June 12th, 2012 | 370 Entries

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370 Entries for “brief”

  1. “I’ll make this brief – ”

    “That’s what you said last time.”

    “Well, yes, but…”

    “And you took thirty minutes speaking last time.”

    “I understand, but…”

    “All about Gustav Holst.”

    There was a giggle resounding throughout the classroom. A rickety racket of tittering. The teacher was not amused. But the students certainly were. Very much so. By non-briefness.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.12.2012

  2. short. summary simple and to the point . explaination in the shortest manner to get across what u need to say or let be known in a quick manner. description of a subject in short . to the point

    By frankie ballard on 06.12.2012

  3. short… a type of underwear… you are given briefs for certain tasks and assignments in school/college…

    By shannon on 06.12.2012

  4. It was a brief moment in time, his hand on hers, but it seemed to last infinitely longer. She didn’t know why. It wasn’t as though he was anyone important. He was only a boy to her and she a woman grown, but his fingers resting lightly on the back of her hand was a moment she would not soon forget.

    By Mairead URL on 06.12.2012

  5. Brief. Short. I had a brief experience with death once in my life. I felt it, as if my heart had frozen over, my body cold. I felt as if I was trapped ina dark abyss, one that i could never escape. I was falling, farther and farther away from my parents, from my friends, from my family, everyone. I saw flashes of their faces before they disappeared, fading. It was only when they had come to my daughter, anabellle, that I truly tried to reach out snd grab her, but my fingers went right through her, nad her face disappeared in a flash of smoke. I was so sad, but I was also happy. I now knew that death was not something to fear, something bad. It was not anything I could have ever dreamed about.

    By Aidan Pilgrim URL on 06.12.2012

  6. Brief means short and it’s really hard to keep pieces of writing that way. But for some reason, that sort of writing is the most creative. It challenges the brain to write something brief. So what will you do with it?

    By Alyssa on 06.12.2012

  7. making it brief. you may have a lot of things to say. to say all of what happened. how you can do it. how you can’t. how you loved to something happened. how you loved someone be there for you. and many many other things. but you have to make it brief. tell the whole world one word.

    By Kamyar Allahverdi URL on 06.12.2012

  8. That’s how everything should be. Brief. Why do you have to think about everything, rationalize it? Just go with the flow! Care about nothing.

    By mada on 06.12.2012

  9. short space in time, a moment. nothing to say, hold on too whatever you might as it leaves. a notebook, with instructions, an effort to explain. What advice would it give, if it had the chance.

    By Sam on 06.12.2012

  10. It was a brief meeting. That one time I saw my father. I had no more than 5 minutes with him. If someone had told me he would be dead in a few hours, I think I would have never left his side. But no one did, so being 16, I pretending like hanging out with my dad was uncool. I met him once. My whole life he searched for me and mom, and when he finally finds us, I blow him off.

    By Steffie URL on 06.12.2012

  11. no long. and to keep it brief i’ll finish here.

    By Judit on 06.12.2012

  12. Slip back and forth, back and forth, they’ll never stop. She stares at them with empty eyes, unblinking, unthinking, unfeeling, and they continue to switch around and around and around as time passes, as dreams die, as memories fade. Back and forth, back and forth.

    By LILYhibiku URL on 06.12.2012

  13. Impossible. Nothing is ever brief in my mind. I think and overthink. Words come spilling out like a water out of a sponge that can’t hold any more. This paragraph. It’s brief. But to me it also feels a little incomplete.

    By Olivia URL on 06.12.2012

  14. i briefly think
    i am alone
    i am confused
    i dont know where i belong
    so i think
    should i stay
    should i go

    By mckenzie URL on 06.12.2012

  15. A brief moment in time. She hadn’t meant for anything to happen. But yet it had. And she was holding his number. The paper was smooth and she traced his name with her finger tips. Each nerve seemed to explode with excitement.

    By Kirby on 06.12.2012

  16. I’m going to allow this brief moment in time to change my entire existence. I speak of change and the wonderful healing that time exerts, but I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it. This moment will only creep up as the sun sets and get closer as the sun rises. My only fear is that I won’t be able to let go.

    “If you get a chance- take it; if it changes your life- let it.”

    By Lola URL on 06.12.2012

  17. Let me be brief. I don’t like you. I haven’t like dyou since the day I met you and I can’t blieve you keep running around here thinking I do. I depsise you.

    By shianne on 06.12.2012

  18. Brief is a moment of time. It’s a describing word. I don’t usually use this word very often. It’s a short little word, that has a quaint little sound to it. Like, “I just have a brief amount of time.”

    By Erin on 06.12.2012

  19. What I had felt would last forever, was merely the opposite. It’s so funny how looking towards the future… it seems so far away. Seems like it’d last so long. What a shame it didn’t.
    What a shame I couldn’t hold my own.
    It’s gone now. Yes. It was brief.
    But memories last forever.

    By Santa Claus URL on 06.12.2012

  20. It only takes a second. It’s there and then it’s gone. It’s brief.

    By Sif Smit URL on 06.12.2012

  21. This is a brief time frame, and brief second to type out your heart, to splay our your soul in a small purple box. Can you hear my voice as I speak to you through this? Don’t forget you are loved and cherished and oh so precious, no matter who you are. My time is brief, but as long as you believe what I have just said, I know you’ll be fine.

    By Mary URL on 06.12.2012

  22. Life, is really brief. That’s what i think it’s about, how you live it not how long your life will be. You can have a brief life, but still have a great time, or you can have a long life, but a sad one. Brief, it’s what life really means and you can live 80 years and still call life brief. Or you can live 15 years and still say your life was enough.

    By Andrea Díaz Conty on 06.12.2012

  23. rushed, quick breath. exhausted moment, struggling for breath. fighting for time. when time is not enough

    By Adam D'Alexander on 06.12.2012

  24. A case. A piece of underwear. A quality every writer should strive for, because it’s the soul of wit.

    By Amy URL on 06.12.2012

  25. The brief was in my folder and ready to go. I took a deep breath to steady myself and then walked much more confidently than I felt up the steps to the courthouse. This would be the first time I went before a judge by myself, for my client. This judge was supposed to be one of the nicer ones, I hoped.

    By Debbie URL on 06.12.2012

  26. Brief? My word is “Brief”. You know what else is brief? Life. The bigger picture. It’s all so brief when you look at it. That’s too bleak. I like to think it’s the “moments”…like Into the Woods. All of it is made up of moments. They’re all so beautiful. Brief like the time I had to write this. But hey…it’s still pretty good.

    By Tyler on 06.12.2012

  27. Brief. Oh, where do we start? Brief-case. Let’s take a brief walk. Oh brief. A one syllable word that has multiple meanings. A word that can be sung on the sunday blues or the mellow fridays…brief.

    By Alexis URL on 06.12.2012

  28. In a brief heartbeat she listened
    In a brief heartbeat, he shot
    In a brief heartbeat, he miss
    In a brief moment, she fled

    Dear little deer you have survived
    But next time…in the next brief heartbeat
    I Won’t Miss

    By Echo :) URL on 06.12.2012

  29. amo. amo te.

    By m jibi on 06.12.2012

  30. Brief. The perfect word to describe our meeting. It was in the subway station, on a rainy Sunday morning. We brushed up against one another, exchanging “sorries” and “excuse mes”. I saw him, and then he was gone. But he was significant. More than just a random meeting on a busy morning. So much more, I could feel it.

    By Tori on 06.12.2012

  31. His boxers were dangling loosely from his bony hips, his olive skin taut over his angular features. The girl toyed with his briefs, and he couldn’t help but stare into her crystalline eyes, entranced by her deep gaze. He loved her, it was obvious.

    By Megan Malone URL on 06.12.2012

  32. Short. Difficult to describe. The brief moments are also the most essential. Life is brief, don’t waste what you have. Love and live and never forget who you are, because one minute it’s there, and the next, it’s gone.

    By claire on 06.12.2012

  33. It was only a moment, a brief moment in what seemed like the longest day of Charlie’s life. Only a fleeting, grasping, barely-there, never-to-come-again moment, but still, it resonated with him like nothing had before, the feel of her fingertips brushing his.

    By Alex URL on 06.12.2012

  34. It was just a glimpse, just a second. But i knew what it was. A moment of happiness.

    By Justkidding URL on 06.12.2012

  35. It was quick. One look and all I knew was gone. Everything I had thought defined me no longer made sense. I became a shell, not knowing anything that could come of me. One brief moment- that’s all it took to kill him.

    By Cara URL on 06.12.2012

  36. It was brief. Quick. Simple. Clean. And yet so very, very complex and confusing.
    They sat apart for a while. Their eyes met, but dropped to the floor almost immediately.
    Sherlock’s emotions were running wild. Emotions?
    John was stunned. He couldn’t move.
    It had been as he had left for work earlier. All Sherlock had done was bent down and kissed him on the cheek.
    This didn’t strike either of them as odd until John was halfway to work in a taxi, at which point their faces both became the image of confusion, then shock, then embarrassment, and finally horror.
    When John had got home, neither had said anything. John made tea, and sat in his chair, and Sherlock sat in his chair, where he had been for most of the day… It was a full three days before either of them said a word to the other again.

    By Arianna URL on 06.12.2012

  37. I quickly opened the door. “Fuck.” I muttered. My eyes darted around the room. I only had a brief amount of time to pack. “Peter… Don’t mean to alarm but-” “Shut up, Marina!” I yelled before she could finish her sentence. I grabbed wh

    By Annalise on 06.12.2012

  38. brief cases come in all different shapes and sizes, and they can say allot about the type of person you are. If you have a brightly coloured brief case you could be a designer.

    By dee on 06.12.2012

  39. “Just sneak off and don’t say bye to your favorite.” She chirped, appearing around the door. The other girl jumped, laughing when she realized who it was.

    “I didn’t mean to-”

    “I know. All I want is a hug and a goodbye.” She said, and she walked over. The other girl stood up, and they hugged. “The yellow thing on your desk, you should read it.” She said, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear. “I’ll miss you.”

    The goodbye was brief, and the younger girls tears were brief when she left.

    By GrapesofGrace URL on 06.12.2012

  40. as she sat in the cream colored, warm library, she replayed the brief exchange that had just taken place. still dumbfounded at the fact that it had actually happened, she forced her brain to file through every detail in an attempt to spring the memory back into life.

    By Mariel Fix on 06.12.2012