February 1st, 2011 | 1,030 Entries

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1,030 Entries for “darkroom”

  1. darkroom our head is more like the dark room unltil and unless enlightened by some knowledge or some new information it continues to remain in dark.. isnt it just apt that we have named it En-lightening .. to come out of the dark o

    by Anand on 02.03.2011
  2. black space of time in a world of my own, sputtering, wondering, tripping over everything I cannot see. I cannot hear, I cannot feel anything but this dark room. darkroom.

    by Jessie on 02.02.2011
  3. Darkroom. Memories of my university introduction to photography. The room was nothing but darkness, only my senses to guide me. Camera, film, can opener, stool, and terror. Well terror might be a bit strong but nervousness that one wrong move, one incorrect manoevre and the entire roll of film so painstakingly shot would go to utter and complete waste.

    by Benjamin Yong on 02.02.2011
  4. When they burst into the darkly lit darkroom, it was dark. The police searched for evidence of the photographer’s secret doings. They found pictures of a darkroom.

    by Jocelyn on 02.02.2011
  5. scary, childhood, sex, party, hook up, boys, sleep, fan, tired, night, pass out, tv.

    by Madison on 02.02.2011
  6. a single light can not be putoff by the whole darkness in the world

    by c k kumar on 02.02.2011
  7. i was in a darkroom that i had imprisoned myself in. i was waiting for you, for how long i wasn’t sure. i somehow believed that you would arrive. i was waiting in the corner of the room. that’s all i could do. and then the door opened. it wasn’t you.

    by valerie on 02.02.2011
  8. mind plays tricks
    shows one part of it, then the curtains change to reveal a completely different room
    you can bring a flashlight but you’ll only see one part of the picture at a time
    wish i could see the whole picture

    by Ander on 02.02.2011
  9. the flame in the sky
    darkroom burst with colour
    colour so rich you can make fun of it at the golf course
    you are my hearse
    take me on a roadtrip
    i wish i were a man
    so i could look into your eyes
    and see my

    by steph on 02.02.2011
  10. Darkroom. I felt the walls sealing up around me, threatening to cut off my oxygen. Darkroom. My thoughts shifted from fear to incredible terror. Darkroom. I knew I had to get out. Darkroom. Save me.

  11. I sit on the floor
    Waiting for the last red streak of my candle
    To go out

  12. She sat in the darkroom, just listening to the soft whoosh of the air vents overhead, swirling around the smell of chemicals around her nose. She sat up, slowly, sliding her hands off her knees as she did so to grab her new prints off the counter before leaving.

    by FooFoo on 02.02.2011
  13. Developing pictures.
    In a dark, dark room.
    Of the things that haunt
    And bloom.

    Scared to be –
    Or to lose you.

  14. Reminds me of my junior year of high school when I took the graphic arts class. Another girl in the class and I spent most of the semester taking black and white photos and developing them in the darkroom. Of course we made things interesting.

  15. There is a dark room. It is filled with things of a human nature. This is an exercise in futility, the dark room says. Whatever that means, the ominous tone of the voice sends chills down your back. This is not home, this is not an illusion, this is life.

  16. The darkroom. That’s how I really met him. I had known him for years. Hated him since the first day I met him. In the darkroom we began talking about everything. Anything. The entire universe was fair game for discussion. I fell in love in the darkroom with the one man I have ever hated. Thank God he never saw how he made me feel.

    by cnhenry on 02.02.2011
  17. I am in a dark room. What is this dark room you ask? It is a place inside my psyche, a place filled with discontent and loneliness. Where is the light switch? It is in a place far unreachable to me. I don’t even remember there being a light switch when I came upon this place the first time I was to enter it.

    by Zach on 02.02.2011
  18. strange, red, hissing, secrets seven minutes, warm lips, like pedals moon explosions

    by matt pigg on 02.02.2011
  19. The snow falls
    onto your face,
    like the light dissolving
    a photograph
    in a darkroom,
    sliding off like
    dissolving your eyes
    from my view,
    melting your cheekbones
    and facial hair,
    becoming only a blur
    in my mind.

  20. The dark room tends to be a bland place. Despite it’s absence of light, its ambient red waves that dance accross surfaces only to simmer slowly to black it isn’t a great place for a murder.Still, murder happened anyway.

  21. stairways leading to the perpetual nothing that is the dark room
    where only the dim lighting of another world illuminates the face of the insomniac of a women.
    silhouette of hate

    by Claudia Dominqie on 02.02.2011
  22. darkroom? okay… well i suppose its a room thats dark. normaly used for making photos.

    by christopher on 02.02.2011
  23. Darkroom. A place for lover and people with friends. a place for creative and thoughtful people. Nothing separates them from pure thought

    by Laine on 02.02.2011
  24. in the dark room stood a figure of a man. he did not know who it was but could only make out the shape of the man. he was wearing a hat and a long trench coat. he stood frozen and paralyzed with fear. the figure did not move.

    by dana on 02.02.2011
  25. I feel lost and scared and I have no idea what to think, the fears of the past come to life and are inescapable. No where to hide and nothing to think about except for the things I hate the most. Confrontation at its finest, no light to be found.

    by Cathy on 02.02.2011
  26. This is the place where I first learned how to love photography. I will never forget my first time in a darkroom. It changed me and my life forever. It gave me a hobby that I’m passionate about. It let me clear my head and create new ideas all at the same time. I wish I could go there again.

    by Lindsay on 02.02.2011
  27. Darkroom. What does this mean? All of my friends that know the first thing about photography use this term all of the time… Carter.. Laura.. Amy.. I have no idea what it is though. haha. I just go along for the ride. Maybe once I get to art school I’ll figure it out! Maybe maybe baby.

  28. I walked blindly along the corridors of my brand new highschool. My shoes were going to smell so bad after today because when I get nervous, my feet sweat like crazy. I looked down at my schedule for the hundredth time, then finally decided to open a door to find some help. I grabbed the first one I turned to and opened it.

    “Excuse me, can you he-”
    “Oh my God! Shut the door you idiot!”
    “My pictures are ruined!”

  29. A room without preconceptions or impurities where ideas take to light in the darkness – it is devoid of judgement and entirely conceptual. With bright red eyes we are able to navigate the void to nuture our art, the fruit of a loving labor, and watch as color spreads over photographic paper. Given time, the snapshots are removed, fresh bursts of color born from a place utterly lacking.

    by Terexa on 02.02.2011