August 3rd, 2012 | 273 Entries

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273 Entries for “secret”

  1. she held it out, her eyes twinkling with mirth and something else at the secret it contained within.

    he was instantly suspicious.

    By aone on 08.04.2012

  2. a new one an old one a timely out of time one i cant remember what it was and it has changed i know that much and has been hidden in therapeutic attempts to find it

    By kathrin on 08.04.2012

  3. those eyes were dark, full of memory and something lost as they stared at him. an enigma wrapped in a secret curved those pink lips into a ghost of a smile. “you don’t know anything,” she said slowly, laughter and incredulity creeping into her voice.

    By aone on 08.04.2012

  4. here’s my secret: tonight i felt the aching of lust, and somewhere inside it, the first subtle stirrings of feeling i’ve thought long-dead in my body, love.

    By meliora URL on 08.04.2012

  5. you are the gold tooth
    strategically placed at the back of my mouth

    valuable, and useless
    no one will ever steal you, or covet you

    but at least you know
    that i wanted you, once upon a time

    By isa on 08.04.2012

  6. This world is crawling with secrets. They are all over. We breathe them. We eat them. Everything that we know was built on secrets. We can not speak everything we know. Anything can be a secret.

    By ajloopy URL on 08.04.2012

  7. Secrets are a terrible thing to keep, it’s true. But sometimes it’s the only thing that keeps you real. Having something of your own that no one else knows about can be salvation at times.

    By missright on 08.04.2012

  8. i don’t have many secrets. I don’t like when people are secretive or when people are hiding things. I wish everyone could be more open and honest in life. I wish life was more innocent.

    By Alicia Rose on 08.04.2012

  9. i didnt tell him about it before i got it taken care of it. i never will. dont tell anyone. its a secret. shh.

    By Ciara G on 08.04.2012

  10. People that have secrets are usually people that use them to make people feel like they are there best friends. secrets are sometimes a good thing to have but can be very bad if you are keping something bad a secret

    By Tristen Musselman on 08.04.2012

  11. Shhhhh. Secrets are best kept inside for a battle of the mind and the heart. Sometimes secrets carry such a dead weight that the urge to spill and splutter them to another soul can be extremely tempting, especially in drunken emotional slurs. Maybe i’m paranoid or maybe even selfish but… no one can know my secrets. Lock up and throw away the key.

    By Hannah on 08.04.2012

  12. There was a time that I thought secrets were something of a mystery, why would someone seek to keep them so close? But in reality they really are something that keeps life interesting. A secret helps you know who your friends are, and helps separate your identity from those around you.

    By Alexandra on 08.04.2012

  13. secrets are what kill us. The things people don’t know, that tell us things that could make other people suffer. I hate them, i hate the people spreading them.

    By mary on 08.04.2012

  14. Secrets are kept by everyone everywhere. There are so many things that only one person knows in the world. Every person has about a million secrets. Those are called personal experiences, which even the person, no matter how articulate, cannot even come close to explaining it to another. Explaining something one saw, heard, felt, or experienced cannot be shared with another unless the other person has a magical ability to go inside one’s mind and be that person.

    By Ann Treesa Joy on 08.04.2012

  15. I knew this was something I would take to my grave. Only I knew about it and I vowed it would stay that way. Some things are not meant for everyone. Sometimes the truth hurts. Some things are best kept, secret.

    By Aisha on 08.04.2012

  16. A secret, a secret never to be told. Never ever. I repeated this to myself as the tears slid slowly down my face, as I inwardly locked away my true feelings and memories about and with him.

    By Mary on 08.04.2012

  17. My secret. Hidden from the rest of the world. You may never find it. But you might. It is possible. But once you find it. I become nothing. My secret is about to become known. Don’t forget to follow the clues. I’ve said to much. I’ll see you on the flipside.

    By Gabbi URL on 08.04.2012

  18. He knew it wasn’t going to help, festering inside of him. But he couldn’t tell. The only thing worse than not telling her would be losing her. Or had he already?

    By Adam on 08.04.2012

  19. I love knowing secrets. Friends dont keep secrets, and secrets dont keep friends. I have a secret now but I dont know who to tell it to. Im becoming depressed about this secret of my. What do I do? Its a burden, mostly because its about a guy. Then is guy and me use to be best friends and then I was dating someone and he tried to steal me from them. And it worked, but then he put up a wall. And I want to be his best friend again, but he’s dating a whore and Im completely jealous of it. I told him we couldn’t even try to be friends anymore. And now I regret saying it. How do I get him back, at least as a friend

    By Morgan on 08.04.2012

  20. I’m not thinking I’m just writing. This is weird, but whatever its purpose is cool, i guess. It’s like flow of consciousness. How much re we supposed to write This feels like a diary. Today I cut my own bangs. I liked the feeling of having control over my hairdresser. Right now I’m talking to my Lithuanian friend!

    By Erin Scanlon on 08.04.2012

  21. I don’t have any. Well maybe some. From you, because you’re unstable. You scream and you rant while contradicting everything you’ve ever done. You’re not my mother, you’re not my care taker. Unable to cope you tightly constrict us with attempted control. at your best you talk and don’t pay attention so I can exhale

    By micheline on 08.04.2012

  22. secrets are life , without secrets there is no curiosity . and without curiosity there is no life ,

    By ram on 08.04.2012

  23. The world is full of secrets. People are buried beneath secrets, our true voices below those layers of words. Words change us and that is ugly beauty of them. Hearts are like chambers, complex and puzzling. Sometimes they are fragile. And secrets lie in the middle of them.

    By Maryam on 08.04.2012

  24. His lips were searching for secrets, and there were many to find. He devoured them all, left a shell behind.


    By Kiss My Freckle on 08.04.2012

  25. Secrets are amazing things. We keep them locked up in the confines of our minds, secretyly praying for someone to come along and ask us to share with them.

    By bri on 08.04.2012

  26. she was still, and would not look up at the audience before her. “what happened?” the reporters kept asking. She would not speak. Her lawyers tried to push her past the crowd. She hadn’t told her lawyers anything either. It was a secret, a secret she would keep till she was buried in her grave.

    By green11 on 08.04.2012

  27. I had kept his name trapped in the crevasses of my lips. No one needed to know who had sparked the little heartstrings. No one at all. I wasn’t sure of anything yet. I wasn’t infatuated. Still, I was hopeful.

    By Ruben URL on 08.04.2012

  28. The best secrets are the ones you only tell to one person. One marvelous person who is your confident and your everything. And they won’t judge you. They won’t leave you.

    By Alicia in the Sky on 08.04.2012

  29. they lie, they steal, they cheat, they hide behind corners all to run from the ears they should not hear, they should not know

    By Ela on 08.04.2012

  30. I don’t keep secrets! secrets annoy me sometimes. please don’t keep secrets from me. yeah. haha. um. yeah. secret secret secret. can you keep a secret? i don’t think anyone can nowadays….sucks but oh wells. i guess my biggest secret is myself.

    By crazygirl on 08.04.2012

  31. betrayal, life, protection from oneself or from others, a burden, Everything that creates who we are…

    By saika on 08.04.2012

  32. We all have secrets that we believe we have to keep. The truth, we say, may too unbearable for others to bear. Yet, Jesus said “The truth shall set you free.” Oh how our hearts have become conflicted.

    By Nic S. on 08.04.2012

  33. A few seagulls careened past my window, casting fluttering shadows across my perpetually catastrophic work desk. I sat alone on my bedsheets, rumpled from another restless nights sleep, and listened intently. I wasn’t quite sure why I was suddenly struck by the typical silence surrounding my life, as I usually put great effort into shifting my attention away from it. Still, I guess you can only go so long before the understated gravity of such things broadsides you.
    The sudden sound of birdwings was oddly comforting in light of those resurfacing thoughts, reminding me that benevolent life still existed outside of this lonely place I called home… outside and close enough to touch, which was more than I could say for the few other lives I treasured. I was at least close enough for the birds to seek solace in. As for my source of hope, well…
    I let out a sigh, trying to sound nonchalant about it, but the sudden ache in my ribs spited me, too sharp and real to stay hidden in there. For a moment I frustratedly considered running to the window and telling those damn seagulls about it, but that would’ve been criminally uncool. True, the puppets scattered around my lonely room had heard about this a hundred times before, but I didn’t feel like repeating myself, even for the sake of alleviating this recurring melancholy.
    See, shouting into the void wasn’t an issue. The ocean depths beyond these four walls couldn’t respond, and didn’t seem to care all that much anyway. The real problem was that I stored my secrets in my fingertips, and maybe I was secretly too used to this silence to risk forever shattering it, even if I’d never admit that, not even to the gulls.
    The problem was that you can only live under such pressure for so long, and I knew that my heart had already started to crack.
    What irony.
    Sometimes it really sucked to be the last man on earth.

    By Jewel Lightraye URL on 08.04.2012