February 2nd, 2011 | 188 Entries

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188 Entries for “boost”

  1. Expand and empower. Unlimited capabilities.

    By humanmade URL on 02.03.2011

  2. the wall was too high. how was i supposed to get over that. i just wanted to see her. she was on the other side. but i was completely alone. no one was there to help me out. no one was there to give me a boost.

    By Melody on 02.03.2011

  3. Boost is like a mobil place for cell phones……haha idk what it means though….. im just guessing :D

    By "CountryGirl!!!":D URL on 02.03.2011

  4. boost is something like to go fast. like when you race and someone is like a head of you and there done and your not you can u boost to catch up to them.

    By chewbaca URL on 02.03.2011

  5. When i here boost i think of someone a little to small to reach something(like me) who will ask someone to reach something or give them a boost.

    By snickers104515 URL on 02.03.2011

  6. I sat there in the mornign sunlight driking my coffee and listenign to the days begin. The sun touched my eyes enough to boost my feelings and make me feel enlightened.

    By Troycubb URL on 02.03.2011

  7. that is what happens when you fart it makes you go fast .

    By werty URL on 02.03.2011

  8. hmmm, well a 5 hour energy gives you a boost:)or when you try to get on something high someone can give you a boost.

    By Thomas the Train:D URL on 02.03.2011

  9. Boost is a good word. It is very cool.Ilike tp boost cars on my game. boost is a great word

    By Daylan Turner on 02.03.2011

  10. When i hear the word boost I’m really not sure what it reminds me of. I guess I think of something to do with an energy boost or something like that.

    By summer firm URL on 02.03.2011

  11. i was far off in the race and i was geting creamed but i got a learg boost.i passed them all and won the race and we all had to get some help there was a danre

    By someting URL on 02.03.2011

  12. Some people dont like to boost but I like boost because I like to go fast,But im talking about videogames not real life. If it were real life I would flip out!

    By mushihimesamafutari URL on 02.03.2011

  13. boost makes me think of boosting someone’s confidence. giving someone a compliment to make them feel better about themselves. it’s always a positive thing to do, and more people should try it, instead of trying to hurt people with their words.

    By Allison URL on 02.03.2011

  14. your mouth, your smell, your look, are vitamins for my senses. Everytime I think of you, I refill my goals and dreams.

    By himo URL on 02.03.2011

  15. She felt a massive boost to her pride. The gentleman had been looking at her for a few minutes now, and she knew that it wasn’t just because she had tripped up on the way in. He looked professional, like a doctor or a lawyer. She wanted him to come over, but she also hoped he didn’t! Oh dear!

    By Rachael G URL on 02.03.2011

  16. i like a good boost. it helps me get threw the day. i love to feel good about how i am feeling today. i want to get threw my life, a good boost helps me do a lot.

    By Breanna Craven URL on 02.03.2011

  17. Boosting is fun because it makes you go fast. Going fast is fun especially when your racing pocket rockets in the parking lot.

    By Wltbank URL on 02.03.2011

  18. Increase your energy or abilities by taking vitamins, or getting encouragement from one of your friends – work harder and do better, and amaze your friends.

    By steve on 02.03.2011

  19. boost me up scotty. yeah well i have no idea why i’m writing that but maybe it’s cause i’m cheesy. i mean boost is a bit of a cheesy word, really. boost! it’s happy. it’s like a rocket. it’s like a child who is a little bit too small for the ride but goes anyway cause they’re wearing big shoes so they can boooost their way onto the ride

    By Naomi Cooper on 02.03.2011

  20. He gave her a boost up onto the horse. Her sweaty bangs swung into her eyes as she slid into the saddle. This horse was tall. Very tall. She wasn’t too sure she liked the view from up there. “Let’s be friends,” she said as she patted his neck. Her father smiled.

    By Wendy URL on 02.03.2011

  21. “Give me a boost,” she said as she stood on her toes trying to look over the splintered wooden fence. The air was sharp with cold and her nose and cheeks were rosy when she turned to me. The fuzzy ball on her hat was moving slightly in the wind. I’d never seen anyone so beautiful. “Hello? Give me a boost!”

    By Disorderly URL on 02.03.2011

  22. When I need a boost, my fiance never fails to provide it. When I’m unsure if I can do something, or down on myself, or just nervous or apprehensive about anything, really, she always provides a much needed boost to me.

    By TTGG URL on 02.03.2011

  23. a boost of energy makes the world go round. boost your neighbor. coffee is a boost. booster seats. boosty boosty boosty. sounds like you have an accent. boost has two o’s. oh my lanta. hi hannah. oooo boosty. boost someone up. lend a hand. help a friend. boostay babay. calculus class. boost me up scotty! nope. not quite. the end.

    By annie on 02.03.2011

  24. Friends. Naked juice. Being helped up. A needed extra little push to get you to somewhere you couldn’t get by yourself, or without someone’s belief boost.

    By Abigail Kotlarz URL on 02.03.2011

  25. i want a boost i like boosts like boost bars and i love it whern you get the energy suddenly to work on an art project and you get all energised and excited. That feeling is sorely missed by me when i am feeling lazy and go to the pub at lunch during art college rather than working hard cause there is no boost there. every morning though, i get a red bull to give me a boost. a massive one. sometimes people in the tube think it is a beer thought and give me funny looks.

    By Maddy on 02.03.2011

  26. A car that has a real boost is awesome. It makes u speed up really fast

    By Brittany URL on 02.03.2011

  27. boost what you want and kill what you live
    dig what see and eat what you give

    By victor on 02.03.2011

  28. I havent had a boost in a while except when i drink monsters. i love to get boost. it makes me want to run more often than usual.

    By Jpac URL on 02.03.2011

  29. A positive review in the local press has provided a boost to Michael Flumgarten’s burgeoning career in the arts. His latest installation, “Dog Urine Cacophony,” is available at the Steinheim through April 20th.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 02.03.2011

  30. i was at i house when there is a tree out side with a helpless cat. i told some one to give me a boost up to help the cat. that poor cat stuck in a tree.

    By ana URL on 02.03.2011

  31. a really powerful car that will make me look pretty dang sexy when it goes vroom

    By Nelle URL on 02.03.2011

  32. I boost up the computer and fix it so my mom can use it for her papers and stuff:)

    By just URL on 02.03.2011

  33. speed up give a boost: to push someone up

    By josh on 02.03.2011

  34. the booster was really fast on my car. it was zooming through the city and i never hit anything. it was a awesome nitro booster… on a lamborghini!!

    By chase Curell URL on 02.03.2011

  35. BOOST!
    Like those chinese camertials about the juice that have vitamins in um…?
    Thats what I htink of. Like when he goes you need a boost…BOOST!
    Haa. its just really funny(: I love it.(:

    By Claudia Promise(: URL on 02.03.2011

  36. i boost in call of duty.

    By nick URL on 02.03.2011

  37. Boost has many meanings. Speed boost, energy boost, etc. It means to give a little more in a time when you can’t. To try a little harder. To push yourself to the fullest. :)

    By Bob on 02.03.2011

  38. when i was playing call of duty i had to boost to get my 30th nuke:)

    By ruger13 URL on 02.03.2011

  39. Boost as in cars is a boost in speed or a sharp increase in rpms. The car willl suddenly accelerate. This boost is also know as nitrous oxide.

    By devin21 URL on 02.03.2011

  40. the boost on my car was awesome. i want flying it was the best thing that happen to me. cause i want fast it was cool.

    By delgean URL on 02.03.2011