June 12th, 2012 | 370 Entries

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370 Entries for “brief”

  1. this will be short a culmination of everything I have achieved, without your aid. Even now. Do you know my name? It is not the one you think it is

    By Constie on 06.13.2012

  2. “This won’t take long, just a minute. I will try and be brief. It is the end. We will not be seeing each other again and that is not up for debate.” She turned away when she had finished speaking and walked away.

    “That was only thirty seconds,” he shouted after her. “You owe me the rest of that minute and I won’t forget.” She did not look back and no one was smiling.

    By Meredyth URL on 06.13.2012

  3. There was a brief silence after I said those three words to him. A silence in which my heart beat so fast I was sure it was audible and liable to jump out of my chest. I was so terrified in that brief silence of being nothing but rejected.

    By Ireland URL on 06.13.2012

  4. it’s a short story or a pair of pants but it can also be a case but not a case of whether or not the matter in hand is long as it’s always fairly abrupt. Sometimes it can be a way of describing the task at hand but mainly it makes me think of curtailed ramblings.

    By Aidan on 06.13.2012

  5. Brief wind has gone through her hair. “Oh” she said. I got an idea. Maybe next time I’ll be more specific. It’s going to be a long summer.

    By Aleksandra on 06.13.2012

  6. He was high, high on alcohol, happiness, and music to make him sway with joy, right then when nothing else existed for him but himself and the bliss of being. For a brief moment when his trance broke, he looked around trying to figure what had disrupted him, and he saw her, their eyes met, and then she was lost in the crowd. He shook his head, laughed for the world did this to him all the time, and started to dance again.

    By unkitjc URL on 06.13.2012

  7. Brief. Or boxers? Or a short article, or a short interaction involving information. Like special agents, are you one?

    By Natalie URL on 06.13.2012

  8. For a brief moment, I knew, what type of a person he was. I was afraid not because I was shy but because I didn’t want to ruin the impression of him and the person I thought him to be. When he opened his mouth and spoke a few words, I think I already knew he wasn’t the person I wanted him to be. So I gave up searching for someone like that. I’ll never accept him for who he was, so that’s the end of the love I thought was real.

    By Zeoru on 06.13.2012

  9. ne yapacaksan yap, sana güvenmeseler de sen güven.
    sevdiğin olsun sevmepdiğin olsun, güven ki mutlu olabilir. eğer bunu yaptamazsan mutlu olamayacaksın, eğer yaparsan belki hayal kırıklığı olacak ama mutlu olacaksın. sadece dene,sadece sebepsizce ve içtenlikle güven

    By elif on 06.13.2012

  10. “No.” I yelled, reaching for another glass “I’m not going to have your child.”


    “No. And that’s final.” The quiet burn of the alcohol down my throat was a quick respite from the incoming questions.

    By Melissa on 06.13.2012

  11. A flash of summer brilliance.

    Lighting up the moody night sky.

    Clouds swarm, unleashing their might upon the few poor souls that just happened to be there. Boom. The thunder roars, echoing across the empty plain. The winds race across the tundra, kicking up duststorms in their wake.

    The sky lights up once more, before fading into the swirling and overhanging silence that follows the storm.

    By Melissa on 06.13.2012

  12. We had a brief talk about what you wanted
    Brief like in run down
    A list of sorts of necessities normalcies testimonies
    But how can you make this brief brief?

    By Lauren on 06.13.2012

  13. breathes, breathing in an instant the simplest thing you do, the most involuntary movements of diaphragm, lungs, blood and heart can cease to keep you alive if you stop breathing. I wonder if you can voluntarily hold your breathe until you die.

    By Bethany Waller on 06.13.2012

  14. This is a brief statement. This statement will not be long what-so-ever. Please do not expect much from this brief, yet important statement. Shortly you will know the meaning behind this message.

    By Bill on 06.13.2012

  15. This will never last. He will break my heart and that’s the end of that. It will only be for a week anyway so no one falls in love that fast.

    By Casey Toulane on 06.13.2012

  16. let’s make this brief, it’s for the both of us. I just want it to be over, to be done. Stop it. I’m tired. Don’t do this.
    Be brief and move on to your life and your hopes and you lust and your stink and your beer and you couch. im done.

    By Matana URL on 06.13.2012

  17. The law, in brief,
    she said, and diposited a book of
    the same title on my
    desk. A thin volume, green and unimposing,
    interrupted the organised chaos on my desk. eyebrows
    raised, I thanked her and promised i’d read it
    cover to cover.

    By Kim URL on 06.13.2012

  18. Brief means short. A moment in time. The word brief is usually used in commandments, such as, “Make it brief,” or in disclaimers, such as, “I’m going to briefly tell you why I’m here.” It is an odd word for that reason – in that it is never used for good purposes. Only to manipulate one’s fantasy of how something will occur.

    By Liz Puffenberger on 06.13.2012

  19. My briefs are anything but. They used to be jockey shorts, and then they were boxers that bound and bunched, and now they are the weird hybrids they sell at H&M that seem and claim to offer support but instead cause sweating and itching in the worst of places while offering new ways to climb up the crack of your ass.

    By Creepy_Snowman URL on 06.13.2012

  20. A short moment in time, less than a second, it felt like at the time. Infintisimal. You could blink and miss it. That’s how long it took to fall in love with you. That’s how long it feels like I had you.

    Just a moment. Just a brief, tiny amount of time in the vastness of the universe. So tiny as to be nearly insignificant. And yet, we made it count, didn’t we?

    By terradi on 06.13.2012

  21. The brief stabbing pain that shot through her body as she hit the water was nothing in comparison to the aching cold that would spread through her as she watched her boat burn.

    By Simone on 06.13.2012

  22. It’s amazing how quickly these things happen. It was amazing how quickly these things begin and then pass us by. As long as our memories outlive the moment we can always return to what we felt at the briefest of times.

    By traindeer URL on 06.13.2012

  23. One moment can be wasted in a brief second, who what when where why brief who are we no go don’t its too short time is almost up you’re going to lose oh no no no no too late no don’t go it’s no Oh I am sorry you’re time is up goodbye nice creams farewell go death is upon you time is up. You’re done for the day. Goodnight. Sweet dreams. Time on here is brief.

    By Rebekah Greene on 06.13.2012

  24. for a brief moment the couch looked like it was floating and changing colors. I felt as if I was trapped in a lava lamp. Experimenting with drugs wasn’t a good idea.

    By maysa URL on 06.13.2012

  25. Brief. Quick. Fast. I have a confession to make. Sixty seconds is too brief for me to write anything worth reading. I always write like a whole other paragraph after the little bell rings. Forgive me, oh internet.

    By Anna on 06.13.2012

  26. It was just a brief moment, but I managed to catch a glimps. I’ll never forget what I saw. Hundreds of questions ran through my mind. How can you do that to someone. He was heartless, must have felt no emotion through the whole thing, because otherwise you can’t do those things to another human.

    By Anika URL on 06.13.2012

  27. Brief? College essays aren’t brief. And yet they are too brief. 60 seconds is too brief too, since I’m only at around 25 words per minute at this point. Maybe more. Whatever. Know what else is and isn’t brief? Life. Well, that’s my briefing for today folks. See you next time!

    By Bennett McIntosh on 06.13.2012

  28. I will try to keep this brief, but when I read this I think of lawyers. They are never brief because they need to make money. The way they make money (primarily) is to charge for every word that comes out of their heads, whether it is in an email or in a phone call or in a document. It is a crazy way to make a living, almost a form of prostitution! Paid by the word, wow.

    By Mrs. Baez on 06.13.2012

  29. This message is brief for life is brief.

    By Cassie URL on 06.13.2012

  30. Brief is a word to describe something very short, or something that takes little time. “I’m going to take a brief second to write this.”

    By Alivia Shores on 06.13.2012

  31. The brief was completely ridiculous. The briefs, not cover him fully, made her realize she had been out on this date with a complete raving nerd.

    By Allison URL on 06.13.2012

  32. give me a quick moment and ill be back in a minuet or like make it brief or i only have a brief moment.

    By Andrew Anderson on 06.13.2012

  33. As I walked cautiously into the meeting room and started my presentation, I started to remember some techniques to battle my nerves. One in particular came to imagine the audience naked. The thought of the ageing women in their frilly briefs and the middle aged men in their y-fronts put me off right away. I thought I should just get the presentation over and done with, so i kept it brief.

    By holly burnett on 06.13.2012

  34. the meeting of the eyes were very brief. As she walked away, all he did was wish that it would have been longer.
    the end

    By Nik.... URL on 06.13.2012

  35. it was that, was it not? Brief I mean. it happenes so quickly, and lasted so briefly and then it was over. Yet it lasted through time, despite it’s shortened appearance of time. Now what? Now that the time is up yet again?

    By Krista URL on 06.13.2012

  36. i like a brief breeze. briefly i like to play basketball, and i would like to make every shot. briefly honest when it comes down to nervous situations

    By Bruce Saiz on 06.13.2012

  37. Be brief, concise and clear when stating your points. Don’t clogg up the page with too much words just for the sake of saying more or sounding intelligent. If your piece is kept brief but packs a punch you’re more likely to have returning readers.

    By Jennifer on 06.13.2012

  38. my hand is broke.

    By lesouire URL on 06.13.2012

  39. Good sex is never brief. One should leave me to want more. Two minutes is far too short.

    By Kiss_My_Freckle on 06.13.2012

  40. Brief; something I wish I could master. Business men and women are confident in being brief. I, am not. I cannot do anything briefly for the life of me. I also do not like wearing briefs, nor do I own a brief case. I don’t like being BRIEF..

    By Alee on 06.13.2012