May 11th, 2013 | 130 Entries

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130 Entries for “celestial”

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    By dingodng on 05.12.2013

  2. I love the word celestial because I read it and am instantly transferred in my mind to the heavens. The view from there is incredible, too. Of course I prefer experiencing the celestial view with my feet firmly planted on the ground! The zen music playing right now though gives me an additional surreal feeling and when combined with the word celestial, imagery is heightened. I am whisked into a world of calm, harmony, and peace…floating among likeness of kindred spirits. All of the celestial beings are a part of the present…an all oneness in soul. And it all makes sense. Love in the celestial world mixing with our earthly one surrounds us. The work of our celestial beings guard, protect, and keep us until we humans are invited into this holy realm!

    By Mary on 05.12.2013

  3. I looked up at the sky in awe. There was something majestic about how the stars were mapped out before us. I felt something soft brush against my fingers. Startled, I looked down to find him reaching for my hand. He held it firmly in his and gave it a gentle squeeze. My face felt warm while I tried to hide my smile. He was also beautiful. I knew I would remember this moment forever.

    By VanessaTechlan URL on 05.12.2013

  4. I am a celestial being from the planet mars. I don’t know why I am here on earth I just know that I am. I am scared and I am green and I am not going to hurt you but I am here. I want to know things please help me to learn. I am not dangerous or unfriendly I am just confused. My family is gone and all I have is you. I am a celestial being from the planet mars.

    By Caitlin on 05.12.2013

  5. Great, glorious, profound, and beyond comprehention are the things that wait for us in a world to come. A place beyond our means of understanding is a place of celestial importance. Is it a new dimention? A higher being? What is this celestial place we all seek?

    By Cord on 05.12.2013

  6. Heavenly. I love to see the clouds billowing and drifting across the blue sky, riding to places unknown and never to return it’s current shape or place. Upward, my thoughts drift to heavenly places where imaginations of other worlds drift along on the currents of thought and dream. Emotions begin to float, casting off the daily gloom that pollutes ones’ mind allowing a sense of lightness and hope. Heavenly. Throwing off todays worries and having faith in a tomorrow, knowing this is not my home…knowing my Savior is preparing a new home for me where I will dwell in the light of the Son forever. I will travel to places I can not know now, never to return to this place.

    By Melissa Brower on 05.12.2013

  7. The stars drew him. They called his name and drove him to find his way to reach them. They were freedom and faith and love and everything good. They put his world to shame.

    By Chase on 05.12.2013

  8. you mistake the heat for
    the absence of angels

    (they are standing too close)

    By hel bentley on 05.12.2013

  9. the celestial beings swirl thright the sky dodging stars pouring their tea on the planets and cleansing them they smile because it it fun and swim arounf the ateroids like seals in the ocean swim around rocks

    By Ben URL on 05.12.2013

  10. Celestial is the cosmos. It is looking out into the vastness. It is everything outside of your box, your home, earth. It is every twinkling star in the sky.

    By Autumn on 05.12.2013