the sigh of his voice curling outward from his terrorized chest. The eyes of his that closed against the protestations you couldn’t comprehend. You were restlessly trying to make sense of his edges when he vanished.

    By H URL on 10.13.2016

  8. I entered the attic which until now I always avoided entering. Since I started living here, I occasionally heard footsteps and whispers coming from the attic. No one believed me when I said my house was haunted. Anyone I told thought I was just paranoid or said it was probably just a mouse. I thought they were probably right, but tonight I couldn’t sleep because once again I could hear the wooden floor of the attic creaking as if someone was walking around in there. I decided if I wasn’t going to sleep, then I might as well solve this mystery myself. So here I was, entering the cold, dusty attic with a flashlight. I stood in the doorway at first, more than a little scared. I decided to take a couple steps forward, away from the door. I shined the light around to catch anything, maybe a mouse, maybe a ghost. My heart stopped when the bedroom door was shut behind me. I turned to see who did it, and the flashlight shined not on a ghost but someone in black clothes and a black mask. Just as I started to scream, the stranger ran over to me and covered my mouth. Then he whispered into my ear, “Don’t make a sound. It’s in the closet…”

    By Brianna L on 10.13.2016

  9. he’s a waking vision of milk and water. one glass, fogged by breath and winter. under covers i can hear he tell me that I need to stop crying. but its much easier to lie down and cry. the floorboards don’t surrended to his feet because he cannot touch them.

    By Anthony Kettlewood on 10.13.2016

  10. the house was so hanted that a wild Haunter appeared. I needed to catch it. But then I’d have to find a friend to trade it with to become a Gengar. They would need to be trustworthy enough to trade it back. Fuck. What if life were as simple as Pokémon? What if the only haunting things of this world were ghost Pokémon?

    By Anonymous on 10.13.2016

  11. When I got home, I saw a man standing in front of my house. He was covered in blood. He suddenly turned around. I saw that he was holding a knife. He started walking slowly to me, but out of nothing he running. I started running. I was being haunted!

    By Seline on 10.13.2016

  12. When I got home, I saw a man standing in front of my house. He looked down to a young girl. He was covered in blood. He suddenly turned around. I saw that he was holding a knife. The little girl… The little girl was my daughter. The man saw me and walked slowly into my direction. But.. then out of nothing he started running. I started running. I was being haunted!

    By S on 10.13.2016

  13. you can do that with animals or a ghost is haunting you. Or a crazy guy is haunting a woman because he is madly in love with her.

    By Kim on 10.13.2016

  14. one day i were in an old house on Halloween and it was 3.00 a.m. and i was Feeling something and when i left i was haunted by a ghost named Samuel but hre was nice and we are besties now

    By Kimsey-Chan on 10.13.2016

  15. Haunt goes with fear, prepare for the bad things that can happen
    know of all evils and cancers but do not fear them
    then you can not be haunted except …
    by the ads
    advertisements are unavoidable where people gather
    and build towns etc. Don’t submit like a slave to them.
    (Buy my book!)
    [Just joking, I have no book to sell you… yet]
    HA Ha ha hA HhaAaH

    By J. Valmer on 10.13.2016

  16. I love going to my old haunts or hangouts from when I was younger in high school and college. Sometimes I even go to my old middle school haunts like fro yo.

    By TessaAnn on 10.13.2016

  17. Like a shadow, you haunted me
    whispering things to me, in the night.
    If I kept my eyes wide open, dry to the gaze,
    would you still be figment of my sight?

    My castle doors shut,
    the my moat has run dry;
    and I don’t exactly know why I look at the moon, when I cry.

    Little ghost, I beg of you, please don’t ever leave me,
    when my heart is vacant, and my soul has deceived me.

    By Marissa on 10.13.2016

  18. The woods were dark and scary it started to haunt me. My friends had told me that the fields were dark and fearsome

    By mark on 10.13.2016

  19. Jim’s favorite haunt is his ex-girlfriend’s house. He hangs out across the street, trying to peer into the darkened window of her bedroom. He considers himself a ghost. Somehow though, he can’t float across the street, enter that window, get into bed with her, cuddle her and soothe her from the inevitable miseries of being alive. His feet are stuck to the ground. Yet she had killed him when she left him. Death is so unfair.

    By Joanna on 10.13.2016