December 3rd, 2010 | 198 Entries

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198 Entries for “practical”

  1. puppies, aren’t exactly practical. in fact they’re kind of tactical.
    you are wise my young son, this is a statement for the ages.
    what the fuck am I talking about…

    By Hunta on 12.04.2010

  2. nothing is practical, not even life. there is no practicality in living. to live is to fight the fates, to fight the sign of the heavens and skies. don’t be afraid. we are still young.

    By alphabetown URL on 12.04.2010

  3. You see, but you don’t buy, even if you have money, you’d rather use it for something else, but on second thought, you buy anyway. Done.

    By Muccii on 12.04.2010

  4. Everything he did was practical. He put his salt, sugar, his flour into practical stack-able Tupperware boxes, which were neatly lined in his cupboard to be easily access for unplanned baking orgies. (Not that he could afford to eat cake. Even thinking of cake was taboo for figure skaters.) He organized his closed by color and then by designer, alphabetically, to ensure he always found what he needed to look dashing for spontaneous dates. (Not that he had time for dates. His life was an unalterable series of get up, skate, lunch – or coffee for lunch, skate, off-ice conditioning, a light dinner, sleep.) He was practical in everything he did – but practically useless when it came to living the real life he suddenly had to face when he broke his hip and skating no longer defined everything he was.

    By Lucie URL on 12.04.2010

  5. it’s always good to be practical, most would day. practicality equals fruition. however, many would argue that the practical and the logical serves to box you into life. that something that which is more practical will lead to a better life that is free and compelling, and is that which will allow you to truly live.

    By Emma on 12.04.2010

  6. I think I’m practical but is that practical?

    By Graeme Gee on 12.04.2010

  7. In a sad boring way, the promising writer threw his writing prowess away to make an honest stand; the days of writing fiction were over. He was resigned to talking about books he wished he had written.

    By deaconblack URL on 12.04.2010

  8. loyal , reasonable, logical well its even more than that non fictional, no fairy tales no drama experienced no illusions

    By tamara on 12.04.2010

  9. This is the same word I wrote about a few seconds ago and then Ii lost everything because of a shoddy browser. Now, precisely because I’ve never practised anything like this I’m finding it highly impractical to ramble away such nonsense :(

    By Chri on 12.04.2010

  10. Now, lets be practical about this. I’m serious. No I’m not. I’m lying. to tell the truth i don’t care. which is not practical at all is it? or, in some twisted manifestation is it the very definition of practical? no strings attached. but its not though because practicality involves livability, which i don’t seem to have completely nailed. Also, Its not practical to talk to myself. but i am, arent I?

    By yzzy on 12.04.2010

  11. for all your talk that god isn’t real,that marriage is a sham,that i should live adventuriously and colour outside the lines,you are the practical one.if i came to visit you today,i wouldn’t get so much as a kiss,let alone make love to you oe you go down on me or me are are puritian to the are a little girl wishing for her knight in shiny armor to come golloping into town to save you..what a princess you have become

    By i bet you think this song is about you on 12.04.2010

  12. There is no practical way to bathe a cat because no matter which method you employ, neither you nor the cat will end up unscathed. Mostly you! Soothing words are met with low growls in the throat, and strong arms are not enough to hold said cat in place. Be prepared ahead of time for deep scratches and bleeding, and feline looks that could kill!However, it has been my experience that all is forgiven when the cat is good and ready, but don’t expect him/her to fall for your lame ploys next time. Every time the tap runs, the cat will hide out. With just cause, I might add.

    By Ruth Knox on 12.04.2010

  13. Alright so here it is, i dont believe in religion.But I do believe in astrological personalities. Which my friend Christian calls just as relevant as religion. That being Relevant but not. THis word stands out to me as I am a Capricorn, and we are all described as practical and cautious and i feel like i am the antithesis of all of these things, and it tears me apart at night, this dichotomy. I cannot sleep often, and underneath this cold, collected exterior is a raging inferno the people do not recognize, i wake up a different person every morning.

    By undeadgoldfish URL on 12.04.2010

  14. It`s so practical buy a racket if you want join up in a tennis club.
    doing something practical is doing something that is useful in any way.

    By Araceli on 12.04.2010

  15. Practicality makes sense from everyones perspective dosn’t it? i mean without practicality, the world wouldnt work! A practical man is more sought after than a non-practical man, at least in theory, and objects that are practical are infinitiley more useful than non-practical items! But then, why is it, that practicality is boring? why do we shy away from the practical and embrace the non practical? Could it be that deep down, in the very core of our beings, we are simply impractical beings trapped in a practical world, trying to escape and live our wildest fantasies?

    By Codee URL on 12.04.2010

  16. There is an obsession about doing function things instead of doing what you really want to do. Who cares about being functional – wait the cares, even depends on it. Those wannabe individual should just do what they gotta do instead of worrying about being different.

    By Ed on 12.04.2010

  17. I like having a practical outlook in life. Being logical helps keep things simple and on track but isn’t that much fun. It’s rare when I run out and buy a new red dress and heels for a night on the town. What a pity!

    By peaceable URL on 12.04.2010

  18. Her practical black skirt that went just beyond her knees looked like it was strangling her legs, the slit nowhere near wide enough for her to take a reasonably size step. I suspected she was beginning to regret the pumps as well – far from practical in their six-inch glory – as she walked the 47 blocks to her office.

    By Hyperbole URL on 12.04.2010

  19. i don’t believe in religion.i believe that the stars chart my course.have you ever read ,the iliad?it is so much easier making sense of things if the gods are just as crazy as us.not practical,but easier to swallow

    By a false terl on 12.04.2010

  20. I think nothing in life is as practical as day to day work, have know idea what to write.

    By bethsheba URL on 12.04.2010

  21. if i ever did anything was practical, i would be a lot more along in my life. there would be less spilling and more turning things in on time. Less running around like a chicken with its head cut off, and more walking gracefully like a grown up woman.
    But I think that would just be too boring and not very magical at all.

    By weetz on 12.04.2010

  22. The fact of the matter was that she understood why people hated her. She’d prided herself for years on being the only agent with enough capability and common sense to end the problem before it got out of hand. Her defense in murdering twelve superpowered children: It was the only practical solution.

    By Soccrates. on 12.04.2010

  23. This is me. Indeed I miss out of some craziness. However, it was been key to happiness in my life.

    By Scott URL on 12.04.2010

  24. Practical. Practically nothing. Practice makes perfect. I’m practical, pragmatic. Like a practical pragmatism machine. I make practice I make perfect I make pramagmamapracti-malfunctionMALFUNCTION!

    By Pandy Fackler URL on 12.04.2010

  25. Tattoos aren’t very practical to get. I understand that. Sometimes, they can limit your opportunities. But inked skin is so pretty, and I love drawing on people. If they get me a tattoo gun….can I be responsible enough to create living art?

    By blakkhawkk on 12.04.2010

  26. I don’t really think that being practical is easy because one’s feelings constantly get in the way of being truly practical. The difference between following your head and heart, I guess. I don’t really have that much to say. BE PRACTICAL KIDS!!!!
    But not too practical as that’s boring.
    Very boring.

    By Camilla on 12.04.2010

  27. i’ve already written about this…. why isn’t there another word? fine. i’ll write about it again.


    woops, times done.

    By Sunanda URL on 12.04.2010

  28. Pratical is that to be sensebel or simple non adventures. Do people who think they are pratical do spontanues things are do they think through things too much to do stuff like that. I think it much better to be sponatnues than pratical.

    By Ashli on 12.04.2010

  29. Practicality is nice, but not very practical… does that make sense? Practial is nothing more than something we created for ourselves, because we do impratical things. But since we know both terms and since the impractical things can sometimes be practical, are they the same thing after all?

    By Alexis on 12.04.2010

  30. It scares me. The little piece of paper, summoning up all the impracticality of her. Which is funny, since he just served a summons. Handed it over and walked away. Does it affect him? Does it mean anything to him to show my family’s debt? It scares me, that’s what it does to me. But what about him?

    By Andelia URL on 12.04.2010

  31. pencils are more practical than pens. every one makes mistakes, so why write something so permanent? its nice to have a little wiggle room when it comes to writing. perhaps you were distracted and wrote the wrong word. just use the practical approach and use a pencil instead of worrying about scratching out the ink!

    By Miranda Lindvall on 12.04.2010

  32. You have to drink coffee to wake up. You have to play football to show your true colors. You need to be able to do your math homework. You really want that new shirt but food in the fridge is probably better. I really dont know how to be praCTICAL.

    By zack Howe on 12.04.2010

  33. when i think of the word pratical i have nothing to really say about it . practical i s a word that means, consisiting of, involving, or resulting from practice or action. to use it in a sentences is nothing comes up in my head

    By nubia on 12.04.2010

  34. She was always practical. Her eyes hidden behind protective screens, her glasses. She was that one, practical jogger who always either stumbled upon a body or was one. She hated jogging in the morning because of that typical stereotype. But it was stuck in her routine. So, on Tuesday, she tied her blond hair back into a ponytail, like always, and put on her sweatshirt and sweatpants, got a small rhythum going and ran to the park.

    She never thought he’d do it in broad daylight.

    He was a sick man, who crossed with society. He had been recently released on parole. True to his word, he wasn’t planning on another kill. But, people outside his window, harassing him, causing him anguish, trying to make him move. It nearly caused him to go insane. So many things happened at once. He was doing his duty, picking up trash on the side of the road, and then he saw her. So slender, so pale. She was like a white rabbit taunting the snake from outside it’s cage. He just couldn’t control himself.

    Now he was shoveling dirt in his backyard, in the waning night. Once her grave was complete, he took one last look at her lifeless face. A look of surprise was spread across it. His M.O. was in the dead of night, but M.O.’s can change, on occaision. He removed her glasses, those practical ones. And stuffed them in his pocket. He dumped her body in the ditch with hasted care, for he respected her, a safe life was all he really wanted. But he was still paying the consequence of his previous actions.

    After he shoveled the remaining dirt on top of her body he took his calling card out from inside. Seeds. Once they grew, they would be beautiful white roses. He still repected her, and wanted her to forgive him. For, in his mind he had no choice. Once he planted the seeds, he went inside and placed the glasses under his bed. It wasn’t practical, but then again, that wasn’t his nature.

    By Sarah on 12.04.2010

  35. Staying up past sunrise wasn’t practical, but I had to. I had to see. I had to know. I had to see the werewolf turn back into a man so that I would know who it was. Then, armed with this knowledge, I would visit him some night when the moon isn’t quite so full. Then we’ll see who bests whom.

    By Doug McIntire URL on 12.04.2010

  36. Practical. What is pratical? I think sushi is practical – well, not really, but it is incrediblely tasty. What is practical is boots.Winter boots, it keeps your feet warm in the winter.

    By Ida. on 12.04.2010

  37. Jeez. What is practical. It’s me believing that God is what I am and what our Earth and Universe is. It is not what religion teaches. It is practical to understand life, science, and desires.

    By Amanda on 12.04.2010

  38. i used to be such a practical person, doing the “right” thing. now i find that i’m practically always doing the things that feel right in my heart and that seems better.

    By gdcb on 12.04.2010