August 2nd, 2012 | 328 Entries

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328 Entries for “camera”

  1. Abv. for Napoleon’s plan for world domination that he hooted through a hollow baguette at the battle of Trafalgar, “This is the beginning of the Camembert Era”. We all know how that ended

    By Nelson the One-eyed Daschund on 08.03.2012

  2. Hey. I haven’t been here in a while. Won’t you smile for me?

    Sleek lenses, cool black cases. Iris rings and pulling focus. I smile back at you from the hidden area between the place where the light and the clouds meet. That’s where your focus is, instead of on me.

    “But I loved you,” you said, but it’s too Negative, too Washed-Out for you to be able to do anything with me. If I were a bit of film, you would cut me out, cut me off. You would tango with me on the cutting room floor.

    I see things in your future that you can only see through a 35mm lens.

    By haywirehay URL on 08.03.2012

  3. I have more than ten disposable cameras lying around my old house. they’re all full of old pictures of my friends and I, with Girl Scout missions and who knows what else. My history lies in these cameras and yet I keep them stashed away. For what? For whom?

    By Melissa URL on 08.03.2012

  4. Oh god. I dont really know where my camera is. some months ago, I believed my camera was my most prized possession. I thought I’d do so much with it, and now I don’t even know where the damned thing IS. I always do this. Always.

    By Ranjini on 08.03.2012

  5. Click, flash write baby girl why think maybe some day we will be together, my camera is better than yours. I love to swim why do we do this to ourselves, Randomness is amazing, I love writing singing out loud dream out loud think big go big or go home. Why talk Why swear?

    By Leah URL on 08.03.2012

  6. i love pictures…..a camera can do so much. it can be different .colors and sizes i really love how a smile can really bring out a person in a picture. a camera can open a gate way of the world think about it… How else would we know what the world looked liked?

    By Angel Witcher on 08.03.2012

  7. I look into the light, hoping to shoot a decent photo. Instead, as I here the click of the shutter, the still subject contorts to a cross-eyed, clenched-toothhed monster.

    By Lisa Hunerlach on 08.03.2012

  8. Cameras capture small moments in a timespan. They create small pieces of truth that could not have been, without their artificial nature.

    By Gahr Dunn URL on 08.03.2012

  9. The time came when he had to take out his camera and take the most beautiful picture of his life. The sun was setting on the savana, trees stood still in the waving air, herds of animals were quietly drinking at the reddish pools. That was the most important moment of his life.

    By Giovanni on 08.03.2012

  10. I put it to my eye and everything vanishes. Take it away and there it is again. Hysterical blindness? I need this moment. I need to have it forever. We were standing there in the Andes and it will be what sets the vector of the rest of my life. What seemed a long drive may be more like a chip shot.

    By Bryan URL on 08.03.2012

  11. is a thing people use to treasure moments in their lives, happy, sad, and etc. but mostly happy moments

    By Paul URL on 08.03.2012

  12. always blurred with that stiff smile and awkward face except sometimes when tyou’re not looking at me when you’re not noticing and that’s when you come alive as i would like you to see yourself. love. you.

    By jay dehkey on 08.03.2012

  13. As soon as you take a picture, it is already old. We have high definition ghosts in this generation. Youtube videos of great thinkers, snapshots of disasters and astonishing achievements. All at our fingertips.

    By Alex Moran URL on 08.03.2012

  14. i like cameras i feel like a third grader writing a quick wirte or something i was gonna get a camera but instead im getting a tv for my birthday.this is fun are the 60 seconds over yet

    By sara on 08.03.2012

  15. Beauty, funny, love. I always have one with me. expression. way to my future
    part of me family art it’s incredible i want to get more cameras window soul opener camera eye.

    By Silvia on 08.03.2012

  16. A camera. A simple enough object, but strangely one of the most amazing inventions the world has had the privilege of experiencing. It has the power to capture the most awe inspiring images that the universe has to offer, and share it with the world.

    By Heather on 08.03.2012

  17. take a picture, save a soul.
    remember who you were.
    remember who you are.
    catch a smile, catch a tear
    catch a face of real fear.
    remember this way back when.

    By Stephanie Smith on 08.03.2012

  18. what I see through your eyes opens mine. It’s amazing that this is the word because you have been on my mind and in my searches for my new voice.

    By julia pitts on 08.03.2012

  19. I tilt the camera, and shuffle backwards, trying to make the angle right as my hand hovers over the button to take the shot. Is the camera angle straight? Will the sunlight affect it? I wait until the camera has adjusted and focussed on the image in front of me before I take the picture.
    Later that day I tweak it – only a little – just an enhancement of the colours, or to make it black and white. Plus, if I had enough money I’d have had photoshop by now….
    Now I’ve uploaded it. I may not get that much recognition for my amateur shots, but I’m happy with them.

    By bethisabee on 08.03.2012

  20. She looked at the camera without any doubt in her mind. She didn’t like the publicity but now she didn’t mind. It was her friend who was holding it and it was her friend who taking the picture. It was a picture of their memories together. It was a picture to signify that even though she was so famous, she would never forget her first first paparazzi, her first fan, her best friend.

    By Rawr means I love you URL on 08.03.2012

  21. I wish i had a camera, I could take pictures of things all the time. IT would be amazing! I could share my view of the world, and all the beauty I see with those who cannot share it with me. SO many place I could go, so many things I could see, and the memories – OH THE MEMORIES! I could keep them to share with those who follow, and say: This is what I saw when I was younger.

    By Madeline on 08.03.2012

  22. The camera was old, it had scuffs on the handle and lense so that the sun shimeered off it rather than shined. It looked battered and well used. Jake opened the back to remove the film carefully and supplanted the case in his pocket

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas on 08.03.2012

  23. The only thing left now was the camera, but they daren’t touch it. It was his prize posession – that which he held so dear to his heart. It would go everywhere with him, if any chance, he might be buried with it. But the time had come to clear out the old memories, dust off the canvas and let someone else start anew in the

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas on 08.03.2012

  24. The only way I can preserve the past is to use it in the future, does that make sense. The only way I can keep the past with me is to constantly remind myself of it. Somehow I prefer the idea that the past is within me, and that I have subconsciously learned from my mistakes already, that I wouldn’t have to try and recount the morals and lessons

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas on 08.03.2012

  25. The bird snatched away into the bright sky to join the undulating flock of starlings. He smiled with glee as the sun glinted off his big white teeth. He had never considered the fact that he might be happier watching than taking part, calmly observing the world go by rather than swaying in and pushing

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas on 08.03.2012

  26. camera obscura, someone get me a mirra’
    im lookin so gooood, somebody get me a camera!
    cha chink cha chink, damn im a god, look at this bod, its a wonderful flava’…

    By Frew on 08.03.2012

  27. She held the sheet to her bare breast. The photographers teeth shone brighter than the flash – garishly reflecting light – she could almost see her expressionless face in them. She sat back and changed positions as he climbed on all fours closer towards the bed ‘just getting the best view’ the worlds seeped from him like poisonous

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas on 08.03.2012

  28. It’s almost too quick, almost too slow. Eyelashes down and the cracked grin. Drilled holes upon her rosy cheeks.

    Immortalized in polaroid cages. She can never take it back.

    By elysia URL on 08.03.2012

  29. Camera please she said nonchalantly as she strutted around the bed to the mirror. The folie bergere hung off her like a discarded bra. She flicked her hair as she turned round to her audience, narrowly missing the bed poster. ‘Whaddya think’ she growled

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas on 08.03.2012

  30. With a camera, you see the world as it seems, not as it really exists.

    By Norman Cohen on 08.03.2012

  31. the lights shone like stars, and there she was, a star of her own shining through the trees. She didn’t feel at home here, she didn’t feel comfortable – it was something better. She felt new, she felt exciting, she felt like the place would stretch on forever and that noone she met could have the indecency to spoil her mood.

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas on 08.03.2012

  32. pictures, they dont lie unless you’re a liar. then i’d love to live with you to learn your trade. fix me up tonight because i feel like i might miss out on the whole universe as it turns and dives into space.

    By Justin on 08.03.2012

  33. the trouble with pictures is they can only be taken from one perspective, and there may be many more. memories are notoriously infallible, and cameras are no more reliable. every light casts an equivalent shadow.

    By meliora URL on 08.03.2012

  34. the first thing I picture in my head is an old film camera and some old hollywood actresses in front of it and it’s so pretty and wonderful I want to go to LA

    By elena stefanova on 08.03.2012

  35. one of the most amazing invention ever. All u have to do is click and the moment is capured with all its beauty. A time to remember, a moment to enjoy. Just think when after 30 years u look at it and see wat u did or how u looked

    By Pavan on 08.03.2012

  36. The Darkroom versus Adobe Lightroom: Ultimate Contest

    Adobe Lightroom: I am wonderful. I make photos into perfection in minutes. Digital cameras love me.

    Darkroom: It’s photographs not photos. Anyway, traditional methods with proper camera are ultimately far more satisfying and worthwhile anyway. I make results that may not be perfection but are natural reality. Plus, I’m cheaper.

    Adobe Lightroom has no reply and makes a dramatic exit vowing to return.

    By 5arahZ0ey on 08.03.2012

  37. He peers through his camera lense until he spots something worth capturing.
    A woman in the park, wearing a dress and tights and a coat and a winter hat.
    Carrying a starbucks cup and a book.
    He can see her breath in the air, and the faint blush on her cheeks from the cold.
    He snaps the shot just as she runs up the library steps.
    He keeps the picture in a drawer in his room, and he never forgets the girl.

    Twenty years later, they meet again.

    By Dulcie URL on 08.03.2012

  38. a way of looking at the world through a focused lens. its a reason to leave the house, and a disguise to get in peoples business. Without cameras the world would be a much more temporary place with feeting and varied memories. An invention which has truely changed the world and changed my personal life.

    By Tom Reas URL on 08.03.2012

  39. Moments captured, an eternity saved.

    By Jd on 08.03.2012

  40. I sat there, looking at the camera, facing the moonlit night. I remembered my father, who took pictures of the war with them. “Please father,” I cried. “Please stay alive for me.” I sat motionless, staring at the lens.

    By Alejandro Fredes on 08.03.2012