December 1st, 2010 | 236 Entries

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236 Entries for “transport”

  1. will you transport my car you transport transport me i like to transport you hi i transport

    By chase curell URL on 12.02.2010

  2. When I think of the word transport, I think of running. I love to run and it is one of the best ways of transportation. Also, driving is a good way of transportation when you need to drive a far ways.

    By Amber URL on 12.02.2010

  3. i own a transport. i borroed a transport. we drive a transport. i rolled a transport

    By ikaika URL on 12.02.2010

  4. moving going places walking moving other places new place going places car moving truck

    By Remington URL on 12.02.2010

  5. trans port ing one’s emo tions to another is so much more harder than one would think. it hap pens so fast yet so slow. so fast because it is easy to know where the emo tions are going, but it is get ting there that makes trans port ing the emo tions harder. the best means of trans port is your eyes, arms, and of course heart… one would pre fer prob a bly a means of poetry or a song or a form of action, but by the time it needs to be trans ported, the ves sel has left it’s destination… (now that i have an account, i could post it under it… hahaha)

    By AF Alfi URL on 12.02.2010

  6. transport is a word
    it has sport in it
    transport has 9 letters
    it has a in it
    it has t in
    transport has trans in it

    By stephy URL on 12.02.2010

  7. transport means i dont know i foregot i havent heard yhat word for a long time now so yea i dnt know

    By asia URL on 12.02.2010

  8. i own a transport. i do not have a transport. we drive a transport. i rolled a transport. i want a transport. that transport movie was lame.

    By ikaika URL on 12.02.2010

  9. I wish that i could transport myself anywhere in the world. Just like… SNAP im there. It sounds like the word sport. I loves sports. Right now i want to transport to Hawaii or Jamaica or somewhere!

    By Jaycey URL on 12.02.2010

  10. transport, transportation, the act of moving something the where it was once not. placing something in a place where perhaps there was once nothing, transportation. M

    By Elyakim URL on 12.02.2010

  11. Trans ? what is a trans ? how do people even come up with these words anyways ? There is so many words that make me go like…. WHAT ? who made THAT up ? haha I bet it was lots of fun to come up with them. If I were to do that, I would call a banana a Shmigerwigger becasuse…. well…. I think it sounds cool and it is uber fun to say:D. Okay. Bye. I have 5 4 3 2 1.

    By Jasmine URL on 12.02.2010

  12. You could go some were really fast and you could go anywhere you wanted in a snap. You could go here to the other side of the world in 10 seconds. To bad that can’t really happen.

    By hi URL on 12.02.2010

  13. Planes can transport people and bags so that you can get to where you are going, faster. You can send packages through UPS Transport.

    By Ethan URL on 12.02.2010

  14. you can move aruond get a car to do that can walk can run can jog also can speed walk

    By Remington URL on 12.02.2010

  15. I have read a lot of books and seen a lot of movies that have time travel and or transporting. I wish that we, humans could have the technolegy to be able to transport, and it is crazy that someday we will! I hope i will be still alive when we do so that i can enjoy it!

    By A.Thurston URL on 12.02.2010

  16. you can transport people, transport with cars, motorcicles, trucks, airplanes, jets, helicopters, costs money to transport, most transporting veicles use gas, and you can use your legs to transport you.

    By Remington URL on 12.02.2010

  17. I am so happy that the airport got a new bag transport. This is going to be much faster than the old one. It will be faster so than we can’t get our time waster or miss our plan.

    By guadalupe.r URL on 12.02.2010

  18. At a station. Wondering where to go. South will give me warmth. North familiar faces. I could start something new? Or stay here. Here where there is family. Home, but where is the heart? I’ll go away.

    By Savannah Lee URL on 12.02.2010

  19. transport

    By Remington URL on 12.02.2010

  20. “The first transport is away. The first transport is away.”


    Public transportation isn’t what I thought it’d be by now, but, I think while it’s technologically disappointing and lacking in flash, it’s adequate.

    By Mel DuPont URL on 12.02.2010

  21. Forget what i said before trains can transport people and so can horses. I like trains better because they transport you faster and horses are slower compared to a train.

    By guadalupe.r URL on 12.02.2010

  22. transportation is great

    By gladis URL on 12.02.2010

  23. My favorite way of getting somewhere? Walking. Okay, that’s a complete lie but I wish it would be one of my favorite means of transport. Cause seriously, I can’t breathe. Then again I don’t have a car either.

    By VK on 12.02.2010

  24. I stood up; the transport below my feet was moving well over one hundred miles an hour. I felt like a ninja in my sneaking suit. Carefully I crept along the roof of the transport until I was sure my target lied below me.

    By Don URL on 12.02.2010

  25. I’ve transported myself to this page which has caused my procrastination to linger longer than it needs to if i don’t finish 20 pages of a script for my screenwriting class in 42 min then i shall fail. wonderful. Oh well I don’t know what else to write and the purple line at the bottom still has time. This timer thing really transports me.

    By Claire on 12.02.2010

  26. After the cargo was unloaded there was only one thing left to do, dispose of the witnesses.

    “I really hate this part.” he whined.

    “Should really rethink your line of work.” she said coldly. Pow, pow and it was done. “Not so hard.”

    By Ken Underwood URL on 12.02.2010

  27. I’m not sure if this is the way to go. I have packed my things and I have bought my ticket, but I don’t think moving away from you is going to change the way I feel. The love I felt for you was something strong, and just transporting my feeling away from this place is not going to make me love you any less.

    By Gigi Romano URL on 12.02.2010

  28. Henry was slightly amused as he saw his warm breath form a billow of smoke in the cold, night air. He smiled to himself and thought how affirming it was for him to be alive. Warm breath meant that he was still alive. And he needed that. He was desperate for that. And with that, he lifted the last crate into the U-Haul truck.

    By The Lemming on 12.02.2010

  29. Bill surprised himself when he smiled at the sight of his warm cloud of breath floating in the crisp morning air. Physically seeing his breath reminded him that he was alive. He need that. He craved that. For a split second he felt a fleeting speck of happiness as he loaded the last crate into the U-Haul van.

    By The Lemming URL on 12.02.2010

  30. Transport me to somewhere else. Get me out of here, out of this mess, out of this facade of a life I’ve made for myself. Transport me somewhere I can be cared for, with people who aren’t so self-involved, so self-righteous and so self-important. Transport me anywhere but here.

    By Cory on 12.02.2010

  31. transport is a gud topic though ….it consits of various vehicles on which people travel 4m one place to another…thre r soo many vehicles which are being developed in our country.vehicles are of different names .dese include cars lorrys bikes..etc!now comming to da names of it …we hAVE INDIGO MEXICAN SWIFT DESIRE ETC ETC..MANY VILLAGES ARE NOT HAVING a good facilty of transport that is why they are being made their day wasted

    By sahana URL on 12.02.2010

  32. It is remarkable that information can transport so quickly and efficiently. I have been using Drop-box for a few months now and the results are astonishing! Productivity is way up.

    By Keva Dodd URL on 12.02.2010

  33. that would have to be something everyone does cause I transport people back and forth from work along with the things in my car! I mean people transport there car from one place to the next don’t they?

    By becky on 12.02.2010

  34. I was put on a giant evil bus that could eat victims and poop them out all over the carpet. It was a small bus and I, I was a midget. Oh no! Migit bus droppings all over the carpet. The cat has a competitor. It would transport midgets all over the living room. And it would eat them too!

    By Carl Duff on 12.02.2010

  35. I need to transport the food to the venue before it gets cold. If I could just find my keys…I’m looking. Bill, can I take your car? Never mind, I found them.

    By M Walker on 12.02.2010

  36. The suitcase was not buckled properly, but there was no time to fix it. The two men ran as fast as they could, eating the pain that their business shoes were feeding them. The documents had to make it onto the plane, or else their careers would not be the only things at risk.

    By Robert URL on 12.02.2010