August 28th, 2011 | 288 Entries

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288 Entries for “chance”

  1. chance. a chance to be someone. a chance to be something. a chance at being happy. something that can’t happen in this newly destroyed small town. a chance at survival after that huge hurricane. a chance to start over after everything is ruined.

    By Emmy Garcia URL on 08.29.2011

  2. this is my one chance,
    to dance my last dance,
    this is my last night,
    to fight my last fight,
    because tomorrow,
    i’ll be gone,
    and you’ll already be moving on.
    heartbreak never comes easy.

    By Sammy Jammy URL on 08.29.2011

  3. What are the chances that I get caught up in this drama? I took a chance to meet new people and have a social life. Now I am caught up in losing light. A chance is an opportunity, a choice. I have plenty of chances left to choose right.

    By SlimLeigh URL on 08.29.2011

  4. Everything
    left up to chance
    hold the dice
    throw the dice
    watch it bounce.

    Where it lands.
    isn’t important
    what you choose
    for the future
    is your chance.

    By Charlie on 08.29.2011

  5. Getting a second chance in life is rare. It only happens to the people who derseves it or are really lucky.

    But sometimes, a second chance is giving to them who is of pure evil and is left better without it.

    Well, at least I know that when I was giving a second chance, I may have been one of the lucky ones.

    By It's.A.Secret. URL on 08.29.2011

  6. “Last chance,” I called out to him, my voice cracking. “You know you don’t wanna miss this!” He turned and smiled at me.

    “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

    By Cat URL on 08.29.2011

  7. I grabbed her hand as she slipped off the cliff, dangling above two hundred feet of nothingness.
    My hands were slipping.
    I had to save her. She was so young, so young.
    My hands were slipping.
    She needed another chance.

    Just one

    By Karsen Meredith URL on 08.29.2011

  8. one chance to live. one chance to do it. maybe? I think i’ve continously been given chances. and maybe my mistakes are the same chances I just took a different route. chances you take start the life you make. life is chance. so unpredicitable. but at the same time, i think we’ve all been able to figure out the chance of what it will take.

    By Natty URL on 08.29.2011

  9. I took a chance this weekend and went to another art & music festival … they usually don’t pay well, as people are holding on to their monies and this one was no disappointment. But what is life if you don’t take chances? What is art, if there is no risk? Better luck next time, I guess. I’ll probably take the chance again. Soon …

    By Donna L. Faber URL on 08.29.2011

  10. Chances are one of the most uncertain things that you can wait for. Sometimes, you wait for that perfect moment, but it does not always come. But there are those times when the cards fall on the right places, on the right time. Those chances are rare, but those chances are magical. I’m glad I had that moment with you.

    By karlin URL on 08.29.2011

  11. Everyone has a chance in everything.A chance can be considered as an opportunity for people in doing things. Considered abstract, a chance could also be treated as a miracle in life.

    By Amateur URL on 08.29.2011

  12. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take the chance. My heart was getting all fluttery just thinking about it. There was a lot to lose if things went badly. But there was so much about the situation that made me so happy.

    By kibi URL on 08.29.2011

  13. Don’t get me started about chance. The first time I thought I knew what luck truly meant, I was a child. I haven’t come much farther along since then. The immutable unknowns of the world don’t give you much of one, if you get my drift. Even then, there’s no chance (pardon the reuse) of the loss of the chance that we knew.

    By Jon on 08.29.2011

  14. These was always a chance. Luck had never been on her side, but sometimes that is the only hope. She drew a breath and gauged the distance. She took that first fateful step, running for the edge, and leaped. Her heart was in her throat, and she whumped against the cliff’s edge. She’d made it.

    By Rushlight on 08.29.2011

  15. They say that the heavens and the earth and all that is within and underneath and above was made by chance. Random processes “occurring” in space and time. But who made space? Who made time? How is it that we, creatures who evolved from–from what?–how is it that we measure time? That we linguistically speak of measured time. Do other created things do that? That throughout known recorded time, we have measured time incrementally? That the layers of the earth are laid down incrementally in time and in space? Is this random? We do have one record which has never been invalidated, therefore this record must be evaluated in light of this mystery. That record is the written record of Holy Scripture, the canonized book of the Holy Bible. Written, it is said, by Someone who claims to be outside time and space. Just the record we’ve been looking for. And that Someone has reached down to us, exposed Himself, and says he desires a loving friendship with us, his special creation. This is a phenomenal claim worth reading. Take a chance on it; it may be true.

    By Mama on 08.29.2011

  16. Take a chance on me tra la la said Abba

    By Jeanie URL on 08.29.2011

  17. I have taken the chance that I may be hurt many times in my life, and yet I keep taking chances why? I think it is because I pray that one of these times that chance will pan out.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 08.29.2011

  18. uhh…i don’t know. :/
    everyone should be given a second chance, maybe? Yeah…guess so. :P

    By Ash on 08.29.2011

  19. Hate

    By Nayome Valerio on 08.29.2011

  20. when am i going to get a chance to prove to the world that what i stand for. i am waiting for the chance to show the world what i am capable of doing . one chance of proving myself that i can not fail under any circumstances.

    By rohit on 08.29.2011

  21. I always wanted a second chance. But it never seemed as if they could be granted to me. There always seemed to be something that stood in the way. Something that inhibited a person’s inclination to give me chances. I wasn’t a bad person, I wasn’t particularly evil.

    By Amanda Brown on 08.29.2011

  22. and in that moment, soft and filled with a quiet desperation, i wondered what the chances were – that our eyes would lock, quivering and shy, and the blush would bleed onto my cheeks, and then, just then, with my gentle parted lips, you would fall in love.

    By devin URL on 08.29.2011

  23. Sometimes we need to take a chance. Like jumping off a water fall. that’s taking a chance. you don’t know if you’re gonna live or not, but if you do it’s an awesome story to tell. And you’re never going to know what will happen if you don’t take that chance. Same thing happens if you like someone. If you never talk to them, you’re never gonna know if it’ll go anywhere.

    By Lydia Akers on 08.29.2011

  24. The right place at the right time. Is it chance, luck or do we make our own chances? I would hope that I took and take my chances. I would hope I made (and will make) use of whatever I was given. But : the most amazing chance I’ve been given is the chance of to be, the exceptional chance of being alive.

    By H URL on 08.29.2011

  25. I am the living examples of a chance.

    She should’ve never had given me another chance, not after so many tries.

    Sometimes I feel I don’t deserve her, but I know she loves me and I love her.

    I was given chances and here I am – married to her with a beautiful baby boy.

    By JorgeRuiz URL on 08.29.2011

  26. A took a chance with you and i dont regret anytjing. I just wish you would’ve been more open with me. I gave you a second chance and we crumbled to the ground

    By Kimberly Cowell on 08.29.2011

  27. Chance.

    It`s a very beautiful word that makes me think of the summer ocean waves.

    It`s like a dew drop in the morning.

    It`s shines like sunlight in the heart`s of men.

    It`s something people rarely give as gift.

    But something God is always ready to give.

    Its synonym is LOVE.

    By Cathy URL on 08.29.2011

  28. Oh, there was that one wasn’t there? The time we were going to get out of all of this. The debt, the depression, the living inland or even just one place at all. You had the numbers all worked out and I was willing to go in a few bucks. There was the end of this and the beginning of what comes next and it all hinged around that night and we were so ready for it.

    By Bryan URL on 08.29.2011

  29. take a chance on me. i’m still free.
    chance card
    chance to be better, do more
    my dog’s name is chance
    i have a chance to travel the world someday
    chance to drive a caddie adn make lots of money
    chance to get out of this forrest im’ lost in
    chance to escape
    chance to raise money for an orphanage
    chance to date that one guy
    chacne to change the world

    By allison on 08.29.2011

  30. I just wanted to try one more time. I knew I could do it given the chance. The whole world was hanging in the balance for me and a chance was all that I needed. I’d gone into this on a whim to begin with so who were they to deny me one last try? Hold me heart and watch me dive.

    By Shnlynne URL on 08.29.2011

  31. Soudaison malfrenie de ta
    Nava rôme les milières zo

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 08.29.2011

  32. I always have one more. Every minute of everyday, another chance to choose.

    By marsgrrl URL on 08.29.2011

  33. give me a chance to love baby give me a chance to do what is is i want to do my name is aj and i can love me but i must give me a chance baby i call me baby btw baby give me a chance to have fun do i deserve it fuckkkyeah i do god gives me as many chances as i would like to take it is like the rigged arcade game at the dive bar that you can play as many times as you would like…i get as many chances as i want…i need allow me to take a and or the …thee chance.

    By ajloopy URL on 08.29.2011

  34. i have a chance when i land on chance in monopoly

    By just582 URL on 08.29.2011

  35. Second chances are hard to come by. Not everyone is as forgiving as we would like. Sometimes they it requires work, sometimes not, and sometimes nothing can change people’s minds. For me, I usually offer them. And more often then not, I am disappointed.

    By Olivia on 08.29.2011

  36. would be fine thing so they say they would i say so what if you take a chance or don’t so what? what else can you do there’s always chance even in monopoly

    By Bev URL on 08.29.2011

  37. Take a chance on me, I’ll take a chance on you and maybe we can find something worth while. After all, if you don’t take chances, how will you ever get your dream to come true!?!

    By spartica URL on 08.29.2011

  38. dancing on a wire wrapped around summits
    view clouds below the spire of my toes
    i admire
    the glancing blows and vanquish foes,
    mortal woes open wounds and
    i, with those who forego admonishing soothsayers and persistent betrayers
    purveyors of my suffering
    muster we the strength to perceive risks
    breathe in valiantly this fresh mist and victoriously slay

    By drewd URL on 08.29.2011

  39. Today I am giving myself the chance to make myself a better person, to live to my full potential, and to take care of myself. I am letting this be the day that I fully let myself take care of myself, and most importantly, let myself be vulnerable, if I don’t know what I should say, so what, if I feel awkward, so what. I have to give myself permission to just be. I have too much anxiety rolling around in my brain. It’s an awful way to live sometimes. But hopefully I can keep hoping and make things different. I’m giving myself the chance. Permission.

    By dandyjams URL on 08.29.2011

  40. Do i have a chance getting this job in toronto? Do I still have a chance of staying with Niki? What are the chances of me doing something productive today. I have bad luck, so the chances of anything good happening are always low. Fuck. whatever. I dont even know.

    By Matt URL on 08.29.2011