May 11th, 2013 | 130 Entries

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130 Entries for “celestial”

  1. Celestial horses flying magically upon a fluffy white cloud farting rainbows out of their asses. Sexual.

    By dramarie URL on 05.11.2013

  2. Celestial inquiries: In all of biology, is life not bubbles rising from the deep quantum deep and death occurring when they reach the surface and merge with the air and the sky of the Mystery? Is it possible for a culture today to root itself in the celestial? To access a lost dimension, to encounter a dimension of awareness which cuts through the world of subjectivity and objectivity, fiction and nonfiction, and goes down to that which is not world, not even accessible in words, but is the mystery of the Ground of Being?

    Whoever might be reading this, if what i’m trying to say is hard to follow, I’ll try to elucidate it with a thought exercise: Imagine if all the dust in your house lifted and gathered around the nearest light bulb. And after several days it coalesces as a sphere rotating and revolving steadily around the light. By the end of the week, a thin blue haze forms around it and with it there forms bodies of water and expanses of green stuff growing across the surface. After a few more days, you notice tiny moving specks and under a magnifying glass you notice these are not mere dust particles caught in the wind but an incredible diversity of creatures swimming, running, flying –evolving, learning, creating, speaking, writing, wondering — asking where all they are apart of came from.

    Imagine if you witnessed that happen: a ball of dust form and form a world teaming with life. I don’t know you, but I don’t have to in order to know you’re life would profoundly change; you would have very little say in the matter. The dust would not be something you could ever brush off. This would make things like being abducted by aliens or having pomegranate tea with a talking vegan tyrannosaurus rex seem casual.

    What we do know is that 13.7 billion years ago all there was in the universe was a vast gas cloud of hydrogen and helium. Let two gases do their thing and eventually you will get me writing this and you reading this; we get a world that has oneword. For our scientific understandings of evolutionary biology, chemistry, physics, cosmology for a moment. Let your mind recoil from itself for a moment; lose your self in how mysterious this all really is.

    A deep, permeating sense of the miraculousness for existence would make things like war for profit, the needless suffering and starvation of millions, and the destruction of the biosphere, impossible.

    By drew URL on 05.11.2013

  3. What beautiful celestial being! The beauty is all around us in the night sky if we would just pause and gaze upon it. Take the time to become a star gazer.

    By Tracey URL on 05.11.2013

  4. she looked up and saw nothing
    for in her palms she held the heavens

    By Dylan URL on 05.11.2013

  5. I see the stars through a lens the size of a mite. Endless expansions of dust, flaming gas and worlds beyond my comprehension. A time capsule for I see them as they were 50 or 100 million years ago. The history of the universe unfolds in front of me and I bear witness to its majesty. Oh curiosity, blessed is thy name for without you me and the world would still be banging bones together. We would never look up and see ourselves in the reflection of mol after mol of stars.

    By Onix URL on 05.11.2013

  6. Tossing and turning the weight of life is torturing me as I lie in bed seeking some kind of peace from it all. Clean up and repairs are neverending; my energy not so much. Work swallows up most of my life leaving me with tiny blocks of time to tend to what needs to done. Even my art is blocked by concerns, stagnating the chance to refill my personal well with a ladle of joy. Likewise, my exhaustion can’t find relief in sleep if there too little of it to embrace the stillness slumber can bring. Words and worry flood my head and my desire for comfort and solace suddenly ends in words I recall from a time I felt life in control. The celestial ping lifts my mind and heart to let right action flow through me, for right action to draw the energy I need from the universe to move forward and find the strength within my own hands to enact the change that must be done.

    By JDwrites URL on 05.11.2013

  7. Sometimes I wish I had blue eyes.
    Or green, or hazel, or black, or anything else. Every other option is more interesting than brown.
    But blue is magnificent, mystical… The color of incredibly hot flames, of celestial, star-studded canopies of night, or the rumbling wash of the ocean.
    It all comes back to genetics, I suppose.
    Like so many others, I’ve gotten the short end of the stick.

    By WearyWater URL on 05.11.2013

  8. blue turned in to grey, the sky is now under me

    By LuciaNoExiste on 05.11.2013

  9. I looked out upon the darkened waters, an expanse stretching to the horizon in all directions. The water lapped gently against the outriggers, the wake angling away as my father adjusted the sails. “Where are we going?” I asked.

    He patted me on the back, and pointed to a light in the night sky, one hidden among myriad others. “There.”

    By Chris Clow URL on 05.11.2013

  10. Sometimes I wish that celestial beings like Greek gods or maybe supernatural abilities caused by a solar eclipse exists. Then it increases the chances of me being ‘special’. Not so powerless.

    By Nyan on 05.11.2013

  11. Her reputation was almost celestial. It was untouchable. And it could not, would not be dirtied by Elijah Grant if her father had anything to do with it.

    By greekyoghurt URL on 05.12.2013

  12. Gazing at the night sky, my eyes met the many celestial spirits floating high above. I could almost feel them staring back at me.
    Beneath me, the water rocked like a little cradle, lulling a baby to sleep. And soon, I began to wander off from reality.

    By OneJen URL on 05.12.2013

  13. my spirit glides above
    this lonely, dark place
    and all of a sudden everything feels so huge and massive
    like it’s about ready to swallow me whole
    but I look over and see you
    twinkling and gliding right next to me

    Melancholy seems bearable, beautiful even

    By montse on 05.12.2013

  14. She smiled to herself and slowly blinked her eyes. The celestial music was sweeping her far, far away. there was a lightness to her body now, something she’s never experienced before, and as she raised her arms up, she began hovering above the ground.

    By Amimee URL on 05.12.2013

  15. ok

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 05.12.2013

  16. The celestial rose has its petals drift in nothingness. It never wilts..only drifts for eons in the great vastness of space. Scentless..soundless…

    By Ariah URL on 05.12.2013

  17. The atmosphere was was filled with the celestial sounds coming from the church service, that I had attended. My son was singing in the choir also and that was an added incentive for my presence that evening.

    By victor URL on 05.12.2013

  18. Stars, big and black sky but its not dark.

    galaxies, asteroids, super nova, etc

    By Harish URL on 05.12.2013

  19. the bell sounds and the celestial rounds begin. One taking the east corner, the other the west, and in the dimness of dusk they fought for a corner cake of sky, and a place in the poets’ poems

    By nytrist URL on 05.12.2013

  20. Everything is so celestial. Food is celestial, I love food, I think about food constantly, what to eat, what to cook ,the beautiful celestial taste of the meal. Life is also celestial

    By gydasol on 05.12.2013

  21. Everything that makes me happy, friends, family, those who make me smile and laugh. A good meal, with good company. New things and experiences. Every single one of those things are too die for.

    By maja on 05.12.2013

  22. the celestial palace. she always thought it was imaginary. told in tales and stories of angels. But here she was, standing in the middle of the white marble floors, tall marble columns with gold encrusted detail following them up to the high, beautifully painted and glass ceilings.

    By chloe on 05.12.2013

  23. Delicious celery celestial over time and then it will wither, wither me not I shall over vanish all with mine own power of mind. I have nothing to declare but mine own genius.

    By orla g URL on 05.12.2013

  24. If I knew what I wanted, then maybe I could ease up on wanting it so much. Stars seem to hold so much potential, but I gaze up and wonder how many moons will it take me to figure out who I am? Will it be too late?

    My hands get cold and I stop asking.

    By genahtastic URL on 05.12.2013


    By giovadica on 05.12.2013

  26. Little lives preserved in viscous vases plummet to the core. The magnetic belly of the earth beckons and they come, bidden by celestial guardians to seep their souls into its being. They etch their stories into the earth’s membrane; sowing life wherever they fall.

    By EmilyH URL on 05.12.2013

  27. very blue and very placid i really feel relaxed when i come across this word which is not very often used in a day to day basis. people should really start using this more and more because the world will be a happier and more calm place once we use this. celestial is such a nice word and such a great

    By alex on 05.12.2013

  28. Her look was celestial, ethereal in the truest sense of the word. Hair of burnished gold, eyes lit with an inner fire that seemed to both rage and calm all at once. She was clearly more than she pretended to be, far more than this place demanded.
    I couldn’t help but wonder how the others couldn’t see it; were they blind? Stupid? How else could they miss that fire, that passion, simmering beneath the cover of her alabastrine skin?
    However it happened, it was their loss and my gain.
    …or, at least, that’s what I thought.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 05.12.2013

  29. i’ve seen the sky, my dear. i’ve seen it all. i was at the end of the wolrd where they drink from goblets made of UV-light and live off of whatever the toxic rains leave back within the higher spheres. your eyes would fail you, should you ever set them on the wonders of sulfuric acid streets and their turrets and towers made from the things we lose so easily to the winds and the water we treated so lightly as we took another bath

    By berenique URL on 05.12.2013

  30. Celestial, the being who nobody knows is even there. Some men have called him god; many names have been given. He is the one who sees all, he knows about your diary, he knows about the bone the dog buried in the backyard. He knows you liketranny porn. He knows about doodle and butts, but what?

    By chris on 05.12.2013

  31. I think this is something to do with stars and space etc but I’m not 100% sure so that kind of limits what I can write but hey It’s still a pretty word.

    By Steph on 05.12.2013

  32. The blue fire and crimson sparks swirled above her crown in a celestial glow

    By skylarkin on 05.12.2013

  33. Celestial is the universe as a whole. It is used as an energy source of the pure. When one unlocks the blocks in the energy of the body they are able to chanel the energy that exists out there in the universe. We have no way to be sure that this energy exists but that is what faith is for. We are unsure of its existance but we are unsure of the existance of the religiopus figures who is to say that it does not. This power can be used to heal, live, and purify.

    By rogus on 05.12.2013

  34. i have know idea what that is
    maybe some animal that doesn’t excist anymore or something.
    I was studying today and got bored so i started stumbleing and i came on this page
    it’s kinda obvious i don’t speak english

    By karen on 05.12.2013

  35. Solo puedo pensar en cuanto te amo, me encanta estar contigo y eres la persona mas maravillosa en mi vida, me encanta abrazarte me encanta besarte, amo como corres en mis venas, amo tu inmensidad.

    By abigail on 05.12.2013

  36. Shiny, clean, fancy, imperial. How ever you want to describe it. That sword was sharp enough to cut through anything, even solar plasma. I longed to touch if only I could just…

    By Evan URL on 05.12.2013

  37. the heavens above came together in a wondrous love. The celestial sky above moved for us that night, angels danced and sung for the love they knew was inevitable.

    By Crystal on 05.12.2013

  38. the beings float around me
    misted vapors of evervescent magic
    like dreams from the dinosaurs of millions of years ago
    they encircle me with
    poisonous gas and
    plasmatic memories

    By io on 05.12.2013

  39. my mother makes beds out of church pews and waits
    for god to comb her hair, i sit alone on the floor with flowers strung along
    my wrists,
    candles aching to a stop, and i
    wait for her to
    how lonely i am

    By mary URL on 05.12.2013

  40. The celestial body was at its apex and Moriah knew it was time. Turning from the water, she placed her sacrifice on the ground and began to chant. The moon shone on the water behind her and as Moriah recited the ancient words, a figure rose from the depths.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 05.12.2013