May 31st, 2013 | 157 Entries

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157 Entries for “barren”

  1. For hours I’ve been walking through this barren forest. The trees were withered and the grass was no longer green. Everything about this place is dead. Just like me.

    By Carmen on 06.01.2013

  2. Somewhere or someone incapable of supporting life. For example, a barren desert, nothing will grow there. A barren woman’s uterus, no babies will grow there.

    By Cait Fahy on 06.01.2013

  3. Alice was barren and she would remain that way. The fallout had left her less than a woman in her mind, and she was angry. Angry enough to build a cobalt bomb. The aliens responsible for this would suffer unimaginable anguish.

    By MauriceWilliams URL on 06.01.2013

  4. most of the world has become barren in the sense that our forests are disappearing and general robbing of beauty. even if arid regions are tampered with, I would call it barren. there is beauty in nature.

    By Rahul on 06.01.2013

  5. The warm white rock felt good under her strong brown feet. Above her the soaring red tail hawk screeched as he dove to a running rabbit in the pale sage brush. The green valley below shimmered with the early morning hay irrigation….these images took her away from the travels of her simmering heart.

    By skylarkin URL on 06.01.2013

  6. This page is going to be barren. I am not going to write again. So there.

    By Rahul on 06.01.2013

  7. My thoughts are as barren as the desk before me, populated only by dust and fingerprints. How I wish I could write, and if not that, how I wish I could sleep.

    By mrsmig URL on 06.01.2013

  8. See that woman sitting on the porch? Her name is Jill. Jill wanted children ever since she was young. She wanted to love another human being with as much intensity that she loved herself with, and even more. She wanted to give her fleshlings the same great childhood her parents gave her. She wanted to be a mother. Jill would never be a mother though. For Jill’s womb was barren…and it always would be.

    By Rachel URL on 06.01.2013

  9. Let’s drive – drive to a place barren and free. Let’s go someplace strange to us.

    By t URL on 06.01.2013

  10. The wasteland was as barren as my grandmother had become. There was no life to be seen. Not a spark of green among the brown. Just nothing. It stretched in front of me like a great sea, and I wished it were. For water, I would have wished for anything.

    By Serryphae URL on 06.01.2013

  11. The ground was barren and all effort to aid in food cultivation proved frutile. Our hope was, that after buying the property, we would be able to set up a food farm, but that was not to be.

    By victor URL on 06.01.2013

  12. The land was barren, a desert, and I had realized…I was lost, and there was no way of getting back to civalization, the war had once again separated me from my family and I was going to meet my fate here

    By Izzy on 06.01.2013

  13. With a landscape so barren, and a heart so cold.
    I had no idea where I was suppose to go.
    Who do I talk to? What would I say?

    By Tessa on 06.01.2013

  14. straights, a lone ranger stands in subtle awe of the destitution of his own soul. ?A crow circles the sky calling it’s companions.

    By kateri on 06.01.2013

  15. Desolation, isolation. Barren fields that were once full of hopes and dreams now diminished and full only of squalor. This is the wreckage and aftermath. Someday soon, a child will come along and plant a lonely seed. Just a tiny seed of hope. But that seed will be the only chance of saving anything.

    By Samantha URL on 06.01.2013

  16. empty place… a desert… vegetation is possible……unfertile….mostly place for dacoits to carry on their operations.

    By anindya ghosh on 06.01.2013

  17. her body felt empty. she knew she was dead inside. nothing would bloom, nothing could come of the love she felt for her husband.

    By a complete idiot URL on 06.01.2013

  18. All around the blossoms whirled on mischievous wisps of air, celebrating life and beauty, a veritable display of fertility and hope. The cat chased the petals, jumping, bouncing and diving to capture them, as if to harvest some of that life for herself, barren as she was, a victim of the surgeons knife.

    By jivehoneyjive URL on 06.01.2013

  19. a nickname for ben marren used by his mates to describe who he is. the name comes from putting the letter from his first name to the start of his second name giving
    him the name barren

    By Kev Moore on 06.01.2013

  20. The deserted wasteland lay still and silent. Not even the birds seemed welcome there. Despite the round white sun hovering above, the land seemed gray. It would be easy, too easy, to lose yourself in the landscape and never come back.

    By Genevieve on 06.01.2013

  21. There is no sun that shines within you. Instead, thee is a dark, barren land where the friendless go to lose themselves. The air smells like dead fish.

    By Genevieve on 06.01.2013

  22. She was full of life
    she was full of death
    she was full of a head of people
    she had and had not met
    she was unsure
    she was so scared
    she was unsure she was
    the only one there..

    By Katie on 06.01.2013

  23. THere is a frighening wish on my bellly. a fertile plea of pleasing foully folly. on my belly is a whimper or a cataclysmic jumper, don’t you wish upon a fellow on my bum. kiss everything.
    I felt touched and let the world touch me. touch the things that touch you.
    connected the spaces between the trees.

    By leah on 06.01.2013

  24. alone, without, vast, open, empty, cold, white, desolate, small, sad, north, tundra,

    By Debra on 06.01.2013

  25. mary looked at the stick,
    sighed with relief,
    and prayed

    “find another womb to haunt,
    i am not just a vessel.
    unless he will come to save us
    from your sons,
    i want no part in redemption.


    By h. b. URL on 06.01.2013

  26. Barren, ugh, this is a sad word. The first thing that comes to mind is a barren woman, maybe because I’ve been reading too much Old Testament lately. All those barren women. But then God would make them fruitful against all odds, so it seems as if barrenness is a metaphor he likes to use.

    By Eve URL on 06.01.2013

  27. The desserts of Mars are cold, red, and dark. Full of stony outcroppings and iron filled gravel. The imaginations of the earthlings below fill the planet with ghostly green beings of illusion.

    By Isaac Sloan on 06.01.2013

  28. your breasts are void of life my dear, your mouth is dry, youve become an abandoned building in the middle of an industrial park, and youve lost your teeth like thrown in windows so that you cant reflect the sun anymore, cant shine like gold once or twice a day.

    By berenique URL on 06.01.2013

  29. Barren. arid. unable to have children. dried up land. empty desolate loneliness with nothing in it why is it so scary to salt the earth and not have anything grow for a hundred years? it’s different

    By Sabrina on 06.01.2013

  30. Unable to continue the cycle of life
    she hung herself from a tree

    By cc on 06.01.2013

  31. I glance around at the barren landscape. They say life is full of surprises. It is. I surprise myself by smiling. Because, I know that I can get hope and happiness of the land. I know it.

    By Ella-Belle URL on 06.01.2013

  32. we can make barren lands fertile by prolong use of manure,watering daily,chemical fertilizers but it depends upon
    the climatic conditions . but we need to be patient to get the ultimate output

    By RAVITEJA URL on 06.01.2013

  33. The worst news she could have received was still waiting on her desk in that ridiculous manilla folder.
    She couldn’t look.
    It had been dropped casually on the desk,
    Slightly on an angle,
    Without any proper care,
    But her test results would change her life forever.

    By Siege URL on 06.01.2013

  34. We’ve lost everything. There’s nothing left, but a husk and the place it should have been. The loss hits softly and abruptly. It’s the pang of something that will never be.

    By mune on 06.01.2013

  35. the land was empty, barren. this is the world that we live in now. there used to be life here but life is no longer present on Earth. Mars is the new home now. And it will be the same cycle again and again. Mars, Earth, Venus.

    By Cookie on 06.01.2013

  36. the land stretched out for miles. The sun, low on the horizon, caught small bumps and rills along the sand, creating shadows.

    By Lee URL on 06.01.2013

  37. The desert was hot, barren, lost and forgotten. I sat, surrounded by sand and by sunshine that shone down in a halo of heat. Far off in the distance I saw you. Saw your shadow grow in the setting sun and saw your black hair shoot through the continuous nothingness. There you were; my oasis.

    By McKenna on 06.01.2013