February 26th, 2013 | 271 Entries

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271 Entries for “bleeding”

  1. red.
    blood nose.
    when the skin is torn off and blood comes out.
    bloody knife.
    horror stories.
    world word.
    pass away.
    internal bleeding.

    By bec woods on 02.26.2013

  2. Blood cells come from marrow inside your bones. Blood is pumped through 4 chambers in the heart. The left atrium, the right atrium, the left ventricle and the right ventricle. Bleeding is when blood exits the human body. Blood is carried through veins in your body that travel to all of your import organs. Blood carries the nuitrients needed for organs to survive.blood is blue with low oxygen and is red with high oxygen.when the human skin is cut or sliced open blood drips out and causes bleeding.

    By Alice on 02.26.2013

  3. knife.

    By Caterina URL on 02.26.2013

  4. red, hurt, fall, sanitize, plasma, iron, sickle cell, anemia, transfusion,

    By kaelynn on 02.26.2013

  5. DEATH

    By BYRON on 02.26.2013

  6. With each question and curiosity I bleed onto the person next to me. Have you ever wondered? don’t you see how fascinating the world can be? The questions that wrack my brain as I sit stuck in a fluorescent light bulb are far off from the world of humanities. I look at the overgrown and unkempt beard as I’m told that my thoughts are ludicrous. How could I be farther from the truth. My curiosity is bleeding while I’m thirsting for knowledge. He sees me as a fountain of youth that’s spitting back at him. I cling dearly to truth in a mirror that is unbent by the cruelty of years.

    By masked habit on 02.26.2013

  7. blood
    not nice
    needs fixing
    falling over

    By sianan price on 02.26.2013

  8. I was washing the dishes when i go distracted by a bird flying by the window, that wasn’t too good because i was washing the sharpest knife, it sliced across my hand and i didn’t even realize i was bleeding

    By MiaParker URL on 02.26.2013

  9. blood
    vampires need blood
    mosies need blood to
    i hate hurting myself that will make me bleed

    By sarah mcnair URL on 02.26.2013

  10. I tripped over the end of my white sandals and feel hands and knees first onto the ground. As I maneuvered myself around I looked at my knees and my red tights were ripped – that was what I was most upset about. My knees were grazed and the same colour as my tights.

    By Nancy URL on 02.26.2013

  11. #yolo

    By #yolo URL on 02.26.2013

  12. the blood dripped from the cold colourless lips of the vampire.

    By ruby hibbins URL on 02.26.2013

  13. Blood is pretty weird i guess. it flows through your body all day every day for your whole life. from before you are born, till almost after you die. its a red liquid made from red and white tiny cells…… not sure why people are scared of it… kinda weird.

    By Jess Gleeson on 02.26.2013

  14. the man was beading out in the dimmed alley.
    he needed to get to a hospital before it was to late.
    he crawled to the street

    By Matt URL on 02.26.2013

  15. I looked down. My hand was bleeding. The shot must have grazed me, but there was so much adrenaline flowing that I didn’t even notice until everything was over.

    Across the field, my enemy lay on the ground. He was bleeding a lot more
    than I was.

    By chipschap URL on 02.26.2013

  16. The words bleed out of the page and into my shaking fingers as I try desperately to grasp their meaning.

    By MBat URL on 02.26.2013

  17. You are all bleeding, pinching the cut to hasten the red, and you hold up your paper cut to the world and cry as if your throat has just been sliced open.

    By LILYhibiku URL on 02.26.2013

  18. hurts. makes my stomach turn. what do i do. what does the person do. everyone is probably watching. will it show that im not that good of person? or is it just my insecurities or maybe a sickness that i would be thinking about what others think of me at a time like this? is this what everyone’s thinking? why does that even matter.

    By Vieira Vargas on 02.26.2013

  19. blood, blood, clots
    red rubies
    golden value
    the essential
    not felt
    warm, warm, fluidity

    By Katherine on 02.26.2013

  20. My soul is bleeding. Crying out for you. I need you now and i dont know why. I dont know why my body yearns for you. Wants you. Needs you. Your my sugar coated salt-encrusted addiction that I just can’t shake.

    By Amara on 02.26.2013

  21. I just read a poem about a girl who pricks her finger with a sewing needle. I remember how much and how little it hurts to do that. Skin has all the nerves for caressing and yet can slough off painlessly. All of our cells switch out after seven years. Eventually I will never have touched you.

    By Melanie URL on 02.26.2013

  22. As young girls we were always taught not to be afraid of blood or anything else that came out of our bodies. How can we recoil at the thought of something we would hopefully see every month? Of course, this was just a precursor to the toughening up of women as a whole.

    By ~ URL on 02.26.2013

  23. The pain traveling up my arm, the blood pooling at my feet. I never imaged that this would happen not even for a second. I all was some horrible mista

    By Hanna on 02.26.2013

  24. This terrifies me. not your literal blood. energy in you, you spill out onto others, mussing up what could have been an ok day with awful stains of regret. Air goes in and out, blood round and round, any divergence form this pattern is a problem. Bambulance attendants can fix those problems. But I Can Not handle your emotional gushing. You think because it’s deep and running profusely that it’s an emergency, but you do this to yourself All The Time. You let people’s actions cut you so deeply that you’re barely holding on and expecting someone else to be your life force. Insults go in and out, gossip goes round and round, and you’re still alive. You have control.

    By Ceej Webb on 02.26.2013

  25. i was shocked when i found out about my mother’s heart condition. She cried to me “Brent, help me son! my heart is bleeding out around me! do soething!” terrified i grabbed the phone and called for the police. they didn’t come in time and i hvent seen my mother since

    By Fantasythinker URL on 02.26.2013

  26. all the lies, the stress, betrayals,
    with claims of love mixed in
    making a sickening soul soup of emotions
    but the soup is bleeding

    By Miss Ann Thrope URL on 02.26.2013

  27. all the lies, the stress, betrayals,
    with claims of love mixed in
    making a sickening soul soup of emotions
    but the soup is bleeding

    By Miss Ann Thrope URL on 02.26.2013

  28. I couldn’t stop it, it was overwhelming. The cuts were getting deeper but i couldn’t stop. What’s happening to me? I can’t control this. Help, i need help. I don’t know when it started, i don’t know if it can be helped I just want to get better.

    By Laura on 02.26.2013

  29. Oh my god! Jerry went to the hospital with a huge gash on the left side of his forehead. People were screaming at the site of him. Doctors rushed to do what they could for him. But it was too late. Jerry died a single lonely, guilty man with a ton of secrets…especially the secret of him actually being a her.

    By Jessica on 02.26.2013

  30. if i were bleeding i would want to put a bandaid on my wound or i would want to go to the hospital to see a dr and have the would sutured. if i were bleeding i would not want to get blood all over the floor.

    By Fran on 02.26.2013

  31. cut and out it comes

    By Aley URL on 02.26.2013

  32. I have been bleeding from my finger tips all day,
    marking everything I touch with a
    vibrant, honest smear.
    I’m not sorry about the pink finger prints
    between the pages of my research paper
    or the red streak I left between your shoulder blades.

    By smnthbll on 02.26.2013

  33. The bleeding didn’t stop. It started as a slow trickle, and they had told him it would be fine. So he kept pushing, kept up the routine that was killing him. The blood was everywhere.

    By Archori URL on 02.26.2013

  34. My vision dims as the warm red pool spreads in front of me. I heard the shot go off, and then I fell. I hear screams.

    By Murray on 02.26.2013

  35. bleeding all over the floor. I hope it’s from my stomach, I have bleeding to spare there. I could do with less there. What a shallow thing to think at a time like this? I’m bleeding and I’m conditioned to make it an optimistic moment for my weight loss goals. I seriously need a priority check.

    By Park URL on 02.26.2013

  36. She was bleeding really bad and he didn’t even answer the phone. She kept trying and trying until she instinctively threw the phone and kneeled down in pain.

    By carry-me-home-tonight on 02.26.2013

  37. Colours swirling
    Separate once, now uniting
    Creating new
    Out of old, out of separate
    Bleeding into the others

    By Murball URL on 02.26.2013

  38. it was red and sticky and hot and it coated her hands, her knees, her arms, everything. it hurt. it felt like fire burning her stomach and racing up her organs. the taste was metallic and clogged her nose and sent her stomach flip-flopping.

    By stratospheres clouds on 02.26.2013

  39. The dog lay bleeding in the middle of the road, panting, as the incredulous woman looked down at it. Two seconds before the car had hit it, her son had been standing in that spot.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 02.26.2013

  40. Drops pour from my hands
    Slipping through my fingers

    I bleed

    I bleed out my soul
    My life

    I bleed all of this
    Out into just three words
    That I know you cannot return

    And that is why they bleed from me

    Because with each drop
    It burns me
    And takes away a small piece of me

    And with each word
    A thousand drops
    Bleed from me

    Until after the third word has left my bloodless lips

    I am empty

    And have bled out everything that I am
    And was
    And could have been

    All for you

    By Maci_M URL on 02.26.2013