July 1st, 2011 | 426 Entries

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426 Entries for “braid”

  1. hair, girls usually have braids in there hair, they link it looks really good. I think it looks good sometimes, sometimes girls braid guys hair, they thinks it’s cute or something. I don’t know, there are all different types. French braids and so on and so forth, I don’t understand how to do it. Complicated for me. They are pretty cool though. I usually see them in brunette girls/

    By Malcolm on 07.01.2011

  2. I didn’t know what I had been thinking.I just couldn’t believe I was stupid enough to let my cousins do my hair.

    By Brinkley on 07.01.2011

  3. french braiding, fishtails
    as fingers weave
    and stories, giggles
    waft through the air
    pre-teen bedrooms
    sleepless sleepover nights
    popcorn crumbs
    and the innocence of little girls
    spread along the floor

    By Mia G. URL on 07.01.2011

  4. when i think of the word braid i automatically think of braiding somebody’s hair. that’s it. this word is never used anywhere else in the world. but it sounds like someones name.

    By spencer pierce on 07.01.2011

  5. i was just looking at a braid on the last site i was on….how weird! it was blonde hair and very pretty! it wasn’t a typical braid it was swooped and pinned at the bottom of her scalp and i thought when my hair is that long i will do that!

    By court court URL on 07.01.2011

  6. little girls like to wear braids. They look best in the color brown. Braids are all different and can have different styles. baskets, and yard, rope is braided. flowers and teacups. You can have one very long braid or two short braids. Artistic hairstyle. Fishtail braid. Yellow dresses

    By Lauren on 07.01.2011

  7. I write of girls with braids
    never me
    never stories of I
    with braids
    never my memories
    or bits and pieces of childhood

    am I living
    a life outside of my own?
    do I discredit the value of my own stories
    versus the made up ones

    I need to live here

    By Mia G. URL on 07.01.2011

  8. its in my hair and I have one friend who wears one. They are intricate and fun to do. You can braid hair and wire too. Some people weave ribbon and flowers into their braids. Braids keep hair out of your face and can be quite chic.

    By Sue on 07.01.2011

  9. They sat in silence as she braided his long, dark hair.
    She took care to take as long as she could for she knew that she would never see him again.
    When she was finished she touched his shoulder and he understood.
    He rose and gathered his things, placing them in the buckskin sack he always carried.
    He paused for a moment in the doorway and looked back at her.
    They did not speak.
    She could only watch him and knew that he drank in the words from her eyes just as she did his.

    By B.AM URL on 07.01.2011

  10. It sounds like a bra worn on Id. Very holy indeed! Praise the lord!!!! Id mubarak! check your size. Hope it doesn’t slip off during Namaz.

    By Dorothy on 07.01.2011

  11. Her braid swung across her sunburned back as we pedaled away from the pool. The air was redolent of chlorine, coconut oil and our nostrils were further assaulted by the sting of hot asphalt.

    By Regina Ligon on 07.01.2011

  12. hola todo bien espero que si el camion esta afuera y hace ruido me encant ala playa quiero estar ahi quieor ir contigo quiero estar contgio siempre me gustas me prende solo quier hacerte feliz y ser feliz que el mundo sepa la verdad no ha que avergonzarnos

    By helena on 07.01.2011

  13. Girls who are talented have braids. Girls who care about their appearance have braids. Girls who want to see without the interference of their hair have braids.

    By Regina Ligon on 07.01.2011

  14. She kept her long hair braided. Sometimes it was in two tails, sometimes one. Sometimes it was French braided, sometimes she poked flowers into it, and sometimes she wore it wrapped up in a bun or around her head. But it was always braided.

    He wondered if he’d ever see it down.

    By Mildred URL on 07.01.2011

  15. The gold braid on his jacket was obnoxious, and if the entire country and half of the rest of the world owning televisions weren’t watching, he’d have torn it off. He was strong enough and likely quick enough, but in the grand scheme of things a bit of terrible fashion was worth suffering if it meant he didn’t get yelled at after the ceremony was over.

    Surely being a modern prince meant he got to wear something…normal on his wedding day, right?

    By Nagi URL on 07.01.2011

  16. She was braiding her hair in the bathroom, he had no idea what he said to upset her so. Sitting on the bed going over their conversation the night before, he couldn’t help but wonder if this was really working.

    By Luke Renoe URL on 07.01.2011

  17. Pink.
    Long hair.
    Pony tail.
    A delicate girl, with blonde hair with a braid. Summer.

    By Sharon on 07.01.2011

  18. Last week at camp I learned how to french braid, after trying for many months…or years. I can do it on a person with normal length straight hair, not on myself. I really wish I could. They look cool. I wish I could fishtail braid also. I know a few people that can.

    By Emma Hindler URL on 07.01.2011

  19. I don’t know how to braid hair, not even my own. I understand the mechanics of how to construct a braid–separate into three parts, then lap the groups of hair over one another until you reach the bottom. But I can’t ever seem to make it look very attractive. Maybe practice makes perfect.

    By Andrea URL on 07.01.2011

  20. I love brads. They seem so sweet and elegant. Braids are the best. They happen to be one of my favorite things. I love the simplicity of the design of it. Everything seems to come together when you involve a braid. Who doesn’t love braids? Losers, that’s who. Anyways, braids are my favorite hairstyle. They go with basically everything! A trashy outfit can instantly be classy with a braid, most of the time at least.

    By Ky on 07.01.2011

  21. I do not want to write about the word “Braid” it does nothing for me creatively. I have no witty stories or jokes or anecdotes about braids. Sorry.

    By Flynn on 07.01.2011

  22. As a guy, it’s kind of weird that I know how to braid hair. Thing is, I’m kinda proud of it. For one, if I have a daughter, it’d be a cute thing to do. Two, and most notably, braids are pretty strong, so if I needed to get from my 6th floor balcony to the ground because of a fire set by an explosion caused by ravenous zombies trying to get into my apartment through my kitchen…I’d be able to, using all the towels, rags and sheets I got. Booyah.

    By Travis URL on 07.01.2011

  23. I love art and philosophy. I want to create and think all my life. I admire nature and destiny. I don’t believe in God. I just Love.

    By Mariana Greif on 07.01.2011

  24. Braid! Such a triptych idea. Three is the perfect number, it is the minimum of perfection and so it’s perfect. Three, three, three.

    By Mariana Greif on 07.01.2011

  25. i love a girl with extension in her hair
    banboo earing at least two pairs
    a fendi bag and a bad attitude

    that all i need to get me in a good mood.

    i need a round a way girls

    she is the one for me

    By bob on 07.01.2011

  26. BRaaaaaaains. Plants vs Zombies.

    By ziptiecloud URL on 07.01.2011

  27. long hair in a braid, flowing in the wind, she looks like an Indian maiden. It’s dark. Her hair, set beautifully against the orange sky. She has feathers falling from the ends of the twine used to wrap her hair in place.

    By Jade on 07.01.2011

  28. What horribly hard for me to do with my hair. It’s a pattern that people weave strands in, whether it’s hair, some sort of string, or in fantasies, magic items or magic itself. It’s ahard to draw, with the strands being woven in and out and in and out…it’s very soothing to do, but not without you seeing it.

    By Allison URL on 07.01.2011

  29. Braid it down the ladder of a blond, fixed by a dragon hairpin on a tall man the size of the Eiffel Tower, amidst a throng of midget ninjas in rose brocade pajamas wielding bayonets and eating Cornish pasties.

    By Kendrick Ong URL on 07.01.2011

  30. ive always wished i knew how to french braid. in my homeroom class, there’s this girl who basically always does her friend’s hair and she makes the prettiest braids. i wish my mom had taught me how to french braid, but i dont think she’s ever been that cliche mom who teaches her daughter how to french braid or passes down a secret recipe. i wish she WAS that cliche mom though.

    By Liz URL on 07.01.2011

  31. I braid my hair, fingers struggling in vain to comb through the knots. The pain in my fingers grows ever more annoying and I begin to wonder what it would feel like to have someone else’s fingers brush through my hair. Not even braiding, just… a calming presence.

    By Vanatron URL on 07.01.2011

  32. Princess Leia…Yep. Hahaha. That just about sums it up.

    By Hannah URL on 07.01.2011

  33. said of a girl with hair on her cheek with frecles, she laughs and the sun falls on her head ans sparkles. let her run away if she wants, she’ll return because of the horses, she can’t get away from the horses, she said. maybe she was speaking of someone else. >Maybe she was… maybe she wasn’t

    By Gaston Vizcarra on 07.01.2011

  34. Kendall always wore her hair braided. it was long and an orange-ey red. it fell to the middle of her back unkept. but she usually braided it up, so that she could play basketball without it getting in the way.

    By Eugienna URL on 07.01.2011

  35. Braiding hair is really fun and makes for a great hairstyle. It is something I do daily! There are many types of braids, like the fishtail, or french, or even maiden braids! They are all beautiful. Of course if done correctly, that is!

    By Ally on 07.01.2011

  36. the braid of the horse was purple white but the braid got extra tangled so this was made into a flower,making a flowery braid horse with mini braids to the sides

    By litca URL on 07.01.2011

  37. braid is a a word of wich im not shure of what it means, if im fight its a kind of rope. i use it for fishing at carp for the first part behind the hook.

    By Bas on 07.01.2011

  38. Braid. Hmm haven’t done that to my hair in a while. Might be nice. Might look nice. Might not. It’s like I can’t ever predict what my hair does to my face. It’s like I’m pretty… Ocassionally. But all the rest of the time I’m not.

    By youcantknow URL on 07.01.2011

  39. i like how a braid looks on the hair. I wish I could braid my hair but Im not very good at it. I remember braiding my girls hair when they were little. thats all i can say about braid. thats it.

    By suzanne on 07.01.2011

  40. as i sat in the waiting office, in london 1000 miles away from my home, as my mother checked me into my now 4 year home she said she would call and left. the next day i went to the classroom i decided to leave my pink and blue dyed hair down around my shoulders. as soon i walked in i was confronted with questions”why is your hair like that???” “were did you live befor” “why are you wearing that” then as the teacher saw my hair she told me it was innaproprite and disruptiveshe she walked me to the backroom and put my hair in a tight plain normale braid………….as i walked out i looked like every other plastic snobby rich selfcenterd bitch sitten in there …………just like that…… respect,indapendence indindavidulalty was ripped from me by simply braiding my hair………………………

    By haley URL on 07.01.2011