August 27th, 2011 | 212 Entries

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212 Entries for “secretary”

  1. The secretary sat at her desk, straightening pencils and writing on her blotter. “He’ll be out in a minute,” she told me, without looking up, for the fiftieth time. I was beginning to wonder if he hadn’t instructed her to just say that to everyone.

    By Cat URL on 08.28.2011

  2. A secretary can be useful for several things.
    First you have the office version, which is handy for appointments and work while you also have the porn version.
    Think the office version is the better one since she actually helps in getting some work done.

    By David on 08.28.2011

  3. She was a secretary. NOT a bloody weapons dealer. She had never held a gun in her life. Never had the desire to do so either, yet here she was. She ducked behind the wall as the explosion rocked the entire street. The man beside her whistled happily, adrenaline pumping through his veins. “Hell YEAH!” He shouted, watching the body parts fly. She pushed up her glasses. “Ready to go Miriam?” He asked. She nodded silently. She was never ready for this. They ran around the corner, firing into the massive Horde of Infected. The flesh was peeling from their bodies as they ran towards them, looking for somewhere to sink their teeth. Miriam held her gun firmly as she fired into them. She was never ready to deal with the Infected. But she had to admit she was starting to enjoy the sound of bullet meeting flesh. What had become of her?

    By Clarissa URL on 08.28.2011

  4. She sat at the desk, silently tapping away at the typewriter in front of her. The air around her exuded an aura of mild annoyance. A door nearby opens, and an older man exits.
    “How are we doing today, Mary?” he asks, reaching out to touch the woman’s bottom. She smacks his hand away. The man chuckles, and leaves. But he’ll be back, she thinks, still typing, just like every day.

    By Olivia Swasey on 08.28.2011

  5. Some people can’t, or won’t, be helped, and I feel sometimes like the note-keeper, the collector of troubles. A secretary, unable to change but only record and respond and occasionally offer a tiny mote of comfort. People will make their choices, even if they choose a path that seems filled with misery.

    By Murph on 08.28.2011

  6. Solitude, and the endless clacking of keys, the occasional passing demand. So, like furniture, or equipment, replaceable and ignorable. Objectified perfectly, a cog serving cogs serving cogs.

    By Murph URL on 08.28.2011

  7. I have always wanted to be a secretary. They are able to travel the world and have a job. They are always needed. Many of the companies are unable to function without their secretaries. Which is crazy. The power doesn’t stay in the hands of C.E.O.s, but in the hands of the secretaries.

    By Emily on 08.28.2011

  8. Be my secretary
    Be my typing power
    Record and support
    Cheery desk fort
    Writing light and airy

    By Theresa on 08.28.2011

  9. This makes me think of The Proposal with Reynolds and Bullock. I died of laughter the first few times I saw that movie, but sadly, now it’s kind of annoying to watch. I wish it could have stayed funny forever. I love Sandy B. This was a weird little blurb to write…

    By Laura URL on 08.28.2011

  10. terrible job, boring, at a desk. no invention, innovation, philosophy, nothing. all technical, busy work. a nightmare. who settles like thsi? i can’t imagine. i need something fulfilling, worthy of my brain. i can’t stare at a computer and do work for other people all day

    By ignatz on 08.28.2011

  11. I am not really a good secretary. My penmanship is not okay plus I hate writing letters and other stuff.

    By karlin URL on 08.28.2011

  12. an image of a lady who is often associated with words like sexy, glasses, tight fitting office attire and making a cup of coffee. There are as much male secretary as there are lousy dressers

    By Andy Rivera on 08.28.2011