December 2nd, 2010 | 290 Entries

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290 Entries for “bunny”

  1. bunny always sounds slutty. like “oh, hi there bunny” would be said to a playboy girl. then again… it could be innocent I guess…

    By Emily on 12.02.2010

  2. bunny. bunny. bunny.
    it rhymes with honey, funny, money.
    money is time.
    time is money.
    money is funny.
    funny is john bishop.
    john bishop is scouse.
    scouse is from liverpool.
    liverpool is merseyside.
    merseyside is the side of the mersey.
    mersey is fish.
    bunny = fish.
    I think I’ve just deciphered the meaning to life.

    By Caitlin on 12.02.2010

  3. fuzzy
    long ears

    By Alexa on 12.02.2010

  4. you were everything to me. i dragged you everywhere by your ear, through dust and grass and carpets and baths. holding you was the only thing that would lull me to sleep. you caught my blood, sweat, and tears over the years.
    and now, you rest quietly in a drawer in my marriage bedroom.
    i have not forgotten you. you have not been replaced. you are but a silent reminder of my childlike innocence.

    By helen lindsay URL on 12.02.2010

  5. “Bunnies, Bunnies!” the kid shouting. his mother, brought up on literature answered “Now son, you sound like Lennie.”

    By Marthese Formosa URL on 12.02.2010

  6. She hates it when I call her that, says that it’s derogatory, that she’s not some stupid Playboy model. She lets me do it anyway, though, because she loves me – or because she knows that the other names I could come up with would be much worse than ‘bunny’.

    By Lucie URL on 12.02.2010

  7. Bunnies are cute and fluffy and when hunting them you should shoot them with a shotgun using #6 game shot. #8 target shot will only wound them and if you’ve ever heard a bunny scream it is not pretty.

    Alternately, playboy bunnies are fun to masturbate to. I prefer the Pac 10 Playboy edition.

    By Reagan on 12.02.2010

  8. A playboy bunny? Noo, that’s too… you know… ordinary.

    An eastern bunny? White, furry, soft? No.

    Two playboy bunnies? Absolutely.

    By Hank Moody URL on 12.02.2010

  9. Die Kaninchen haben große Ohren und große Zähne. Sie passen immer auf, damit ihnen nichts Böses zustößt. Füchse, Wölfe, Blitze oder andere Unglücke. Kaninchen fressen Gras und Kräuter. Sie sind Vegetarier. Vegetarisch ist gut. Nur manchmal, ganz selten ist ein Wurm oder ein Käfer an einem Blatt. Dann haben sie Proteine in der Mahlzeit.

    By Eli URL on 12.02.2010

  10. Bunny rabbits. Remind of you. Because you’d always find them cute. Bunny rabbits. I don’t need you. But you’re everywhere. In every drawing of ever book. Tiny cartoons. Silly jokes. Sunshines. Smiles. And it’s so hard to erase you.

    By Sophie URL on 12.02.2010

  11. Easter time. Pastels, tulips, the sunrise, and candies. My childhood. It is still in its prime, but rather distance. Ever since we kept fighting and I kept pushing.

    By katymiller on 12.02.2010

  12. Hops and hops and never stops. When it stops there’s no longer any use, there’s nothing to run from. But while its running there’s vibrance and intregue and life. So, Bunny runs until its safe, when it thinks its safe, until it returns to hopping and eating and living, Kept alive by its fear. Bunny Hops.

    By sarah walker on 12.02.2010

  13. I hate how when I smell something interesting or too different from the area around me, my nose twitches. Someone told me once it reminded them of a bunny. I don’t want to be a bunny, who’s ever herd of a Fae being something as silly as that? I mean, for goodness’ sakes, that’s just asinine. I’d rather be a bird.

    By Phee URL on 12.02.2010

  14. I used to steal bunnies from the zoo across the street from my house. They were kept in a dirt-floored cage with only a chain link fence surrounding them. My sister and I would dig a hole under the fence and coax them out. Then we would bring them home with the excuse that they had escaped and we had to keep them or they would surely die. I really don’t even like bunnies all that much but it seemed like fun at the time.

    By S Delp on 12.02.2010

  15. Oh, soft furry thing. With big ears and longish feet. Your hopping is admired. Your nose wiggles are adored. You represent new life and spring and all things hoppy. Bunny love is love of the soft, the silent and the bouncy.

    By CJ on 12.02.2010

  16. Happily hopping one beautiful day, little bunny Foo foo didn’t see it coming. Little did he know that he would soon be divided in two- a nice fur coat and dinner.

    By Grace Kimball on 12.02.2010

  17. i hate bunnies. stupid stupid bunnies. One time i cooked a pair of bunnies, and the creature i tried to give it to whined a bunch about it. He’s all I want fish instead. whaaaa whaaa whaaa. What we really need are a few good taters. What’s taters precious. stupid gollum.

    By Scott Millet on 12.02.2010

  18. When I was little, they used to sell bunnies at the school farm. They let you hold their soft, warm bodies and I always would beg my mother for one. My best friend was allowed to adopt two girls; at least they thought they were two girls. Turns out they can mate, twice, when they are a girl and a boy and not two girls.

    By eabodden URL on 12.02.2010

  19. The bunny ran through the forest at break neck pace, what was behind him? he didn’t know but he was certain that he didn’t like it. Where was he going and would he be safe when he got there? All of a sudden a loud crack and everything went black. The bunny was sure this wasn’t good, but then again most bunnies are pessimistic.

    By Blake on 12.02.2010

  20. He stood at a staggering 7 feet 5 inches tall, shoulders as broad as a small mountain, hands that could sweep a footpath woth one swipe. He was a big man indeed. He got the nickname Bunny for his two big front teeth that protruded through his upper lip.

    By fafine brown URL on 12.02.2010

  21. Hippity hop. Down the road he goes. Baby bunny, all fuzzy and new. He was borned just yesterday and already uses his tiny legs. What a spring in his step! Fluffy and brown. Fuzzy and a baby. Funny bunny. He hops to the left, he hops to the right.

    By Renee Baenen on 12.02.2010

  22. The bunny hops around on the grass, sneakily carrying easter eggs carefully stained with the swirls and dots of the holiday. Colourful.

    By Katherine URL on 12.02.2010

  23. A bunny is a little soft rabbit. Why did I say soft there? Why would a rabbit be hard? Anyway, bunnies are usually white. And they usually come at easter. When I say, they, I mean the Easter Bunny, singular. Bunnies eat carrots and live in holes in the ground. Now that I think about it I’m not sure Bunny is even the proper word for a young rabbit.

    By Niicks on 12.02.2010

  24. The soft bunny hurried down to path. where are you going was all i could think.I stop just to wonder what if the white rabbit was-magic, but thats just me. Always think about anything but what i should be thinking.

    By Castine on 12.02.2010

  25. He was chocolate and perfect; there were no imperfections. My mouth watered as the aroma from this friendly sweet tickled my nostrils. I had memories of Easters past, and my fondness of this timeless gift. I joyfully crunched his ears. How satisfying it was to chew them. I already anticipated this moment the next year.

    By Mary on 12.02.2010

  26. I really want a bunny hat for winter. Not a hat made of bunnies though, just one that looks like it. I was about to put a “D:” in there but then I remembered that I’m better than that. “I’m cringing for myself when I cringe for you-u..” And it must be in shades of red or blue.

    December 2nd, 2010. 6:36pm.

    By Christine URL on 12.02.2010

  27. I am so small, so white, my fur is like air, hardly anything beneath your fingers. i look up at you and you are enormous, you tower over me, I am in your shadow. I am afraid. I feel constantly afraid, wanting to escape, to run, to be free of this moment or this life or this world. I am running, my ears, my fur, the wind blowing past in a rush, and I want only to escape, a larger creature, a threat, or maybe just you. as long as I can escape, escape, escape.

    By somedays on 12.02.2010

  28. “Are you really going out in that?”
    “What’s wrong with this!?”
    “You look like a whore, first of all.”
    “What is that even supposed to mean, first of all. You never follow it up with a second of all.”
    “You want a second of all? Here. You look like a whore, and I want a divorce.”

    By Ian Rowe URL on 12.02.2010

  29. The little white bunny was hopping just hopping though the field. Like a little prefect picture with the flowers all around all I could do was stop and stare. It was almost magic. This pretty little bunny. I pulled my camera out and before it could hop away I captured the pretty perfect picture.

    By Castine URL on 12.02.2010

  30. why do I keep getting to word bunny? I don’t want to write about bunny’s/ I think that they are quite possibly the weirest of all pets, and I don’t understand why people want them as pets so bad. Whenever I see them I think of Alice in Wonderland. Which is in my bookbag. I would rather watch that then think about bunnies.

    By Brittni on 12.02.2010

  31. flffy they hop all around the world and multiply like crazy australians in vegas, i wonder why their feet are so lucky i wish i had a red one with a gold chain that i could rub whenever something was not going wirte. do they ever think about how lame easter is and egg hunting….i would hate if someone was trying to take my eggs away

    By Natalie on 12.02.2010

  32. There is no better time than right now. It’s there waiting for you. You should grab it, and eat it. Yes, you should.

    By Jar on 12.02.2010

  33. a little white bunny was hopping along & out of the sky came a beautiful, huge hawk. The hawk swooped down, the bunny ducked beneath a bush. The hawk circled, the bunny sat very still.

    By Liz Ohlinger on 12.02.2010

  34. hunting season.

    By AF Alfi URL on 12.02.2010

  35. buns like hamburgerrrrssssss and your buns in my hand cutie pie shoulnt you bbee smoochin me right now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By loo on 12.02.2010

  36. Hopping through the woods in search for food and avoiding hunters. It sniffs the air and bends its ears, ever alert to danger, ever ready to protect its brood. Then it hops quickly

    By raphael lazo on 12.02.2010

  37. I saw the little white bunny hop across the grass in the park. I sat and wondered: it didn’t have a watch, nor did it talk and scream about it’s tardiness… but I somewhat felt like Alice. Too curious for my own good. Or that creative guy with all the power is just high, like Lewis Carroll, and hasn’t a clue of what he’s writing. That the reason the world is so messed up is that he just insn’t truly coherent. Then I see the little girl running after the rabbit, screaming “Alfred, come back!” and i realize the world is full of good things after all.

    By garbs on 12.02.2010

  38. Soft, fluffy and warm. A little pink nose, and whiskers that twitch. Little eyes. So still. Waiting and listening with his long ears, pink on the inside and soft on the outside. Not even a whisper of sound. Bounding away with a quick kick of his back legs.

    By M. H. on 12.02.2010

  39. rabbit, white rabbit, hippity hoppity down the well we go. The well? The trail? Straight to to hell I say. That is the road that good intentions often leads. Oh hells bells. what would that sound like. Hmm.

    By Steven on 12.02.2010

  40. Pull one out of a hat, you’re amaz­ing.
    Put one into a hat, you’re cruel and unusual.
    That’s society.

    By anna zyj URL on 12.02.2010