March 28th, 2012 | 209 Entries

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209 Entries for “capture”

  1. I can capture attention with just a glance, always could. I like it best when a girl gets mad about it. I’m just doing it for fun:)

    By Natalie URL on 03.28.2012

  2. James didn’t have long, but he had no other goals to chase anymore, so maybe he could do it. He had to capture her heart. It was all that mattered.

    By Schuyler on 03.28.2012

  3. My imagination was instantly captured by the story line. I had never dreamed that I would like the genera, but the author did a masterful job at character development.

    By Monica on 03.28.2012

  4. How to capture this moment…standing out in a windy field gazing at stars. The blink like we do, yet it is the human with a heart, laughter ane memories. Snapshots of college I’d most like to remember.

    By Taylor on 03.28.2012

  5. to capture the essence of a person is imposssible when he or she is merely trying to surivive, to please, to be accepted. When we live in a world where material success is seen as the greatest accomplishment, we lose sight of our individuality.

    By k8 on 03.28.2012

  6. As i flew around the corner i never beleived what would happen to me next. I was caputured by the same firmiliar feeling of fingers around my arm as i was pulled of the gravel path. What would come next would change my life foro years still to come,

    By Bobby Boy on 03.28.2012

  7. I did that trite thing, where you frame the scene with your thumbs and index fingers, pretending to capture the moment with a photographer’s sense of style. The campfire flickered on.

    By jupiter URL on 03.28.2012

  8. “Don’t let them capture you!” The old woman held him fast, her wrinkled face scrunched up in a web of confusion, her dark eyes piercing.

    The man hesitated, torn between shaking off her grasp and then between running into the open or out into the shelter to hide. “The best intentions are merely that, dear lady.” He murmured, reaching to pry the gnarled fingers off from his sleeve.
    The grip tightened even more if that was possible and the dark eyes glittered with a sudden fire that he hadn’t seen there before.

    “Good intentions can lead to good plans.” She warbled. “Don’t let them capture you.” She winked. “I can’t come save you, if they do.”

    The sound of armor clanking and feet running caused her to jump and release her grip on the captive man.

    He gave a jerky bow and bolted for the shadowy doorway at the corner of the small hut. She sighed and watched him go. That was another one.

    Another one lost for the cause.

    By Sara H. URL on 03.28.2012

  9. The crackling of a smoothly rolled joint being reveled melded quietly together with knowing laughter to create a melody of careless frivolity, the endless golden afternoons longly ticking, paradise lost amidst wistful hours filled with everything, and nothing. Time wasted amongst youthful gods, and yet those days had held eternity for them. The comfortable silence between hits was clipped only by the soft snipping of camera shutters cutting away at slices of seconds, capturing these infinite smiles and binding them away to be stored deep into that crevice of our hearts we daren’t peek into, lest they shatter for want of those everlasting days. Where had all that time gone?

    By vhee URL on 03.28.2012

  10. Lauren stretched, wishing that the prairie dog would come out of her hole. She looked over at Nancy, her best friend, who shook her head. No prairie dogs.
    They had gotten the idea of catching prairie dogs three days ago, when they had decided they were tired of having little more than chores to do. It was Nancy’s idea. “Why couldn’t we catch a prairie dog to play with?” she had said. So they were trying it.
    If only the dogs would run out of one of their holes, so they could capture it.
    Lauren sighed, glanced at the sinking sun, and got up, motioning to Nancy. Their Mas would need help with dinner and the babies. As Nancy and Lauren made their way back to camp, they promised each other to try again tomorrow.

    By Ysa on 03.28.2012

  11. I’ve always wished I could capture moments in time and save them in a jar. I’d save all of these precious moments and would go back and just re-live them over and over again.

    Those moments where happiness is so easy. The moments where the goosebumps on your arms never fade away.

    I’d capture the moments I’d never want to forget.

    By Kailey URL on 03.28.2012

  12. Capture a picture. Capture a smile. Capture my heart.

    Someone very special has captured my heart. I am so thankful for her. I couldn’t be luckier and I wouldnt trade her for the world.

    She’s captured my heart good.

    My Kailey <3

    By Matt URL on 03.28.2012

  13. why would i want to capture the dream when i can capture the moment. dreams are good, but making it reality is better. life is what you make it, so start living your life with no REGERTS in life and it will all be good.

    By ya mum URL on 03.28.2012

  14. We captured butterflies in our hands, chasing them for what seemed like hours. Hours of laughter that made our ribs shake and smiles that tore at our mouths, expanding, painful, but real. Real happiness. I liked that, and jumping for the velvety wings as they bat colors before our eyes. The sun set and we hadn’t gotten any. I didn’t think we knew what would happen when we finally did catch one. We’d probably let them fly away.

    By shannon on 03.28.2012

  15. I don’t mind if you can capture the deer.
    Capture that girl! she’s dangerous
    You should have an idea how to capture the image.

    By stella on 03.28.2012

  16. I want to capture your smile in a photograph so when the sun ascends I can wake up with you in my hands.

    By Karla URL on 03.28.2012

  17. I want to take more pictures. I want to capture a perfect moment in time. I want the silly pictures you take in a photo booth, I want to keep pictures of us together and see how we change ever so slightly as the months go on. I want to save those, “You had to be there” moments, or us before a dance. A flawless still of a beautiful instant – fleeting, but still so faultless. One’s memory will fade, and who knows, you might too, but looking back at our photos, I can feel and see it all again. I can go through the cliche picture of us holding hands, or kissing and feel the butterflies all over again. That’s all I want, to hold our greatest moments forever.

    By Jordan URL on 03.28.2012

  18. and re-capture.
    take a picture it’ll last longer.
    Behind enemy lines. POW – MIA
    Actress Kapture.
    Held hostage, left to . . .

    By Mary URL on 03.28.2012

  19. I must quick, I must be nimble,
    I must capture the ever elusive,
    I may fail and it will be massive,
    but I will still have a clean napkin..

    By Lord Jim URL on 03.28.2012

  20. Capture. You can capture something with a word. Or an image. A thing. A place. A story. does capture have to be a horrible thing? Can’t it be good? Like capturing a scene or a world in a single word. Beauty can be captured in an image or poem. I don’t think of capture as something bad or something gruesome. You can capture someone bad, which is actually good. So is capturing something bad? I don’t think it has to be. There are the odd few that do capture things for evil, like children or animals. Sad. But capture is not all bad.

    Is it?

    By Alex on 03.28.2012

  21. The girl was captured at dawn five miles from the school where her little sister attended ninth grade. The police released a statement thanking the public for their help and assuring them that their town was again safe. Sometime in the night, the girl prisoner hung herself by a belt in her jail cell.

    By Von Rupert URL on 03.28.2012

  22. moments fleeting, pictures only offer so much. but keep this, keep this memory, keep this feeling for as long as you live, because right now, this is all we have.

    By Taylin URL on 03.28.2012

  23. Tight barbed wire wrapped around me keeps my arms and legs from moving. I am locked away in a heavy metal cage, on the inside looking out. Suddenly, the scenery changes, and I look in on my prey.

    By darseyrsm URL on 03.28.2012

  24. without warning I was shown a picture of a puppy playing with a blonde haired blue eyed boy in the summer and a certain idea makes a little more sense. water from the sprinkler cooled his face and his red striped shirt got wet, the dog less enthused. his bare feet tip tap in place as if in ritual. lively in mid motion but so still, making such a valiant attempt to break the serenity, the sacredness of the photograph. “it’s my son, isn’t he cute?” “yes, adorable.” I hadn’t even considered the question or what it meant, seemed insignificant. I felt like I understood the boy and the dog. I remembered when I was like him and all I knew was the grass and a dog named Gus and I understood him and he me and we had conversations dancing through the sprinkler in august or july. captured for me was a moment out of context and displayed as if it on it’s own could say something which otherwise was ambiguous.

    By joshuapaul URL on 03.29.2012

  25. the imagination by any means necessary to fulfill the striving of elemental visceral reality beyond expectations of art and emptiness arising within or without

    By david on 03.29.2012

  26. still images and directors, cinematographers. The moment is yours if you capture and embrace it.

    By Wattlezz URL on 03.29.2012

  27. Capture me and take me away from this drudgery right now. Wrap me up in something warm, a blanket or big arms and whisk me away to some island. Pamper me until I relax enough to set my mind free. I will not be your slave but I will tell you what’s what.

    By Aingeala on 03.29.2012

  28. these are the moments i need to capture. the lifeless pause has moved forward at an alarming rate. finally, some who understand, some who i can spend time with.

    By t URL on 03.29.2012

  29. to closely examine

    By shiksha on 03.29.2012

  30. when you grab something or you catched something and when are holding something

    By Yazmin URL on 03.29.2012

  31. There are just some things in life that one shouldn’t forget,
    Because when we hold on to what matters, we grow,
    And when we grow, we define ourselves.
    Pictures and words on pins and nametags
    Depict our dreams and aspirations and what we stand for.
    These are the things that help us slowly understand.

    By Alexis Lim URL on 03.29.2012

  32. when my heart was captured, that’s when things never turn out well. it’s a mesmerizing sensation, but it’s also a state I’m furthest away from myself, my silence within. beware of something that captures you.

    By kaorita on 03.29.2012

  33. He thought he could simply brush her off, tell her that it wasn’t like it used to be, and she would crash out of his life the way she had crashed into it. But it would never be like that. She knew the secret weapon, the sure fire way to capture his soul all over again. After a mischevious glint into the mirror, she donned the black stiletto shoes and clip-clopped to his office. Just the sound alone almost brought him to his knees. And once she’d turned the corner and gazed at him in the way that only she, really, did, he knew he wouldn’t be letting her go again.

    By Laura URL on 03.29.2012

  34. It is hard to capture a moment in a photo. you can try but a photo only says so much about a certain time in your life… You can’t possibly remember exactly how you were feeling, who you were with, why you were with them, what the weather was like even. Capture is a word that describes so much. Capture is a good word.

    By Tuscani on 03.29.2012

  35. I was caughrt! Captured! The catcher had caught me, he wants the crown I had stolen from his king. The king wants me to be dead, but the catcher has other ideas…

    By kc URL on 03.29.2012

  36. i capture a moment we share, not every single drop of time would i don’t want endure. for you and only for you. to love you

    By senja on 03.29.2012

  37. How can I capture all those luminescent fragments, and keep them safe? My mind isn’t safe, it’s a chamber of unused or forgotten rooms. Things get lost and the wrong things get found. The darkness takes up the most space in the cavernous pits of my mind, I can’t make room. Oh, how can I make room? Your light is too slight to hold back all my dark.

    By Taylor K URL on 03.29.2012

  38. I capture the castle. What castle? The castle in the clouds? In the sky? The one down the road where you have to pay £18 to visit? A sand castle? You’d need a beach for that, one with nice firm sand, and a few castle-shaped buckets. How about a jumping castle? They say that you can’t build castles in the air. Is this true?

    By Jan on 03.29.2012

  39. capture! :) like capturing an animal or capturing a moment. I captured a rat or something like that.

    By Victoria Maliunag on 03.29.2012

  40. He lured me into the trap for the capture but snap! It was a trap of my own and i emerged victorious.

    By Sam on 03.29.2012