December 16th, 2014 | 107 Entries

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107 Entries for “beyond”

  1. There it was. Just beyond her horizon, out of her grasp. That small, growing feeling tugged at her heart. Why couldn’t she just reach a little farther, burn a little brighter. Make everyone help her reach farther than she knew she ever could on her own. All she needed was a smile, that slight turn up of a woman’s lips, a man holding the door at the bank before it closed. She needed something tangible to hold onto, to show her children everything would be alright.

    By Rena URL on 12.16.2014

  2. This argument went beyond a mere burnt ham for dinner. This was indicative of Rosie and Ephraim’s entire relationship. They had always been, to use a silly culinary metaphor, a little charred and blackened around the edges. The middle of the dish was still good to eat, but once you nibbled towards the corners, you got the disgusting taste of ash in your mouth. Rosie and Ephraim’s relationship was now just the overly cooked parts of what could have been a bountiful meal.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.16.2014

  3. He was beyond recovery. There wasn’t anything anymore that could save him. Now he has to prepare himself on entering a world anyone has never seen before.

    By Alice Shina on 12.16.2014

  4. What was his name? The nutter in the loon-bin with me, who’d talk about cars in such a way that I knew he was really talking about me. “Do you see that?” he turned to me and smiled as he pointed to some “graffitti” written on the wall to his left. “It says, to infinity and beyond!” It was like he wanted me to get it, to understand something important. The walls are trying to speak to you Amanda, “Allison”, Persephone Rising, Alice. they’re trying to speak to you.

    I knew that already. The fragments jossled and slipped through meaningful like sand in permanence, in foundation.

    By RuneNotMoth on 12.16.2014

  5. There wasn’t anywhere to look in the field, but beyond it and into the woods, there was a statue that had been there for decades, and no one dared try and discover. There were rumours of where it was, but just looking at it was to go slightly mad…to take one’s mind beyond where it was meant to be.

    By Rmund URL on 12.16.2014

  6. I am transcending beyond my ordinary consciousness to a level where I can manifest my destiny and purpose while living out my dreams.

    By Nikki on 12.16.2014

  7. Beyond just the edge of the mind lies in wait a wealth of potential yet acknowledged by mordeb day man.

    By Pure Filth URL on 12.16.2014

  8. Is there even a possibility of it? As she scraped her tennis shoes across the pavement, she wondered if there was anything at all beyond the closed-minded, narrrow hometown of hers. She wished more than ever to find it, wherever it was. Anywhere but here.

    By Lucie K. URL on 12.16.2014

  9. Sometimes-I feel your heart residing with mine. I miss you more than mere words can express. My love for you spans beyond the horizon.
    You know! Beyond the horizon…
    where souls journey
    where truth runs naked and love lives unscathed.
    Beyond the pain of letting you go- beyond the pain of your leaving.
    You surely know! My love for you is beyond recall

    By carol saffen URL on 12.16.2014

  10. They came home late. The Christmas party was fun, and thankfully they took a cab home. His roommates were already passed out. One on the floor, another face down on the table. How much did they drink?

    “This is so beyond.” She said.

    By dan URL on 12.16.2014

  11. She tried to look beyond the here and now, but that wasn’t reality. To try to predict the future was senseless, for we never know what tomorrow may bring.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 12.16.2014

  12. I looked up at the night sky. We were both laying on our backs, but I knew he was already asleep. “He looked so peaceful,” I thought as I glanced over at him. I knew it would have to end soon, this thing, whatever this was, between us. Anyway, he lived in a different state and was about to graduate. Somehow in my heart, I knew what we had was beyond us.

    By Jen Danger on 12.16.2014

  13. Jenna had always loved space. When she was younger she would stare up at the sky, wondering what could be beyond the inky blackness. She dreamed of being an astronaut or some type of astronomer. But then the war came and space travel for humans was banned.

    By Anna Acebo on 12.16.2014

  14. Jenna had always loved space. When she was younger she would stare up at the sky, wondering what could be beyond the inky blackness. She dreamed of being an astronaut or some type of astronomer. But then the war came and space travel for humans was banned. It had been a short war, and a pitiful one at that. Jenna had just been around 7 when it all went down. As her world as she knew it crumbled, so did her dreams of visiting the stars.

    By adrianna URL on 12.16.2014

  15. fish fish fish fish

    By Courtney on 12.16.2014

  16. Beyond the edge of insanity lies waste. What was is how you got there, what is is how you will stay. Beyond the borders of enlightenment is what you are trying to achieve.

    By Ari URL on 12.16.2014

  17. sometimes the sky feels so small
    i want my sight to go as far as a bird can fly
    you told me about your garden, but it’s past where i can see

    By audrey URL on 12.16.2014

  18. Ever wonder what’s out there? Out beyond the known into the unknown?
    I sure have.
    And it was my curiosity that started it all.
    Unlike my mother, who was a natural born follower, and my father, who was away serving in the military, I had the curiosity of a young child and the

    By Katacomb URL on 12.16.2014

  19. The concept of beyond is a hard one to grasp, but it’s one that I always like to think about. What exists past what’s already known? What’s comprehensible? I want to go there. I want to discover something new. I don’t get that feeling enough in my life; I feel like I know what’s going to happen next all the time. I want to be surprised.

    By Conor URL on 12.16.2014

  20. there is nothing beyond,she said,as she looked across the horizon. then a small red head peaked in between and there he was, standing, holding a small life in his hands.

    By frankie on 12.16.2014

  21. beyond words
    beyond thoughts
    beyond fears
    beyond faith
    beyond courage
    and beyond strength
    what is it that makes you move ahead..?

    By Aya on 12.16.2014

  22. Beyond a certain limit even the best of managers cannot help. Bonding and teammwork needs individual participation, one irritable person is enough to put a cog in the wheel.

    By Fleme on 12.17.2014

  23. The tantrums and stupid behaviour of my boss is going beyond my patience level and it is starting to annoy my other colleagues too.

    By Ninad Ambre URL on 12.17.2014

  24. Beyond the realms of fear, you will find your actual capability. It is fear that restrains us, the fear of being good, the fear of being acceptable, the fear of being presentable. When you go beyond these, is when you find yourself moving ahead!

    By Omkar Thakur on 12.17.2014

  25. the idea in itself was out there, but the fact that they would have to execute it in a matter of moments was beyond comprehension. the dark was seeping in as was the light and the contrast rose the panic even more. unstable breaths and flushed cheeks filled the cramped space and the necessity to get the hell out became more and more pressing.

    By newt URL on 12.17.2014

  26. Dave sat down with a beer, and pondered his lot. He had burned through most of his savings for the legal fees, and the fight to get his children back took up most of his free time as well. Beyond that, he realised, he had little in his life to enjoy. But he was not sad, and did not regret it. He had to fight for his children. At that same moment, his daughter sat on her bed; also sad, and also regretting most things in her life. She too had little free time, being forced to look after her grandmother and brother. Neither of them realised that very soon, everything would change.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 12.17.2014

  27. to infinity and beyond. Beyond is a great word because it means that little bit further, there’s no limit to your possibilities, you can do your best aND BEYOND beyond is like when you’ve done enough but you keep trying and keep doing that little bit better but is it always worth it? Also spacially it’s like an exploration, you can go out travelling in the world and there’s always more to see yes I like this work

    By cate on 12.17.2014

  28. She was beyond herself as to what to do with her situation. Should she continue her wait for the man she loved? Or move on hoping he would finally show up to claim her.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 12.17.2014

  29. Jamal felt like one of his sister’s dollhouse figurines, lifeless and wooden. He sat, gripping the armrests of his mother’s favorite chair, in the back of the living room. For the first time in days, the house was filled with home-cooked food. If his mother were here, she’d tell him to stop moping and greet their guests. But she wasn’t. Wherever she was now, Jamal secretly wished he could be there too.

    By Soft URL on 12.17.2014

  30. there is an edge somewhere, a limit outside of which we cannot peer. I reach my hand into it, but by reaching, I create a new limit, outside of which we cannot peer. I reach my hand into it, but by reaching, I create a new limit, outside of which we cannot peer.

    By dominguez URL on 12.17.2014

  31. Tell me!
    You think you’ll get to her quick enough?!
    Over my dead body, Steve. She doesn’t have long.

    Now the Jade, or her life.

    By _warmblanket URL on 12.17.2014

  32. Just beyond the hedge, I looked and saw a beautiful garden! I couldn’t help myself from looking any closer so I jumped over the great big hedge and inched closer to the garden I could see more and more of the magnificent flowers and vines. Butterflies flew across from plant to plant. One of them landed on me, butterflies are good luck. In my own imagination I made a wish hoping it would come true.

    By Liberty Brouillette URL on 12.17.2014

  33. Beyond the edge of the sky are the stars
    Beyond the edge of the sky are the eyes
    Eyes of cats
    Eyes of heaven
    Eyes of eyes
    Beyond the edge of beyond
    is you
    Beyond the edge of beyond is hair and tears and love.
    That is


    By Rosetta Lucente on 12.17.2014

  34. the boy had been traveling for 3 days to get to the mountain.He knew that just beyond the mountain was a new life, a fresh start for a little stable boy.

    By Jennifer England on 12.17.2014

  35. As far as she could see, there was ocean. Beyond that, nothing. She was stranded on this island where the nights were cold with lots of bugs and the days were hot with blinding sand and nothing but ocean. She was terrified and there was nothing she could do to get rescued.

    By Fallon URL on 12.17.2014

  36. Beyond a dream, out of sight, listen to the stars. Wait for me, I’ll wait for you, forever beyond a dream.

    By Iris on 12.17.2014

  37. beyond the looks and the shared spaces
    beyond the foundation of friendship we’ve built
    there are where my feeling lay
    you make me want to do something I never do

    By dj on 12.17.2014

  38. beyond the headlines of what the media wants you to see
    the monster that is the media sculpts and distort the truth
    you see what they want you to see
    in this time of anger and injustice
    we have bounded together to show each other what they don’t want you to see
    beyond the media, is the truth

    By dj on 12.17.2014

  39. Beyond all hope and expectations, beyond our fears and walls of doubt, beyond these and more, we have the roar, the suspicious roar.

    By sharon URL on 12.17.2014

  40. There is a fine line between what was and what could have been, and that is beyond our understanding. It is beyond past and future, beyond feelings. There is nothing more important that what did happen and that is the only thing we need to grab on to to give reality to this world

    By enlasnubess on 12.17.2014