August 2nd, 2012 | 328 Entries

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328 Entries for “camera”

  1. it is to capture moment

    By Wahid on 08.03.2012

  2. Trying to determine the meaning of existence is like trying to take a photograph of the camera – it’s just not the point.

    By Terri McGhee URL on 08.03.2012

  3. The lens focused scope prime prism, visual whizz and whirr shuttered shuddering shut in trapped developing introverted vision.

    By reg kat on 08.03.2012

  4. i am afraid of it. i enjoy being behind it; like most. i have a camera. it isnt used nearly as often as it should be. i just now decided i will start using it more from now on. i will take it everywhere with me and take pictures of everything beautiful i see. it will be rare. but it will be beautiful.

    By lainie on 08.03.2012

  5. Cameras are basically the greatest things ever because they can capture all of your memories and happiness. Imagine smiling at something you see because it is just so powerful or stunning… Wanna remember it forever? Grab your camera fool! It’s the greatest amenity. So make sure you have a good one too!!!

    By Christina on 08.03.2012

  6. It was a camera that didn’t even work, but she carried it around everywhere. She thought that it would be the safest way to figure out what she really wanted to be, while everyone conveniently thought she was a photographer.

    By Sarah URL on 08.03.2012

  7. capturing light and movement sometimes distorting depending on your p-o-v
    the unmistakable click of the shutter makes all heads turn towards it

    By greer on 08.03.2012

  8. I pulled the camera from my backpack, and switched the mode to manual, adjusting the aperture as I went. Toby stood by the tree, striking a cheesy pose, awaiting the click that signaled his picture was taken. I didn’t take the picture. I kissed him instead.

    By Molly B on 08.03.2012

  9. I’d often wondered what I would sacrifice, just to experience immortality at her hands. She was a goddess of creation, terrible and wonderful; she was a sunbeam, turning the dust of the world into gold, and everything she gazed upon was transformed.
    She made it look so simple, so elegant… but I knew better. I had tried to imitate her magic once and the beauty had nearly killed me.
    And yet I knew, with absolute certainty, that she could take my broken bones and weave them into a masterpiece.
    It would only take a moment, and my soul would be forever illuminated.
    A smile turned the corners of her mouth ever so lightly, and she raised her camera once more, preparing to bring beauty into the world anew.

    By Jewel Lightraye URL on 08.03.2012

  10. One,two, three. SMILE! Ohno. Here am I, doing my silly pose infront of the camera. Why am I even smiling? It will make me look worse. For the sake of the flashy memories of my friend, all I can do is grin. :)

    By Madz Lukban URL on 08.03.2012

  11. Camera click. Camera switch. If I could invent a camera, I’d call it the mind’s eye lens of view. It would take shots of what I see in my mind, with all the thoughts and emotions that come with it. The zoom would be infinite.

    By robbiehadd URL on 08.03.2012

  12. to preserve a slice of life in time, to freeze the fabric of reality into a flat replica, to steal water into ice

    By meliora URL on 08.03.2012

  13. I look at her the a pin-hole viewer.
    She is beautiful.
    Standing there, dress blowing.
    I cant describe her beauty.

    By TheTrapped URL on 08.03.2012

  14. Captures the moment. Get ride, set, pose! The smiles, candid shots are always fun, where’s my camera the flash wait…. I’m not ready print lemme see the shot! Erase it. WOW look how I changed. OMG I used to wear that ALL the time. Do wanna miss this, GOTTA grab my camera. Oh, man wasn’t fast enouGh

    By Tammi on 08.03.2012

  15. Click! The shutter snapped closed, so fast, hundredths of a second, but it captured so much in so little time. Belle stood next to Jon, smiling, looking wan but cheerful; Jon was hugging him tight round the shoulders, his long fingers cupping the brittle edge of bone, an anchor.

    By Kris URL on 08.03.2012

  16. cameras. without them how much would we lose, what memories would we have to just remember.

    By bek on 08.03.2012

  17. Cameras capture all kinds of moments. Happy, sad, frustrated, anger, hatred, joy… but in every picture, it’s as real as it is projected. I love looking back at old pictures of myself as a child and noticing how miserable I looked, simply because the matter of fact, I probably was.

    By Hannah URL on 08.03.2012

  18. A camera is possibly the most holy thing ever to be created on earth. If there were no cameras, there would be no photography, and if there is no photography, my life would be over. Quite simply put it: cameras are awesome.

    By Hang URL on 08.03.2012

  19. What I like to use when I take pictures… I really REALLY need a new one,,, a better one, that would be great. But money is short at the moment and I have to use my OLD camera… that sucks BIG time… well I can still enjoy taking pitures.

    By Anne-Marie on 08.03.2012

  20. “I’ve got a secret miniature camera” were the words in a song in an old “80s movie, title and actors long gone, but soundtrack lingering in the soft clouds of nostalgia.

    By Ara URL on 08.03.2012

  21. I remembered the day we gave the camera to Dad. Father’s Day, 1976. We went on a picnic, a long hike down an old road in the woods, to a spot where the cold waters of a brook dashed over the round stones. We made a fire and cooked hot dogs, and had pepsi and ginger ale, and the air was full of the golden light of June, the sunlight turning the forest to shades of green amber and peridot.

    By Annie URL on 08.03.2012

  22. “smile”

    “no” the old man said / bitter tears seeping past his wrinkled lips “please / no”

    there were eyes rolling / and mouths pressing into thin lines of impatience / they adjusted the lights / and the room grew three times hotter

    sweat and tears dried as salt on the old man s skin

    “come on now” the lady behind the stand said “smile”

    “no” the old man said again / his voice like a croak and his bones crumbling with every shiver “i take it back / i don t want to live forever”

    “for the last time / mr gray” the lady preened


    By h. b. URL on 08.03.2012

  23. The camera fell to the floor, there was nothing to see but it shattered into pieces. How was I going to explain to my business partner that I’d lost the one shot that could have made us millions in revenue all because I was distracted by seeing him…a more than beautiful man, dressed in historic apparel. It was almost as if he wasn’t a part of this world or time. As if he’d stepped right out of history and on to Broad Street- or maybe right out of my dreams and into my reality….

    By Tina Glasneck URL on 08.03.2012

  24. it was funny. i looked through the pictures, and i was holding a camera in each one. i never hold a camera in real life, but in each picture, my camera was there hanging from my neck. sometimes black, sometimes red, sometimes disposable. in real life, i never have a camera.

    By Daniela URL on 08.03.2012

  25. Reminds me of the time in 8th grade when I brought a camera with me all the time. Now, I’m lucky to get a picture of me at school. Before I had friends, so I had a reason to bring a camera. for the memories. Hopefully that will change soon.. :( I can only hope.

    By R13 URL on 08.03.2012

  26. I’ve got more tired pictures than a disposable camera. Recollections float in my irises like memories of a past I never had and could never give you.

    By aria autumn URL on 08.03.2012

  27. I never have my camera on me each time I see something that I’d love to share with my loved ones. And when i try hard to take good pics, I fail badly.

    By Claudia Zanetti on 08.03.2012

  28. It captures any moment, any smile, any feeling, and has the ability to bring it back to you again at any moment in your life. Some could even say that it is magical, others say that it is practical.

    By Brynn on 08.03.2012

  29. So it captures a moment, but it doesn’t capture their thoughts.
    It doesn’t capture their emotions.
    It captures only what you see, and what you see is not what you get.
    Can the camera tell you that she’s all alone on the inside?
    Can it tell you that he’s unsure of everything?

    A camera?
    Use your own eyes and see the truth

    By el on 08.03.2012

  30. All through middle school I said I wanted to be a photographer, or a cook, or a performer. “Just all the arts. Culinary, Performance, Visual. Definitely an art, is what I want to do” but now looking back, I feel dumb. I wouldn’t like to do any of those. I have changed so much this year in high school it’s ridiculous. I am even striving to go to Princeton University.

    By Geena on 08.03.2012

  31. Not really interested in picture taking, nor being in front of the camera. No, you are not a photographer just because you use Instagram.

    By Diana URL on 08.03.2012

  32. “Geez could you cut that out for just a friggin’ second!?”
    “I’m not bothering you!”
    “Yes you are!”
    “I’m not even-”
    “Both of you! stop it!” The twins mom yelled, “Kevin, stop taking pictures of your sister, Cissy, be supportive of your brother.
    “Yeah Kevin!”
    “Yeah Cissy!” The twins chorused, glaring

    By ScarlettKitty on 08.03.2012

  33. Cameras can be used to take photographs of middle aged women in compromising positions. The best vantage points are obviously the classics – over the top of the changing room or toilet cubicle. The photographs taken with a CAMERA can then be used in a creative blog or kept for personal use in times of prolonged isolation. I’m lonely.

    By Rupert the Photography Bear on 08.03.2012

  34. camera oscura che avvolgi i pensieri, facendo emergere il colore agro-dolce di una istantanea in bianco e nero o a colori sbiaditi. è il volto sorridente di un’anima in pena, che sa quello che vuole. Emozione di passione, che penetra nell’epidermide, che occupa ogni interstizio libero di tessuto. Che scorre nel sangue e pulsa nei ventricoli. Passione, colore, ricordo, immagine. In una camera oscura che avvolge il pensiero.

    By maria on 08.03.2012

  35. The most amazing thing ever created. It has become my the soul of my life. It has given me a purpose, a reason. It’s like capturing the moment, the life itself and containing it forever. Its a storyteller, magician, a fairy. Its music.

    By vamma URL on 08.03.2012

  36. Cameras cameras everywhere. Lights flashing at me, squeezing my eyes shut I held on to the firm strong arm of my boyfriend,my rock and my best friend. As soon as we had left the courts and got into our car I felt the tears fall. Why me? Why did it have to be me?

    By Mary on 08.03.2012

  37. a wonderful thing to record the present and the past but no way to know the future!!!

    By maxchelur URL on 08.03.2012

  38. The most amazing thing ever created. It has become my the soul of my life. It has given me a purpose, a reason. It’s like capturing the moment, the life itself and containing it forever. Its a storyteller, a magician, a fairy. Its music. Its the wind that breathes in life into the frozen moments gone in the past. Its the light that illuminates what might be forgotten.

    By vamma URL on 08.03.2012

  39. Flash. The camera flashes as the lense flickers and we all shield our eyes. It’s blinding, capturing our distorted faces forever as we shy away from the light. A memory always.

    By Rebecca on 08.03.2012

  40. it takes pictures of your memories. everything is captured, whether you want it to be or not. a little electric eye, watching and documenting everything you so. thank god we don’t need our eyes anymore.

    By Karen on 08.03.2012