May 31st, 2013 | 157 Entries

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157 Entries for “barren”

  1. Quiet, cold. Sometimes hot though. Dry. All empty. What’s left after anger. Sometimes nice, though sometimes sad when a person is actually barren. Jesus, that’s sad. Blank, though not like untouched. Like touched-too-much, then had enough.

    By Celia on 05.31.2013

  2. Ouch. Oh. Deserts are barren and hot and a woman can be barren and cold. No seeds.

    By Nicole on 05.31.2013

  3. The cold, dark, abandoned barn surrounded her. It was barren from life, from sounds, from everything. Everything that is, except me. I watched her, and she looked around. She couldn’t see me. Of course, she couldn’t see anything. She couldn’t see her future like I could. All the pain that was ahead; I cried silently at the thought.

    By Maximillian on 05.31.2013

  4. Barren land. Oh oh oh oh.

    By MaryChua URL on 05.31.2013

  5. Barren lands spread out like a blanket over the earth. There was nothing in sight for miles and miles around. It seems that was as lost as anybody could be and I didn’t know where to start walking towards because every direction felt the same.

    By Rai on 05.31.2013

  6. Lets fill this barren land. With paint, with color, planets, smoke, and food. Bring down the stars and fill it up. Just fill it till it’s overflowing and resonates in the very air we breath. Our own pocket of the world.

    By Lyn URL on 05.31.2013

  7. i have no idea what i this word means or how you pronoun it, weird stuff! b a r r e n i don’t even know. call me not a dictionary or even literately knowledgeable but okay!

    By rachel on 05.31.2013

  8. The world was broken… and the place I loved most, suffered the most. This place, deficient though it was had been, had always been precious to me. It was where I learned to be strong. I found my companion here, and we both grew in grace and strength. I learned to bear up against those I loved and loathed here… And now, the very land… it’s rent in two, and lush plant life grows where our enemies abound. They dare to lay claim here. Insult to injury. My life seems as though it were a vague dream within a dream. Everything that I felt is so distant from me now… I am severed from myself. And I do not know how to mend what’s been broken.

    By MsMoon URL on 05.31.2013

  9. Empty. Unable to create. Typically to procreate, but maybe to create emotion. No light, no hope, no dreams. Endless, lifeless landscape. Void. Nothingness.

    By AADKINS on 05.31.2013

  10. space was not as barren as I thought. There were many things in space actually. Perhaps far away but it is definitely not barren

    By Evan URL on 05.31.2013

  11. Lifeless and dull, mother nature dreads this relm, and her brother thrives herein. Barren is the plains of death, and how thy memories fear the river Lethe.

    By Maddie King on 05.31.2013

  12. And I’m scared
    Because I’ve lost even more control since I’ve fallen for you.
    Because it’s no longer in my power if my heart shall break
    and my sea will be barren

    By Andrea URL on 05.31.2013

  13. the desert was bleak and barren. There wasn’t anything around except for floating tumbleweeds on the horizon. At night there were desert lizards. I will head back soon.

    By Mustacheese URL on 05.31.2013

  14. cracked pavement chaffs our feet.
    burning away dreams, raising the ghosts of defeat.
    but amidst the broken skies, drowning in the dryness of pain.
    chase the desert skies.

    i promise you,
    one day we’ll find the rain.

    By S URL on 05.31.2013

  15. cracked pavement chaffs our feet.
    burning away dreams, raising the ghosts of defeat.
    but amidst the heavy skies, drowning in the dryness of pain.
    chase the desert skies.

    i promise you,
    one day we’ll find the rain.

    By S URL on 05.31.2013

  16. cracked pavement chaffs our feet
    burning away dreams, raising ghosts of defeat.
    but amidst the broken skies, drowning in the dryness of pain,
    chase the desert skies, because one day, we’ll soon find rain.

    By S URL on 05.31.2013

  17. Life was barren without her. All I could think about was how much my life seemed empty without her in it. Even the days where all we did was send a text or two seemed much more alive then they do now. I wish I had her back. She was all I could think about and now she’s gone.

    By Rose on 05.31.2013

  18. The barren womb is often considered a type of curse. The barren desert breeds no life.

    By Leslie on 05.31.2013

  19. There is a happy place but full of fear. This is society and its rules only. For some it’s easy. The smart ones know it’s hard. We live in fear of dying, some want death. We life in fear of light, some people want light. We know these things because of our own different experiences.

    By Johanna URL on 05.31.2013

  20. The woods looked like a war had passed through them. Trees crimped and bent, the grass starved for sun and air, no sound of bird or insect. Even the wind seemed daunted and wanting for movement. It was there that a small noise made its first entry as though to announce a change.

    By josh on 05.31.2013

  21. The Woman sat on her bed in tears. She had dreamed of the day for years that she would become a mother. To have children of her own and to take care of. To take them to the zoo and send them off on their first day of school. Yes, she had dreamed of becoming a mother since she was a little girl, and now…how could she tell her husband. They had been trying for months now to have a child and had been talking about it for months prior. He wanted a child as badly as she did. One to teach how to play sports and fix cars. He’d get all excited and animated every time they’d talked about having kids. The thought just made her cry even more. How could she tell him? How could he tell him that their only chance for a child had been taken away…that she was barren.

    By Weston Warnock on 05.31.2013

  22. barren lock of weather cracked hair, dangling plumes of polyester braid, here come the kitchen sink, everything with it, barren to the core, exploding porcelain right at your feet. don’t step in the shards of toilet.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 05.31.2013

  23. Staring down from the window of a plane she wondered how a city so full of life could seem so hopelessly barren. Perhaps because there was nothing for her there, no reason to stay. As the plane flew higher and higher into the sky she realized there was no point in looking back, that barren life was behind her. There was only forward.

    By Megan URL on 05.31.2013

  24. this is a test to see if this is working correctly because I’m not sure that it is

    By josh URL on 05.31.2013

  25. Empty soul. So cold and unknown. Trying to escape this barren waste land that has made my heart its home.

    By Undefined URL on 05.31.2013

  26. I relaxed and concentrated. I could feel the pressure rising from within. A wave rushed towards me. A wave was an understatement. A tsunami, would better describe the scale. I felt my gut wrench and with a swipe of my arms, the tsunami split and the sea went barren.

    I turned back; I immediately knew that my problems were solved, for now. She was there all along, supporting me. “Well done, you did it.” Her smile was dazzling. But another tsunami was now rushing towards her from the opposite direction.

    It was my turn to help her.

    By Nyan on 05.31.2013

  27. I saw nothing. The landscape had been stripped of anything that it may have possibly had before. I could not tell anything of what it had been before. I don’t know if anyone would have been able to. It was a somewhat depressing scene. Come to think of it, I wasn’t aware of how I got here.

    By Liz on 05.31.2013

  28. The cupboard is as barren as my wallet is,yet my mind is never barren.

    By speedyexiter on 05.31.2013

  29. dqnk

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 05.31.2013

  30. My friend has a Dog named Barren , one time he ate our pizza. My friend got angry at Barren and tried to get our pizza back. Then Barren bit my friend.

    By kari on 06.01.2013

  31. The barreness of the landscape had an appeal while leaving a feeling of desolation. What did this place look like when the area was lush with plant & animal life?

    By Daoud on 06.01.2013

  32. A barren wasteland. Covered in nothing but air and death. Less than death. A place where life had never been. Could life be there in the future? It is persistent. As living beings, we hoped so.

    By AliO on 06.01.2013

  33. I am alone. My footsteps pitter patter an uncertain rhythm against the wet concrete. My hands rush along the grimy wall of the alley. It’s the side the Chinese restaurant was on when I was a kid. My eyes search along the bricks at the farthest end of the alley; finally, I see it, painted on with care.

    By vonn URL on 06.01.2013

  34. Barren. The word struck her dumb for a moment. This would shame her whole family. Her husband would need to take a second wife. Was there any reason to live now, unable to bear children?

    By Wylee URL on 06.01.2013

  35. There was a barren wasteland, it was completely deserted. No one wanted the land because it was cursed long ago over a family dispute. The only thing it would grow was pumpkins and everyone hates pumpkins. Nothing good would come of this land.

    By Katherine on 06.01.2013

  36. I was once a flower, blooming into love. You were the only thing I had, you fed me, watered me, took care of me. I was the only flower in your garden, or so I thought. I stretched my petals to find that I was nothing but a weed in a barren desolate garden overrun with chaos and pity.

    By Katherine URL on 06.01.2013

  37. Wastelands. Desserts. Always landscapes. Horizons. Vastness. Wide shots that pan out even more. Rolling hills. Sometimes women.

    By Elizabeth on 06.01.2013

  38. Men are creatures to be despised. They stick their little worms in your dirt and hate you for growing flowers. Run before the roses grow. I’d salt my earth, but I like making the best out of a bad situation. I like to remind myself that I am the earth, I am the source of all life. They are alive because I am here. I can create.

    By genahtastic URL on 06.01.2013

  39. The supermarket was filled with food, from within inches of the dirty linoleum floor to the towers of cans and boxes, balancing a few feet above my head.

    It was also filled with people, enough bored teenagers and noisy children and withered old grannies and skeptical suburban parents, to populate the audience at the favorite local band’s next concert.

    There were so many people and so much food to feed them all that I almost had to swim my way to the organic foods aisle for my salad dressing.

    Standing there three minutes of swimming later, clutching my vinaigrette, I looked around me at all the people and all the life, and I realized something that should have made me scared.

    I looked around, but despite everyone, the store felt barren; despite the throng of body heat, I felt cold.

    By Simone URL on 06.01.2013

  40. A desert land in the middle of a quickly developing state – the Banni grasslands in the heart of Kachchh in Gujarat barren desert land – is an area of wonder. From the migrating birds to the maldharis that call it home, Banni is an ode to an earlier, simpler beautiful time in human history.

    By Divya on 06.01.2013