March 28th, 2012 | 209 Entries

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209 Entries for “capture”

  1. My mind was lost to chasm of darkness. Every time I tried to fish it out, I felt myself slip deepen into it.

    By David URL on 03.29.2012

  2. The image of the woman eased into the room, held together pixel to pixel only by the desire of each pigment to find its mate. Slowly, though, dissolution came, and the room returned to inert.

    By BRC on 03.29.2012

  3. When I was younger collecting pokemon cards as the cool thing to do. Everyone in my class had them, but we didn’t really do anything with them. People would try to capture other people’s cards in games but that was really it.

    By ape224 URL on 03.29.2012

  4. One can capture many things

    By Nicholas on 03.29.2012

  5. I was captured in the moonlight. trying to run away from everything that i knew and loved. I thought escaping at night would be my best bet. but when you are running through an open field during a full moon, hiding is harder than i had expected.

    By Chris URL on 03.29.2012

  6. Camera, fishing rod, flag
    The turning wrist around the handle
    The stand a broken chair
    Without a word of warning
    It breaks to be free

    By gsk URL on 03.29.2012

  7. I was captured by the beauty of the world. I thought to myself, if i don’t frame it within the lenses that I carry in my hands it will only remain as a haunting melody to my mind’s eye.

    By Jamie on 03.29.2012

  8. I think about cameras before I think about the physical act of being captured. So I guess excitement before fear, like the moment when you see somehting youw ant to take a picture of. sopmething super cool, that if you do not capture it, you know it will be lost from memory.

    By Andrea on 03.29.2012

  9. photo photography candid random clear green not much else to say.

    By Allison on 03.29.2012