March 8th, 2012 | 447 Entries

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447 Entries for “brunch”

  1. having brunch with aunt Martha is always a nightmare. Apart from her dirty look and big eyes , there is something in her smile that causes my stomach to revolt. Today’s brunch was not much different that yesterdays or the day before, but there ways something in her smiles that perhaps sets the difference

    By lolita on 03.08.2012

  2. The ladies who brunch song from the musical ‘broadway’ talks about how the lady wants to be richer but she’ s drunk sounding and sad I just saw whiskey comercial with johnny depp cartier is the watch ad that i just saw. there’s something else with a cheetah and nothing left to say there were rubies which means the story was well developed because they represent decadence in the gatzby characters.

    By Diane on 03.08.2012

  3. *ding dong* as i walked into her house we knew this was going to be a fun night.
    3:30 AM
    OH MY. have we really been playing pacman for this long ?!
    yes. !!! we should really go to bed. We cant fall asleep at the brunch later.
    yeah your right.
    7:30 AM
    *mom comes down stairs* oh good your up! lets get ready to go to brunch now
    once we finish our game!

    By Annie URL on 03.08.2012

  4. They sat down, first time in 3 years.
    “Have you eaten anything today?”
    A rueful smiled appeared at the older mans lips. “Alright. How about we grab brunch and talk about what you’ve been doing for three years.”
    “Sounds perfect.”

    By Grace URL on 03.08.2012

  5. Times with family. Loved ones, inexplicable closeness. Fattening indulgent pancakes dripping with syrup and bacon pilled high… Brunch.

    By ufhfshf on 03.08.2012

  6. Her hair was curly and golden, her dress pale pink with roses. Her gloves white and crisp, but that didn’t matter. They all knew she didn’t belong at this brunch, with her New York accent and her lack of “southern charm”.

    By Quotes? Yes. URL on 03.08.2012

  7. brunch: it reminds me of the word crunch. I never have brunch, mostly because I sleep for a very long time. brunch sounds very fancy, I don’t know why. what is the point of it anyway? but if I was going to eat brunch, I would want Bobby Flay to cook for me. That sounds good, ok.

    By Maddy URL on 03.08.2012

  8. when i think about brunch i think about sex and the city. no matter what i always want to keep in contact with my girls and have brunch.

    By michaele on 03.08.2012

  9. brunch is awesome. 2 meals in one. you can sleep til 12 o’ clock noon and still have lunch and breakfast:) i always do this but my parents are like nooooooo. o wells i still eat brunch anyways.

    By Roooonnniie URL on 03.08.2012

  10. I really enjoy going to brunch. There are so many foods that you can eat. For example, you can eat breakfast foods like eggs, pancakes, and fruit or you can eat a bit hearty food like steak and potatoes. I go to the Knotty Pine for brunch on Sundays with my grandma and she really enjoys spending time with me. I think that spending time with people is important. I love brunch.

    By Megan Amundson on 03.08.2012

  11. I don’t get brunch. It’s breakfast and lunch put together. Only the rule is that you have to have breakfast. There’s no lunch involved at all. I get it’s the in between of breakfast and lunch based on time, but it set terrible expectations. It’s just a recipe for broken hearts.

    By Cristian URL on 03.08.2012

  12. Brunch is the time of day before breakfast and lunch. Its wonderful, cause you can eat whatever you want to. It’s a time you can spend with anyone and everyone and just enjoy yourself and be happy.:) plus there’s food.. which is always great.

    By bella. URL on 03.08.2012

  13. Breakfast and lunch. When I usually eat Breakfast because I wake up at 11am and get ready by 12pm. its my favorite foods though because I love breakfast but can never wake up early enough to get it.

    By emily on 03.08.2012

  14. I love having brunch. It reminds me of being a kid and waking up at 11 and then wandering around the house waiting for the yummy food to arrive. Waking up to the smell of coffee and cooking bacon. My absolute favourite… And orange juice of course.

    By Tracie on 03.08.2012

  15. let’s go have brunch tomorrow???
    will you come??? i will love for you to come.. we could eat croissantas and drink mismosas… … i liek mimosas
    who doesn’t??? the bubbly you gotta love it

    By carolina on 03.08.2012

  16. It wasn’t even Sunday…for God’s sake, if you are going to ask people to breakfast at 8:00 am on a Wednesday, what right do you think you have to call it brunch? Heaven help me, I am going to throttle my Mother in Law before this is over.

    By Beth URL on 03.08.2012

  17. I am not really sure if I like brunch all that much. To me I feel like saying… let’s just decide to either eat BREAKFAST or LUNCH. I don’t really like the “in between”. Living life in the “in between” can get confusing.

    By Kailey URL on 03.08.2012

  18. Brunch. A combination of breakfast an lunch. I’ve only had brunch a few times, and they were quite a while ago, so I dont remember them very much. Regardless, A brunch is an efficient way to get both meals out of the way at once.

    By Matt URL on 03.08.2012

  19. Lunch and breakfast. After church. Tea. French. Eggs and toast and sleeping in. School and pizza and pancakes all together. Brunch is the best meal to eat in the school cafeteria. You can sleep in or go to church and get back to a feast!

    By Samantha on 03.08.2012

  20. The eggs and toast and tea were arranged delicately upon the white lace table cloth. She was returning to her seat with a bowl of brightly colored fruit– pink watermelon, pale yellow pineapple, and vibrant orange cantaloupe. She was to graduate that day.

    By Kate312 URL on 03.08.2012

  21. I haven’t been to a brunch since I was ten years old. Reminds me of family and distant relatives, when the hell else does brunch happen?

    By rick james on 03.08.2012

  22. Brunch is a mixture of breakfast and lunch. When I think of brunch, I think of having a gross salad at my Grandma’s house after church. I also think of my dad acting like he doesn’t care and doesn’t want to be there. Brunch isn’t healthy to have every day because you should have three full meals a day.

    By Sophie on 03.08.2012

  23. “Brunch?”

    “Of course, my dear. The Regal?”

    “I do love their salads.”

    “Hmm. How was Amanda?”

    “All right. She does need to have some training, but otherwise better than the previous 12 applicants.”

    By just URL on 03.08.2012

  24. I like brunch with some friends. Sometimes you don’t even need friends to make up a good brunch. Sometimes you just need a fork and some ambition. When the time calls, you will know what to do with that fork. I like to sit and tell the waitress to bring me something extraordinary for brunch, but not to tell me, for that would ruin the fun.

    By zach on 03.08.2012

  25. Brunch is the best meal of the day. If you wake up really early and grab a small breakfast you can have more delicious breakfast before 11 am when it ends! Plus on the weekends the best and more entertaining time to see friends is brunch, you can hang out in the afternoon because you just ate the most delicious meal!!

    By Lisa Henry URL on 03.08.2012

  26. I saw the overly extravagant social gathering the other day on Gossip Girl. I made it hate brunch and everything it stands for. It reminds of the people that are too lazy to get up for breakfast and the people that are too impatient to wait for lunch.

    By Yep on 03.08.2012

  27. Brunch is amazing…when i think of brunch i think of a really short day at school were i have to stuff my mouth really quick. i really love it because i know right after i will be doing something fun with my girlfriends.

    By Janness URL on 03.08.2012

  28. brunch was magnificent! We sat with the sun to our backs while the wind blew gently across the paper napkins and the feast was being prepared.

    Sonia was upset, things have been quite hectic for her this past month.

    By MJ URL on 03.08.2012

  29. I was going out for brunch with my family because I felt it was time for them to understand what was happening in my life. I was always afraid to ask for help, it was always considered a weakness in my eyes if I was unsuccessful in being resourceful alone. Yet I came to the notion that it’s okay to ask for help, because their guidance will build my strength.

    By nikki on 03.08.2012

  30. i had brunch like almost 5 years ago and i fucking hated it it tasted like absolute hell and i wanted to leave immediately well maybe it was because i was in a bad mood and brunch is for people that are stuck up

    By wendy on 03.08.2012

  31. Gerome had spent Saturday drinking, forgetting that he had made these brunch plans with his sister the next morning. He traced the rim of his coffee mug as waves of a vague depression spun around his head like the rings of Saturn.

    By jupiter URL on 03.08.2012

  32. Brunch is a mix. A mix of breakfast and lunch. You can sleep in and get the best of both worlds. Two meals in one. Yum, Yum, Yum. Brunch.

    By JB on 03.08.2012

  33. mum invited me over, last minute. she said she had something to tell me, over a quick brunch. not quite sure what it was that she had planned, but i knew it couldn’t be good. meals with mum never ended in smiles. i braced myself and packed up the car.

    By kailey on 03.08.2012

  34. Brunch is such a festive word. It brings to mind leisure and sunny days and good food. Of course, I never have brunch. I always eat and early morning breakfast and then lunch. I never have fancy breakfasts and I don’t really like really sweet things in the morning. They always have desserts at brunch.

    By Sebtown URL on 03.08.2012

  35. Ive never went out to brunch. My parents hate going out to eat and I’m too lazy to get up with my friends for brunch. Plus I’m too stingy to spend my money on brunch. Thats like $20 I could be spending on beer or vodka! hahahaha im an alcoholic. Oh well, YOLO! ;D lol yeah..

    By Brooke on 03.08.2012

  36. Keiyro went to brunch one day when she was hungry. Sadly for her however, Caitlin was sitting at her favorite table. Feeling an angry rampage coming on, she settled for a different table. She aggressively whipped out her cellphone and called up her camel trainer in Ethiopia. In her native tongue, Arabic, she told him a story about the whore who was currently sitting at her favorite table. The story was that she had caught the whore writing around like a snake on the floor outside of her room, whispering “I love you Keiyro, your beauty burns my retinas.” “I am not a fucking snake,” hissed Keiyro in English and her eyes glowed red. The cafeteria was quickly evacuated.

    By Cairo Nissay on 03.08.2012

  37. what kind a word is brunch? thats way to fancy of a word. this is a little disappointing. i was hoping to get a more suitable word for today but i guess ill have to settle for this one.

    By Kyle Williams URL on 03.08.2012

  38. Eating brunch by the sea, all alone this time. Same table, as always, the one with two mismatched chairs. The sight of the beach from here was beautiful, white sand covered in colorful dots of people, deep clear blue water gently caressing the shore like a lover. If only you were still alive, because without you my fries are damp and stale, the soda is bland, and all the colors fade to multiple shades of gray.

    By Solanaceae URL on 03.08.2012

  39. We met for brunch. “So,” he said biting into a croissant. “Are you seeing anyone these days?” I looked around the restaurant so that I wouldn’t have to meet his eyes. “You lost the right to ask me that a long time ago Jackson.” I said, my tone as hard as my eyes.

    By april93 URL on 03.08.2012

  40. Summer days. Staying up late and waking up late. When you wake up, it’s happy and sunny and a perfect way to start your day is a nummy brunch.

    By Audra Benish URL on 03.08.2012