June 13th, 2012 | 319 Entries

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319 Entries for “straw”

  1. A straw, a straw is a piece of something bigger. A haystack nameley. I think you can compare a straw with a single human being. Alot of them and pointless.

    By N F on 06.14.2012

  2. Under waves of water and sea, all I can think of is my thirst.

    By genahtastic on 06.14.2012

  3. straw is two things it can be a peace or grass or something you drink throw .

    By Andrew Anderson on 06.14.2012

  4. something to use to sip liquid. a straw, a thin thing,. a straw of hay. a straw of grass. might seem insignificant. just one piece.

    By Aya on 06.14.2012

  5. Straw draws me through the vacuum of nowhere and no air out of the tablet box, suckingq through the confines of the barriers of browser and machine for sixty seconds thoughtless reminding myself thoughtless to just spill the contents of the straw letting the vacuum refill with air from nowhere in particular as I draw a picture of in and out in sixty seconds one minute Christ but time if anything is more limiting in its never ending length

    By Ben on 06.14.2012

  6. Bendable, twistable. Sucking the life out of milkshakes while creating the illusion of a fish. Straws help you get to the bottom of things.

    By Alexis on 06.14.2012

  7. The straw is curly and cute. The straw is ti straight and thin. The straw is for you and me. The straw is us.

    By teeda URL on 06.14.2012

  8. ‘It’s a straw hat.’
    ‘Are you sure?’
    ‘Yes of course I’m sure! What else could it be?’
    We’d been playing Pictionary for four hours by this point and it’s fair to say tempers were a little frayed.

    By zebra URL on 06.14.2012

  9. His hat was made of straw and his teeth were crooked. Under the Kentucky skies, it was a stereotypical southern farmer. I looked out over the field and saw the grass that stretched as far as the eye could see, it would all be turned to straw.

    By Rachael on 06.14.2012

  10. It was the straw that broke the camels back. In fact, it was the straw that broke me.

    By laughalot on 06.14.2012

  11. Straw is simple, like me. Its just a part of a whole. Its also on hats sometimes. I dont know what else to say…

    By Shauna on 06.14.2012

  12. straw a very clever innovation of human. sucktion working against the law of gravity defies newtons law.

    By shoaib on 06.14.2012

  13. Straw is the berry to the esential fruit of being
    Simple yet complicated
    The fuel to our existence
    Taking for granted is what we do.

    By Orchoski on 06.14.2012

  14. straws are usefil if you have icecream and it is melting realy fast and you want to suck it all y without eating it all like a cu in a bowl i also have a bowl with a built in straw and it is really really cool!

    By mikfer on 06.14.2012

  15. Turkey in the straw or was it turkey in the hay. One of the first songs I leane to play o the piano was turkey in the straw. Ehap thats why I like suare dancing.

    By Th on 06.14.2012

  16. “Honey, would you get me a straw and a fork?” Famous last words before taking a big bite of some good old take home pizza.

    By vanhaydu URL on 06.14.2012

  17. The shortest straw. The unfortunate bitsh-slap of an already unbearably painful day at the office. Now it was my turn. Fuck. “You gotta go sometime” i told myself. So I dug deep, unbuttoned my top button on my shirt, and went to war on that sucker.

    By Ru on 06.14.2012

  18. He looked rediculous.
    John tried to stifle a chuckle as Sherlock struggled.
    “John!” he cried. “-elp!”
    He stifled another chuckle as he tugged at Sherlock’s sleeve violently.
    Suddenly, Sherlock tumbled onto the floor, strangely gracefully, despite his pout. Yet John still couldn’t ignore the fact that he was covered, head to toe, in straw.

    By Arianna on 06.14.2012

  19. I fumbled through the tall stacks of dry, yellow straw. “Maybe it’s here”, I thought knowing in the pit of my stomach it wasn’t true. Finally, sunburnt and tired, I forfeited to the grass, and sat down in desperation.

    By Billie on 06.14.2012

  20. a strawman is a

    By Steve on 06.14.2012

  21. Straw reminds me of the summers I would spend with my cousin in Langrange , Indiana.

    By Th on 06.14.2012

  22. Straw

    By Th on 06.14.2012

  23. im thirsty, but every time i go to take a drink i get a stabbing pain in my eye!

    ….oh wait, should probably take the straw out

    By elizabeth on 06.14.2012

  24. Some people just want to watch the world burn. And the inventor of the straw is one of them (Discluding the time Kevin from Blue’s Clues thought HE’D invented it). I mean, come on, the straw is one of the most destructive utensils in existance. You move them a little bit closer to you and you knock the entire glass over. It spills everywhere, it stains everything, and the carpet’s ruined. Have you ever used a straw while drinking alcohol? The inventor of the straw was bitter and hates carpets and sober people.

    By Beth on 06.14.2012

  25. I like to chew straw, drink through straws and blow through straws. Straws is comfy to sleep on, food for animals, and I’m starting to grasp at straws now.. the end.

    By Mark Searby on 06.14.2012

  26. straws make me thirsty becasyse they make me want to drink a smoothee. im thirsty right now. maybe because i just had cereal. did you ever see those bowls for vereal with the straws that loop all the way around the bottom so you can get the milk out? those aer the best. i wonder if cereal crumbs ev er gets tuck in the straw

    By Landi on 06.14.2012

  27. use a straw, you’d get more.
    sip with pleasure, experience our treasure.
    Fresh orange juice, give your thirst a boost.

    By Dineile URL on 06.14.2012

  28. Straw man. Straw man argument. What is that anyway? I saw it in a textbook once but I never looked up what it was. It sounds like a flimsy argument. Is it an argument that holds no water? Straw absorbs water poorly, so that must be it.

    By John on 06.14.2012

  29. The straw sat between us on the table. I looked at him. No way was I sharing a drink. Why didn’t he just grab his own? I didn’t touch the straw, didn’t unwrap it or anything, just took a sip out of “our” rum and coke. And stared. His eyes. Did they always look like that?

    By Bekah on 06.14.2012

  30. coke. I like drinking coke with a straw.

    I think straw sucked beer would taste strange.

    Mcdonalds straw looks pretty pretty. For their drinkings.

    By jinwoo on 06.14.2012

  31. I didn’t think straw would come up as the mystery word. I thought it would be something more predictable. Well, that’s kind of a stupid assumption, come to think of it. Maybe I don’t even need to think about it; maybe all I had to do was not be so worked up about coming up with the correct answer and just trust my gut instinct more often. All I gotta do is have some fun. I got a feeling I’m not the only one.

    By Jose Miguel Rosillo on 06.14.2012

  32. So at first I thought of normal straws you sip through. Then I thought of those cool, funky straws that have swirls and different colors and are more exciting and fun to use, but extremely aggravating at the same time because they don’t suck up material very well (didn’t know how else to put that) and then I thought of the green straws at Starbucks and how they always manage to be chipped.

    By Emilia URL on 06.14.2012

  33. I think about out West. Pretty much every day, it comes to mind. The vast expanse of openness. Maybe I’m mixing up straw with something else, I’m sure that I probably am, but this is how the mind works. I always wonder, if, because this county rolls along, if the people out West understand more about the vastness of the world. Because it appears so long and lean, the horizon so deep and stretched. Not like around here, where you twist and turn into green tunnels.

    By Megan Kelly on 06.14.2012

  34. it’s not worth a straw

    By hongnguyen on 06.14.2012

  35. i love straws. straw hats, straws for drinking straws in farms and such. oh hi straw. okay straws for drinking, drink cool icy drinks. during hot summer days and nights. how refreshing! Yummmmm. It’s so much fun to wear a straw hat

    By Aishah on 06.14.2012

  36. I picked a pick soda straw the other day. I didn’t like pink, but the only other color was plain. Plain is just so…. plain. Just plain ordinary.

    By Kate on 06.14.2012

  37. They lay in the straw field the light wind brushing her hair over her face. The sun was out bright, it was a clear day. They were innocent, they were unaware of a thing called love, something they should never know that often follows, a heartbreak. Having discovered a friend in her, he was not to know how when summer ends they would part and he’d miss her like he’d lost a part of himself. She too would stare into nothingness remembering how his being with her made everything right, she just wouldn’t be able to explain.

    Unaware of the beautiful feeling of togetherness slowly seeping in, he chewed on straws and she lay with her head resting on him.

    When she would return next summer, he will show her his new piano, and will innocently confess to her his love, either won’t know what it meant, but she knew right then she will never want to lose him.

    He said, “I found a box full of sound, in the silence I heard it sing in my mind, your memory gave me a lot to hum about, I will play for you something from my heart.

    By unkitjc URL on 06.14.2012

  38. I looked up from the daily news at the sudden sound of jingling, a cheery metallic twinkle that cut through the din like a shooting star. I was surprised to find it radiating from the keychain-weighted hips of a young woman, bouncing on her heels as she swirled past my table.
    For a moment I simply stared, caught off guard by this sudden burst of color. Striped tights, slim figure, wearing more pink than a rose garden in June… geez, she looked like something you’d drink a strawberry milkshake through. Even that swirl of vanilla-colored hair looked unusually perfect, and that’s from a guy who prefers brunettes. She was cute. Like a cupcake, I decided, and stifled a laugh.
    That got her attention. The keychains jingled sharply then, and two ice-blue eyes (look at the size of those lashes!) focused on my own. The gaze she shot at me was strikingly incongruous with her cheery getup, and accusatory enough to summon a twinge of guilt. I cleared my throat, suddenly all too aware of my dress shirt and slacks.
    “S’cute,” was all I said, nodding politely at her soda-straw figure.
    For a second she looked at me like I was on a sugar high, then simply twirled on her feet and continued on her way, bright as a cherry against the monotonous crowd.
    A moment later I put down the newspaper and decided to buy myself a milkshake.

    By Jewel Lightraye URL on 06.14.2012

  39. its easier to make strawmen but its harder to deal with when the composition of such is made whilst referencing a mirror
    responsibillity is hard and terrifying
    like our world
    so realistic
    I don’t really consider myself an idealist
    just a mongrel without a blanket
    but that’s OK you know
    after another time you realise and you just start coming to terms with it
    and then the path before you doesn’t look so scary
    or sad
    its the standing still that really gets to oneself
    it makes you question the point of it all
    if only i didn’t have to think these things
    if only i could walk
    repetition the stallion i rode in on
    and then stupidity was the thing that grounded me
    if i was smart i’d grow wings and dream constantly
    and chase after bliss honestly
    which is surely more honourable and noble then going through the motions
    whatever motions one makes when completely still

    By why does it matter? i am just a number on 06.14.2012