March 28th, 2012 | 209 Entries

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209 Entries for “capture”

  1. like a bear in an inhuman trap, I was captured. I had often wished I was the hunter, rather than being the hunted. More than wished, I had dreamed it.

    By Lost on 03.29.2012

  2. Flutters and beats on poorly paved streets on canvas of sweet melodic trees, intertwined and wound about, all around you reaching out for release.

    By A.J. Cread on 03.29.2012

  3. when you are captured a person has got you in their power, e.g kidnapped or under hostage. you are always under surveillance which means that you are constantly kept under watch.

    By phillza mirza on 03.29.2012

  4. . you catch something
    . when you capture a certain area or weather.
    . you can also grab it

    By Guneet Sandhu on 03.29.2012

  5. .like a school of fish being captured in a net.
    A bear being caught up in

    By Guneet Sandhu on 03.29.2012

  6. I’ve been dreaming of you.. and me.
    We were both running on a prairie.
    tryin’ to capture a hope that left behind our history

    By SENJA URL on 03.29.2012

  7. I went out this morning to capture birds and band them, actually. It was for my vertebrate biology class. Our teacher did most the work (you have to be certified), though, but still we set up the net, identified the birds, etc.

    By Ahnnyeong haseyo URL on 03.29.2012

  8. Makes me think of Lord of the Flies, when the boys on the island capture Simon (thinking he is a pig) and eventually kill him. Not something I like to think about…

    By Emilia URL on 03.29.2012

  9. i can capture a moment – i can capture an event – what i can’t capture is my life plan – where do i go next? maybe i am missing the point and rather the journey should remain unscripted – free and write itself out

    By aly URL on 03.29.2012

  10. I captured a picture for you today, a beautiful rainbow stood by a lake and it reminded me of the way you are, the brightness that radiates from every pore. Beauty is now defined in the way you move, your hair, your eyes.

    By Katelyn on 03.29.2012

  11. i wish to have it on my bedside when i wake. i wish it be there in the air i breathe.

    but she wont give it to me, so i must what i do not wish.

    i want to capture her heart.

    By Apurv on 03.29.2012

  12. run run away don’t look back,
    don’t left all those memories behind
    don’t let regret capture it

    By SENJA URL on 03.29.2012

  13. She could capture his mind with just one stare, with just one raise of her eyebrows or a sneer of disgust. Perren didn’t know why he was intimidated by her. She captured his attention, even when she was trying to go un-noticed. He wasn’t exactly sure what it was about her, but he knew that there was something behind those dark curls and brown eyes. There were fears behind the fearless exterior she put forward. One day, Perren wanted to capture them.

    By Elsie Shu URL on 03.29.2012

  14. To contain or hold something or someone.

    By Zachary Williams on 03.29.2012

  15. In Travels With Charley in Search of America, Steinbeck really manages to capture the feeling of being on the open road in the US. From the deserted motels, to the small settlements in the Midwest that are home to some very interesting portraits of American culture.

    By bryan URL on 03.29.2012

  16. We spend all our lives trying to capture what is out of reach,
    becoming so absorbed with our goals, our future….what we want to achieve.
    our past…what we let slip through the palms of our hands… (or perhaps who).
    we become completely absorbed with the moments we can no longer live…
    or the experiences we are waiting to delve into,
    we have convinced ourselves that we are living,
    when, if truly we had learned to live, we’d capture the moments we are given,
    as. they. come.

    Simply. Capture. The Moment.
    Seizing every opportunity.
    Enjoying every bitter emotion,
    every rotten fit of joy.

    Capture the essence of living.
    Simply live.

    By EllJayCee URL on 03.29.2012

  17. “You asked me what I thought of love,” I said. “and to me, love is a bird captured in a cage.”

    By Kyrie' Owen on 03.29.2012

  18. The capture of the t.v. program was not so good. They didn’t have a plot and the story was hard to follow.

    By teeda URL on 03.29.2012

  19. All I ever wanted to do was capture her heart. We had been best friends for as long as I could remember, but I wanted more. I reached out to her and spoke of love and trust and all things wonderful. Alas, her heart and her love are as free as the wind. And so I sit and weep.

    By brian coovert URL on 03.29.2012

  20. She was running quickly, panting. She was being chased after. Who was this person? What were they going to do to her?

    By thelostplot on 03.29.2012

  21. capture every minute.every moment,every single way to do it take a picture or

    By james on 03.29.2012

  22. Once there was an Indian princess who ran away. She crossed a small stream and hid in a cave to escape capture. But that night she was visited by a wise owl.

    By Julia d on 03.29.2012

  23. I captured a bird today…and I released it. And a memory returns into my head, bringing me back to what happened that one day.

    There are times where I still miss her.

    “Requiescat in pace” 3/29/2011

    By Kristin URL on 03.29.2012

  24. I wish I could capture time, more than just in a measly photograph. I want to capture it and play with it over and over again, relieve the moments that I treasure with every inch of my being. Then, time would not control me. It would not tell me when to grow up and grow old, it would not tell me that the day is through and that it is time for goodbye, it would not tell me that everything is momentary and eventually going to leave. But, alas, time escapes me, and I cannot escape it.

    By Laurie R. URL on 03.29.2012

  25. I was in captivity, an animal. All humanity stripped from me in the form of clothes, name, dignity… I was no better than a circus animal. Captured. I hadn’t technically done anything wrong. The authorities get off on taking the humanity from the world in whatever form they find at their disposal. Fucking pigs. They were the animals here.

    By AV on 03.29.2012

  26. i saw him from all the way across the room. He was beautiful, that much i could tell. but it was nothing compared to when he raised this eyes at me, those green orbs. i was immediately captured by them and held captive. At that moment i knew i was a goner. there was nothing i could do to stop this, he called me in and i started walking forward without even consciously doing so. Those eyes, were dangerously beautiful, something about them was making my heart beat faster. It was like they pierced right through my soul.

    By famk on 03.29.2012

  27. She couldn’t capture the moment like she wanted to, so she turned away, closed her eyes and committed it to memory. This day would not be forgotten, this day would become a part of her. She smiled and looked again at the little boy who would not last the night.

    By Kim on 03.29.2012

  28. it’s like you captured my heart,
    locked it up in a cage
    of delicate silver
    and threw away the key
    far, far away

    By Iffath URL on 03.29.2012

  29. If I could capture this feeling and remove it from my heart… I would. If I could grab it, throw it on the ground and stomp on it. Set it on fire. Pray to never see or feel it again. How do I extract such a core emotion of this “era” ?

    By Britty URL on 03.29.2012


    By DANAE on 03.29.2012

  31. There are so many moments that I would like to capture. When we’re happy and smiling. The feeling of riding my bicycle or laughing uncontrollably. I want to bottle that up.

    By loni URL on 03.29.2012

  32. capture the moment capture your thoughts what are you really thinking and feeling capture a glow a brightness something magical capture the stars a twinkling fairy dust capture something elusive capture me

    By eve on 03.29.2012

  33. love, life, laughter, grab ahold, don’t let go, desire, butterflies, lightning bugs, cats, the heart. running wild

    By kim URL on 03.29.2012

  34. oh that is brings many thoughts. capture my heart. steal me away. fits in with what i have read with books on teens lately and the things that are happening with them in the stories

    it means to be captivated
    to be taken away
    a gift at times
    a photo

    By Kate on 03.29.2012

  35. The shots went off but Lysa didn’t hear anything. She flicked the tab on the camera and adjusted it one last time before she snapped the photo. Then she dropped the photo on the ground without looking at it. She threw the camera off from around her neck and smashed it on the floor. The hallway echoed with the sound of her footsteps.

    By Katy Perry on 03.29.2012

  36. Picture perfect moment isn’t captured by a great SLR camera.The best captured picture is the one that stays in our memory as it include the emotions we felt that day.

    By Sabrina Firdaus on 03.29.2012

  37. Have you ever played capture the flag? Ok my cousins and I play in the hallway every Passover since I was a baby, and I remember this one time when Allison was really little and our parents came upstairs literally to find a 3 year old Allison holding the flag while ethan and I were trying to pull her over the line to each others sides of the “arena”. We got in trouble, and Allison was a little traumatized after that

    By Jackie URL on 03.29.2012

  38. Nah not in the mood. If you could capture my attention I’d truly be amazed. My brain is done, need a vacation. Okey. Bye.

    By Graxx URL on 03.29.2012

  39. For so long she had been trying to evade capture and for so long she live in fear because of it. No more would she run and hide — she was going to fight. She had to because her entire life depended on it, or if she was being very honest with herself, it was because she had nothing left to lose.

    By Nikki on 03.29.2012

  40. to capture a moment you need to have a really good scene. like in a movie. if two people were falling in love with eachother. but hten again i feel like weve seen that moment be captured before. maybe moments dont need to be captured. maybe that just need to happen and be done with.

    By Sarah C. on 03.29.2012