June 1st, 2013 | 130 Entries

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130 Entries for “sisterhood”

  1. a wonderful warmth like a hood or blanket of sisterness, where closeness and comfort, the knowing and surprise of common thoughts and shared emotions and opinions.

    By Noelle Lynskey on 06.02.2013

  2. her sister was sleeping peacefully
    like the house full of relatives
    but unlike all the others she
    could never sleep before seeing the sea

    By Ellie URL on 06.02.2013

  3. Nicole was in the hospital bed. She just sat there, looking at me. There was zero chances of her being alive. At least that’s how I remembered it.
    All she said was…
    That was how Nicole died. That’s how I remembered our sisterhood

    By Isabella on 06.02.2013

  4. I told my best friend I’d crawl up the highest mountain on my hands and knees to pluck the sun from the skies and give it to her. I’d bloody my legs and burn my hands for her because sometimes when I looked at her I’d just smile. When she made me laugh sometimes I worried there wasn’t enough room in my heart for all the love I had for her. When I was with her she made me feel like the sun even though I always feel like the moon.

    By rosemary on 06.02.2013

  5. My sister and I have a similar sense of humour, but she’s differs a lot from me too. Sisterhood doesn’t always imply an identical set of values, yet somehow the world often expects that of us.

    By Lisekarel on 06.02.2013

  6. i have a sister. she is ging to college i never really knew her she always hid in her room and yelled at me but i still feel like i will miss her i dont know i hope i can have my rrom back tho bcuz my grandma took over sometimes we are close sometimes we dont talk all day ugh i do think i will miss her but not as much as other people woll miss their sibs.

    By Kylie Durahm on 06.02.2013

  7. I have a twin sister. We used to have a lot of fights. Now we get along very well. I like her and I think she likes me, but she doesn’t admit it. I’m sure though that she misses me the time I’m in England. She can’t stop hugging me when I come back. In our holidays last week she held my hand every time we drove in the car.

    By Maya on 06.02.2013

  8. my best friend kayla have the best sisterhood ever. we started this sisterhood in 1rst grade .are sister hood is the best sisterhood ever there is no sister hood better then our sisterhood because our sisterhood is the best sisterhood.

    By jasmine on 06.02.2013

  9. I have a twin sister, one minute younger than me. We are really close, now. We used to have a lot of fights, but that is over, luckily. I miss her. I think she knows me better than anyone else but still we prefer spending time with others.

    By Maya on 06.02.2013

  10. A word which describes a world in itself… A word which inspires confidence in women to stand for themselves, other women, and to unite humanity. It is a term which stands side by side with brotherhood and brings love peace and understanding in a world strife with war and pain. sisters are the best gift for a child beside his/her parents. They become your second parent.

    By sagnika on 06.02.2013