February 26th, 2013 | 271 Entries

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271 Entries for “bleeding”

  1. it was red and sticky and hot and it coated her hands, her knees, her arms, everything. it hurt. it felt like fire burning her stomach and racing up her organs. the taste was metallic and clogged her nose and sent her stomach flip-flopping. her vision was cloudy and dark and her body felt like a sack of hammers. everything was slow and hazy, and make her head pound.

    By earth's monsters on 02.26.2013

  2. The man bled out on the floor. “How could you?” The woman was holding a gun. It was metallic, deadly. She had loved him, she had thought she loved him, for years. This wasn’t the case. This was never the case. She had been sent to kill him, and she had grown fond of him. but all things must end, in one way or another.

    By Aiden URL on 02.26.2013

  3. I

    By Jenni URL on 02.26.2013

  4. when i was little, my neighbor used to say blood tasted like pee. i liked the taste of blood, which, combined with my sharp canine teeth, made me quite a vampire-ish little girl. bleeding is the kind of thing that makes you think.

    By lela on 02.26.2013

  5. i’m bleeding out. on the band-aids, on the cloth, is the red. the red of my pain and my loss. every word i said to you is bled out. every time i cried is bleeding out. everything. every mistake…bleeds…out.

    By april 5 on 02.26.2013

  6. I am bleeding on the inside. No it’s not real blood, it’s more like a strong flow of all the doubts and hurdles of life heartily swelling in every vein.

    By Kerry on 02.26.2013

  7. The blood gushed from his open wound. He clutched at the gaping hole on his neck and gasped a final breath before falling to the ground. He had lost.

    By Jonathan Burgess on 02.26.2013

  8. it’s running here, it’s falling there. i see it on you, your broken hands. why are you so sad? where’d you go? i want this hole, this wall, this heart of yours to be whole again.

    By Lu on 02.26.2013

  9. With each question and curiosity I bleed onto the person next to me. Have you ever wondered? don’t you see how fascinating the world can be? The questions that wrack my brain as I sit stuck in a fluorescent light bulb are far off from the world of humanities. I look at the overgrown and unkempt beard as I’m told that my thoughts are ludicrous. I couldn’t be farther from the truth. My curiosity is bleeding while I’m thirsting for knowledge. He sees me as a fountain of youth that’s spitting back at him. I cling dearly to truth in a mirror that is unbent by the cruelty of years.

    By Elysian on 02.26.2013

  10. bleeding a silent fluid from things not cut. so hard to find attention for such invisible wounds, and when I plea for stitches or bandages, I am looked upon as healthy fool, triaged always into the wrong branch.

    By dominguez URL on 02.26.2013

  11. My heart is bleeding from past wounds of my soul that were beginning to heal but were torn open

    By Avis Radford on 02.26.2013

  12. Is how my heart feels from inside. I feel like I’m going to bleed out. I miss him so much, this is pure agony. I can’t believe Ill never see him again. I wish he knew, I wish he could see that my bleeding, severed, open wounded heart still belongs to him. And it always will.

    By Cat on 02.26.2013

  13. i look down and i see it. My heart; bleeding. Blood runs through the gaping hole in my chest; My life flow out from within me. I eyes pan over to you, holding the knife as it drips with blood.

    By konrad on 02.26.2013

  14. I was bleeding badly as my wound opened slightly. It was a bad bite from a rabid dog.

    By Brayden on 02.26.2013

  15. The red water seeps from my eyes, scratching my cheeks in its brutal downpour. I knew I would weep for my beloved.

    By Ruby Allen on 02.26.2013

  16. His mouth won’t stop bleeding, bleeding with words. They don’t stop coming out, flowing out of his mouth like blood. If thIs bleeding does not stop I think my head will explode! Stop bleeding all these words out of your mouth.

    By Caran on 02.26.2013

  17. I was bleeding no doubt. And all this red red wine coming out of my person was the proof. Now i was gonna die. Like a chipmunk dies when you hit it in the road. Well i guess these things happen…

    By Galgosh on 02.26.2013

  18. I’m bleeding. It’s rushing down my face, in my eyes. I’m blind. Am I dead? No, no, no, it’s not blood. Water. Glorious, beautiful rain. I open my eyes. I’m not blind. I see so clearly threw the glassy sheets of rain, as though they were windows.

    By Nicole Klostermann on 02.26.2013

  19. I’m bleeding. Blood rushing down my face and in my eyes. I’m blind. Am I dead? No, not blood. Water. Glorious, beautiful rain. I open my eyes. I can see so clearly, as though the sheets of rain were pristine windows.

    By Nicole Klostermann on 02.26.2013

  20. I’m not sure how it happened. In a violent flash of movement, his knife was in my arm and the damage was done. I didn’t have time to gasp. I just clutched wildly at the wound with my good arm, bleeding out my lifeblood onto the cold checkered tiles.

    By WearyWater URL on 02.26.2013

  21. I lay bleeding on the floor. He reaches out and I turn away. The ground changes the blood from warm to cold. I am cold. I scramble, tugging and tugging away trying to escape him. He means no harm but that does not mean he didn’t cause it.

    By Caroline on 02.26.2013

  22. For heavy bleeding, start with imanual compression and a dose of pitocin IM or IV if you have one going. If that doesn’t work, cytoec is my next choice, preferaby given rectally, and then there is metherigine IM post-placemta if the patient is not hypertensive. If bleeding persists,

    By cadypie on 02.26.2013

  23. her finger was beeding deep dark red, and formed a bubble at the tip, which wold dri pdown the side. Then, thais would happen again and would continue to happen without pressure. Those lastick tieback used in packaging are impossible to remove without a b;ade, and this is a dangerous thing for fingertips.

    By cadypie on 02.26.2013

  24. she was bleeding all over the place, the floor was completely red, and the grey of the walls did not help the mood of the scene. She suddenly heard a knocking coming from upstairs, who could it be?

    By Maybeth Hurtado on 02.26.2013

  25. My wound has healed well, It used to be an open, gaping whole that blood, my very life source, poured out of like a waterfall. Now, I know longer bleed. My heart has healed with invisible stitches and you help it hurt a little less every day. You’ve helped me heal and move on.

    By Sarah on 02.26.2013

  26. bleeding from where? from a wound from your body? well its generally a sign of immediate need for medical assistance or first aid and there is no need to panic unless there is a lot of bleeding well then you need some ER treatment it is highly recommended you stay around people at all times if you are naturally prone to getting hurt.

    By jasmine on 02.26.2013

  27. Blood rushes through my fingers. Words ring in my ears and pound in my heart. My blood should be flowing to the ground, not yours. Never yours. Tears, blood, rain. Bleeding.

    By Nicole K. on 02.26.2013

  28. gushing is not very fun. Textures and swirls of red clashing with variations against the pureness of belongings surrounding me. Splatter. Splash. Slip. Stain. The pain courses through my vains and the juice is the result.

    By Caroline Conard on 02.26.2013

  29. My heart because it aches for love. It is ready. It wants to love and be loved. Not in a bad way, but it needs to be fed.

    By Joyce on 02.26.2013

  30. so many people are bleeding and don’t even know it. their souls are hemoraging aboundlessly. How do we stop it, there is only one that will and has bled for you and died. so you might Live.

    By Lidia on 02.26.2013

  31. My heart bled once. It bled day and night, then from night today. It bled today, and yester day and it will bleed tomorrow. Why, it’s bleeding as I type. My heart bleeding into my words.

    By DPS URL on 02.26.2013

  32. The heart stopped it’s bleeding. It’s dried up not beating. The body is over heating. Maggots and creature of the earth. Start to feed and rebirth upon it’s skin. Hanging loose and pulled up tight. Against the bones. Creatures make homes. Rotting inside. Where this person died.

    By Marni on 02.26.2013

  33. she bled from leg which had been cut from the rusty nail. she cried and cried without actually acting upon the would that kept oozing part of her. she had to stop it soon before she was in a dangerous position health wise. she screamed and that’s all she could do, though.

    By Samantha on 02.26.2013

  34. there was a bleeding of my heart—-it spilled. wide. red. deep. full. the floor was covered. i did everything i could to get down there to clean it but the damage was done. the bleeding stopped. there was nothing left. i stood straight and watched it all. empty.

    By Safon on 02.26.2013

  35. I’m bleeding. I don’t really know why I’m surprised, the bullet went right through me. I guess I just wasn’t expecting to bleed quite this much.
    It’s quiet. Good. I don’t think I could’ve handled it if it wasn’t.
    I lay here dying, staring up at the stars. And I’m thinking, this isn’t how I wanted to go. I wanted to touch those stars some day. I guess fate isn’t always on my side.

    By Addie URL on 02.26.2013

  36. I am bleeding somewhere inside, but I feel it flooding the outside. My throat is full of it, and I am choking.

    By darseyrsm URL on 02.26.2013

  37. Dripping blood somone crying in pain and horror and redness from inside your body coming out of u and it drips down from any place of the body and nothing to really do about it or a vampire drinking the dripping blood from your neck.

    By skylarkin on 02.26.2013

  38. I have been wondering why things are they way that they are. I was bleeding again. I knew that this time was not going to be the last and that it would be another day after I sat and thought, just thinking and watching the blood roll down toward the water

    By Zenjah on 02.26.2013

  39. it’s a scary thing to watch the elixer of my life pour out of my body. the smell, the taste…it’s not something that should be taken outside of someone’s body…out of someone’s world. it can be a sign of victory, but it can be a sign of defeat.

    By Zenjah on 02.26.2013

  40. Sometimes internal bleeding is a real pain in the ass. Why is this liquid suffering available? Why do I have to clean up afterwards? I’ll tell you why, and it’s because the systematic drippings grows evermore tiring to clean up as you wait. I hate blood, and all of their affiliates. Sometimes I even wish I could

    By Grant URL on 02.26.2013