June 11th, 2012 | 375 Entries

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375 Entries for “switching”

  1. I remember switching from rowing to coxing in the fall of my freshman year of high school. It was like a light had been turned on, and I suddenly was having a great time with the sport. I’m going to miss it – really, I already do. It’s only been three weeks since my last race and it feels like eternity. In all likelihood, I’ll never get to cox another boat; it makes me sad.

    By MM on 06.12.2012

  2. Again? Kind of odd that when I expect a new word, to write something different, I keep getting ‘switching’. My destiny taunts me, the muses laugh as they withdraw. I am shown what I want, only just beyond my grasp.

    By Johann on 06.12.2012

  3. Switching of the body form is quite hard. In all honesty I prefer to stay as a falcon. turning back to female is very hard. The feathers, shredding off of your body. Feels like a wax all over. Then the beak re-adjusting into your face to look even slightly human…

    By Marie URL on 06.12.2012

  4. You are switching whenever you take the place of another person that is in your place. For example, when you switch sides; You take the spot of your friend and your friend takes your spot. It’s quite simple. Or when you switch controllers, your friend gets the controller you had, and you get the controller your friend had.

    By Samantha on 06.12.2012

  5. I switch everytime I go low and down, when my mind gets high my head gets low, when you pass by I get butterflies and my stomach gets sick. think before you make a change, before you switch.

    By Diana on 06.12.2012

  6. i kept switching the gears when driving the car. the car stopped changing gears and i got really scared
    the end

    By Nik.... URL on 06.12.2012

  7. The way the thread goes in. The way it is so reasureing that is sure to come back out. How you do it, is how you remember to live life able to always come back.

    By Emily Holmquist on 06.12.2012

  8. switching back to what i was saying earlier; there is no possible was to find a suitable mate in the god forsaken place. i mean have you seen the dreck that parade around this town?

    By tim on 06.12.2012

  9. it’s my turn, she said with an impish grin. Well who am I to deny? It does make me a little nervous, you being on top…but here we go!

    By Crystal on 06.12.2012

  10. time switching, all around. can’t stop to think, time is switching. don’t bother to wait, it’s too late. time already switch.

    By Maria on 06.12.2012

  11. any way thatsi love the idea of switching. it means there are choices and that always a wonderful thing to have choices. lots of folks dont get to switch any thing. or the word switch could take you back in time to the switch your grandma got you with when you were a little kid! my grandma made me go pick a switch and it better be a good one!,, anyway now im going to switch over and do something else for a few minutes.

    By sweetybug URL on 06.12.2012

  12. Switching is a word that scares me. It didn’t used to. When we were kids we would switch stuff around a lot. Lunches, costumes, lip gloss. But now, switching implies that there could be collateral damage.

    By Acap URL on 06.12.2012

  13. Switching lanes. Switching channels. Switching sides. Personally I like the static space in between. Before the switch is made. Before the choice is made. That light limbo-esque land. Where things verge on possible, disaster or success, before the conclusion is foregone. I think wisdom hovers there, like a dust mote, an invisible truth, waiting to be seen.

    By siobhan347 URL on 06.12.2012

  14. Switching from good to bad is never easy, neither is the opposite. People are not switches.. you can’t just turn us on or off. We have feeling and we have thoughts.. we are like eternal machines who are made to work for eternity.

    By Elena on 06.12.2012

  15. Switching was… hard. I can safely say that I’ve never done anything like it before. I pulled myself up from the chair, walked over to John, looked into his eyes, and switched. Once again, I felt the sensation of being a new body, new person. I pulled of his glasses, squinting.

    By Austin URL on 06.12.2012