February 3rd, 2011 | 470 Entries

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470 Entries for “wrench”

  1. wrench is a tool i sometimes use it to fix my bike if it is broken if i have to take off my tire than i will use a wrench

    By Jayton URL on 02.04.2011

  2. i dont kno what wrench is so i dont have a idea what it mean or what it is.

    By red neck URL on 02.04.2011

  3. My dad uses all sorts of tools to fix things around our house like wrenches screwdrivers and hammers. I love to watch him work for me it is a fun experience.

    By emmaliegh URL on 02.04.2011

  4. it is a tool that my dad uses and i help him with it it is reely fon and he thinks so to and i ges that is all i have to say.

    By emmers URL on 02.04.2011

  5. wrench is a tool . Every one can use . and i dont no what else to say about them…My step dad uses wrenches for fixing his car and e always says to gey hima wrench

    By stillmoon URL on 02.04.2011

  6. Is a tool that a lot of people use. For instance to build a house or fix an object. They can be used for many things. They are very commonly used and very helpful.

    By Jewels URL on 02.04.2011

  7. Iits a tool you use to work on with like cars or almost anything broken it can be fun you can hit people with it and yeah it can be fun so hurt people with it and have fun.

    By shadowkisz URL on 02.04.2011

  8. dont know what it is.

    By red neck URL on 02.04.2011

  9. he grabbed the wrench and twisted it around the screw until the door fell at his feet. he was free. after thirteen days, he was free.

    By victoria URL on 02.04.2011

  10. my heart turned
    it twisted all up behind my rib cage as if the tool of your words could reach it and do such harm.

    By svsavage URL on 02.04.2011

  11. Why do I find myself holding a wrench once again? I was actually going for the hammer seeing as I’m reroofing my home. A wrench would just hinder the process. Hey! Get me a hammer, will you? This bites, forgetting the toolbox on the ground. I should have brought it up here with me. Now I’m sitting on the roof in the scolding hot sun and getting more behind.

    By ashley URL on 02.04.2011

  12. i wrenched in sunlight to twist my anklr,i pulled immediately so that i can get out off the pain.

    By sairam on 02.04.2011

  13. You were a wrench
    that twisted my heart
    you curled it up
    till it fell apart
    you fell to the floor
    covered in blood
    my heart was too sore
    you messed me all up

    By roya on 02.04.2011

  14. Wrenched from life, from sould. Nothing ever matters because it is always taken from you. You never know when it will be taken, it just always is. Happiness is built up to sadness. Sadness is always there, lingering in the background, waiting to be centerfold yet again. Things weren’t meant to be happy all the time. Why? Nobody knows. Nobody can know. Why would we want to know? These things are not meant to be known.

    By Sarah URL on 02.04.2011

  15. it’s what I use to fix things when things are broken and I don’t know if I can actually fix it by just adjusting or turning or maybe it’s a matter of simply turning a small amount to keep the water from coming in…of course it’s also a kink in things and I think that’s the biggest problem, the damn wrench in things…

    By Samz on 02.04.2011

  16. Wrench reminds me of Rachet and Clank. It’s a video game and this Lombax has a wrench because they are supposed to like to fix things and be really intelligent. It’s pretty interesting. Killing things with a wrench, I mean. Who wouldn’t like to do that every once and a while? Of course there’s wrenching things from people’s hands too. But I don’t know that’s not as cool as a video game.

    By Molly Paige on 02.04.2011

  17. when I was young all I saw is my father fixing thing yet, all he used was a magical wrench.

    By lawfullx URL on 02.04.2011

  18. Wrench, bench, quench.
    Quench my thirst on a bench while holding a wrench.
    I’m tired of this word.

    By Camila URL on 02.04.2011

  19. I already did this one once before…I gotta stop doing this… -_-

    By AG Stewart URL on 02.04.2011

  20. I don’t use a wrench very often. I don’t have any tools. I have no need to ever use one. My dad has some in the garage.

    By lizzyb97 URL on 02.04.2011

  21. theres lots of types of wrenchs like fixed ones and widening ones. we have both types.

    By just582 URL on 02.04.2011

  22. wrench is a tool that helps creates parts to a whole

    By nicholas hawkins on 02.04.2011

  23. I say it slipped. That her hand slipped from mine and that’s why she fell. But I’m lying. It wasn’t an accident, I could have held on longer. But she wrenched her hand from mine and plummeted from the rooftop. She killed herself. That’s what nobody can ever know.

    By fionars URL on 02.04.2011

  24. Wrench


    Wrench it around

    Where’s the damned wrench?!

    I wrenched my wrist

    Wrenches are essential for all American men, even if they never use them.

    By Barak Rosenbloom (TimeNative) URL on 02.04.2011

  25. I’ve got this word before. I think of cluedo and a mess and a lot of blood if that game ever was too be real. Making this association scares me in a way, but then again, that association is entirely logical. Cluedo makes a lot more sense than most other things would. Think about it.

    By Lisekarel on 02.04.2011

  26. “Wait, I can’t get it out of there. It’s stuck. You guys got a wrench?”
    “Sure!” I say.”Let me go find the toolbox.”
    I fumble around the bar, looking under the cabinets until I finally find the orange toolbox.
    “Figures.” I say to myself. “A huge toolbox and no fucking wrench.”

    By Umaul URL on 02.04.2011

  27. what, tool. guys. dirty, workshop. contruction. mud, mexico, red, donkeys, panchos. Jesus. donkeys, cows. ngombe. swahili. easy, fun random. exciting love, desperate longing. letting go.

    By Rachel on 02.04.2011

  28. The gun discharged as I tried to wrench it from her grasp. We momentarily stopped our struggle. I didn’t feel like I had been shot and I was about to renew the struggle, when she let out a gasp and released the weapon voluntarily. I turned to follow her gaze and saw where the bullet went. Blood ran through her lover’s fingers as he held his hand to the side of his head.

    By Doug McIntire URL on 02.04.2011

  29. Wrenches are handy when one wishes to work on cars. They are also useful for women who have had enough of traditional dildos and want more of a challenge.

    By Conor O'Riordan on 02.04.2011

  30. A wrench is a tool that I use to fix things.

    This tool can fix a lot of toilets, but it can’t fix a broken heart.

    That’s what gorilla glue is for.

    I think wrenches are heavy, and weird looking. Stop making tools look so perverted.

    By Katie URL on 02.04.2011