February 25th, 2013 | 219 Entries

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219 Entries for “startled”

  1. josseled

    By barnes.m on 02.26.2013

  2. The meaning of starled is to be suprized.
    I was very starled. .

    By Matthew on 02.26.2013

  3. suprized, scared,

    By Hannah on 02.26.2013

  4. Does it shock
    you to know
    eternity will reach an end
    life will close its eyes
    your day will be over
    your body older
    feet colder
    sagging shoulder on a pillow
    while you contemplate this reality
    Truth does not exist
    but it is reality, and you can either
    accept it
    or reject it.

    By Octowhat on 02.26.2013

  5. Startled means that someone pushed you or scared you.

    By barnes.m on 02.26.2013

  6. I was startled by my friend on Halloween because of her mask. green scary frighented

    By shepard.k on 02.26.2013

  7. I was startled when I heard that awful secret it a humongous secret and I wasn’t aloud to spit it out but I couldn’t help it I told everybody i mean everybody

    By Sebastian on 02.26.2013

  8. She woke up in the middle of the night, evrything in her life felt like it was bearing down on her. She never knew what could be lurking in the dark, and that frightened her. The shadows crept up, taking everything over in her mind. She’s finally broke and lost control.

    By Craig on 02.26.2013

  9. i woke up one day and i could see
    through skeletons and walls

    like one-fifth of superman

    saw you in the street with the wind
    in your hair, being beautiful

    and saw something else too

    your ribs caging nothing, your blood
    unruly and directionless

    suppose that’s what happens

    when you give your heart away. it’s
    beating in my handbag

    heavy, stone-cold, and gray.

    By isa on 02.26.2013

  10. The cat startled me. It was only a fart, but I was so stoned I was just in the “zone”. Who wouldn’t be startled by a giant fart from a big old dog. bad dog.

    By Ladyakp on 02.26.2013

  11. I was starteled by the thunder because I’m not used to it , my brother got starteled too

    By Jocelyn on 02.26.2013

  12. You have to know how much she loves you. Hope is brimming in her eyes.
    The way she stares when you’re not looking; This can’t come as a surprise.
    One mention of your name is enough to startle her awake
    She wished on every star for you, and that’s her worst mistake.

    By Carly URL on 02.26.2013

  13. Scared
    Up set because you are scared

    By Alicia on 02.26.2013

  14. My dog got startled when it was sleeping and I touched it. It jerked awake and looked at me with a death stare.

    By Donovan on 02.26.2013

  15. I got startled wen imwas at Halloween it was startled and started means scared or surprised and was the startled ever and in birthdays i got startled in my birthday.

    By Diego on 02.26.2013

  16. scared, frightened, worried, not berry happy, scary looking face ,scared on halloween

    By jamelin on 02.26.2013

  17. statled meaning is a feel of sudden shock or sound .

    By nidhi on 02.26.2013

  18. ohh, me oh my, what happens? the little girl said. “i dont think you’re allowed to be here” she heard a rusty mans voice said

    By thea on 02.26.2013

  19. Sitting precariously on the window sill in the library, Matt was intently watching the raindrops fall, thinking of how to approach Amelia. He had seen her several times in the hallway, and she had immediately caught his eye. Most of the other girls, over-bubbly with nothing worthwhile to say. But she was different, he couldn’t put his finger on how but she was. During this inner thought, a deep clap of thunder rumbled outside, catching Matt off guard and making him topple onto the carpet. With his face in the carpet, he heard a laugh from above and with dread he rose to the familiar sound. Standing over him, barely containing herself was Amelia, grinning from ear-to-ear. Quickly getting up and feeling his face turning red, he said “I-I was just startled…” Ending her laugh as quickly as she started, she then replied “I love the lightning and thunder. It just brings… this sort of excitement with it, a type that just sets your heart pumping with joy. ” Matt stared at her, mystified at this girl. “I suppose.” he said, trying to keep it cool. “I’m glad you agree!” And with that, she dashed off behind a bookcase, leaving Matt perplexed. “A bit strange, but not in a bad way.” he muttered, as he regained his seat on the window sill.

    By Lady Kitsune on 02.26.2013