October 9th, 2016 | 47 Entries

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47 Entries for “bathed”

  1. i bathed the dog after she got muddy in the backyard, so i called my mom and she can and got the dog and dried her feet and i washed her up. after that we got her dried again. after the rain stopped, we went outside, oops! the ground was still muddy…. here we go again!

    By Ashton on 10.10.2016

  2. every week on Saturday we take our bathes. after we have been bathed, we all rush to our video games in hope of getting one last chance of playing the games we so love.

    By Joy on 10.10.2016

  3. As she bathed in the warm bubble bath, she reflected on her day on vacation. It is so relaxing in the mountains, she thought. Grabbin

    By Olivia on 10.10.2016

  4. I bathed him with my tongue as a cat, minus the sandpaper, yet ever so fastidious. And when he was spent I lapped at him for just a little longer.

    By Sno Ball URL on 10.10.2016

  5. I hate you have to wash your hair and then you have to take another one later because you get dirty so whats the point. Its like drawing the same thing over and over.

    By Tere Martinez on 10.10.2016

  6. How she bathed in the ray of her lover as she fell deeper and deeper into the warmth of his cold soul.

    By Thirteen on 10.10.2016

  7. water. and soap. that is all you need.

    By Valentina on 10.10.2016