June 12th, 2012 | 370 Entries

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370 Entries for “brief”

  1. It was a brief meeting. All of the men sat in their power suits debating over things they didnt care about but wanted to be paid for. The briefness of the meeting was actually very surprising because of how much was covered. In just 3 minutes they’d gone over things that should have taken at least an hour, but after all, that’s how they rolled.

    By Sadie Tilden on 06.13.2012

  2. This word is the meaning of short. It can also be a presentation. The brief was brief. There are many words that mean the same as brief.

    By MRs. Rust on 06.13.2012

  3. For those brief moments you are truly happy, and you realize it. That is pure joy. You realizing that you’re happy, that makes you able to truly be happy for a brief little moment. Even though it’s short, it’s worth it every time again. Regret nothing!

    By Olga on 06.13.2012

  4. “I don’t want to sound brief when discussing this,” she said, choosing her words, “but I think it’s time we sell the–”

    “NO!” Kel screamed. “There is nothing to discuss.”

    By jambobuleh URL on 06.13.2012

  5. За одно краткое мгновение Николай вспомнил и Неру, и её велосипед, желтый с оклеенной изолентой рамой, и самый тёплый осенний вечер в его жизни.

    By Vyacheslav Dobranov on 06.13.2012

  6. They kissed precisely once.

    After that, it rained every single day.

    By M. Darkweaver URL on 06.13.2012

  7. There has to be the knowledge of a thing, in order for your understanding of it to shine through. The goal is: concise, succinct, clear. In short, if it is short because it’s made up and not true, it will show; if it is because you know it well and put it into 5 words instead of 10, it will be a classic.

    By natty on 06.13.2012

  8. Moments that you wish lasted forever but end in a blink. Brief is longing, brief is a tease. I do not like any brief thing.

    By kaitlin on 06.13.2012

  9. За одно краткое мгновение Николай вспомнил и Лету, и её жёлтый велосипед с рамой, оклеенной изолентой, и самый тёплый октябрьский вечер в своей жизни.

    By Vyacheslav Dobranov on 06.13.2012

  10. Briefly I went to go pick up a computer monitor screen, and the first attempt failed. However, I went down the road to another pawn shop. I found a great deal on a Gateway Monitor for twenty bucks. Also the cashier was very beautiful.

    By Pete Montoya on 06.13.2012